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A Royal Funeral and a Royal Wedding

Kelkess’ magic staff brought the companions back to the mausoleum like house in Kam-Veluna. Eujain and Darsil had arranged with another local Blackrobe, Lohirin the astrologer, for all of them to be transported to the Flanaess. Kcasamenzay and Jadhrim were waiting for them in what had once been Jadhrim’s fortress at Crockport in Sharifika.

It seemed like most of the Gwathló had assembled there, to process to Veluna in grand style for the royal wedding.

Kcasamenzay would take Alexia and the Witchfire to the Assembly. It was obvious that Alexia possessed the gift even here, although she would have to begin learning all over again.

Forgileill would accompany her sister, Belannia, as a handmaiden. Jadhrim hinted in private that it was likely to be her last official engagement as Gwenn. Thranduil would be appended to Jadhrim’s entourage of ilin until after the wedding, when he would become Forgileill’s chaperone.

Storage chests were made available for all their acquired possessions from the Iron Kingdoms. These were placed in the fortress’ vaults. Eujain and Darsil were sent back to Kelkess’ house to ensure that the rest of the Iron Kingdoms artefacts were returned to their proper place. The ilin are given old yicduroh from the armouries to wear, re-laced in soft mid grey of the Gwathló. Forgileill presents them new ilya to replace the lost, worn out and discoloured items.

T?d was despatched to Taurost, the home of the mage-smiths who had equipped the Celebrinoth during the PWOC. He carried all of the treasures recovered from the Teddin Plateau. With him went the last mortal remains that were also recovered. This were accompanied by an honour guard of ilin from Sharifika, commanded by Klogoh, the son of Manhke Adfel Nhi, who had succeeded Jadhrim as Carnc of Sharifika a year previously.

Kamilata also went on this journey. He was to learn horsemanship and archery during the journey. A large rocca was found for his substantial frame. Of course the only mount to be found this big was a stallion. Kamilata spent a lot of time remounting. The transition from leather armour to yicduroh was easy for him. Riding and shoot would take a little work. T?d was kept away during the instructional sessions. Klogoh was not overly impressed with his bad habits and found teaching Kamilata difficult as T?d’s ‘encouragement’ sent the student from irate to livid. It was noted that T?d actually rode and shot like a man who spent a few years doing something other than practicing…

The agents of the Gwathló had been busy. From the original records, copies of the armour and weapons of the heroes of the empire had been prepared, to restore the deceased to a condition of relative splendour for presentation to their surviving relatives. The actual artefacts, with their strange powers, would be restored at Taurost.

The strange procession then made its way down river, arriving in Veluna in the full panoply of imperial Jukpûdhar with a huge cortège of clerics and mourners. Asion Gwathló, representing his clan, who had recovered the deceased, staged a huge event on the imperial road at the foot of the Golden Hill. The fallen were restored with a great deal of ceremony to their relatives. The recipients’ of these honours were left in no doubt that some form of recognition was due. Tûd and Kamilata were central to these events, representing the finders. It transpired that a few pieces of the original treasures, currently being restored in Taurost were being bequeathed to the finders. They encountered Arutha, but being unwilling to make a scene in public both he and they found it quite easy to ignore each other.

As reminders of the proceeding funeral occasions, T?d and Kamilata were then released from their official engagements. Following Klogoh’s lead, they accompanied the now redundant Honour Guard back to Sharifika.

This sombre occasion was followed by the arrival of the bridal procession and then the Lord of Alcant’s procession. The four days of the wedding were designed to lift the mood of the city and the Emperor’s courtiers after the more dour ceremony that had preceded it.

Kuvan was certainly pleased. His clan’s loyalty to the Gwathló had resulted in their ascension from the supporting role of feudal retainer to a position of rulership. Marriage into the house of Glordin, the last Gwathló Lord of Alcant was the icing on the cake. Belannia was the cherry.

Following the wedding, Forgileill, still in her role as gwen, accompanied Jadhrim back to Sharifika. She and her ilin were then allowed to go to Taurost to claim their reward for all their hard work.

Obeying the dictates of her clan, Forgileill waits until she is in Taurost before securing her gowns in their valise and donning yicduroh. This is full war harness, as a prince of the empire might wear, not the leather armour of a scout or clan spy. Both the daughter of Glordin and her ilin are now very much in the public eye and under scrutiny from both other clans and also their own.

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