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So, a couple of broken fingers and a peeing match later, I'm stuck in a birdcage naked (except this lovely collar), hanging out over a great big chasm. Good job I don't suffer from vertigo. With magic out of the question, a few deft movements and the lock is open and I'm happily stretching and strolling about the room, poking into all the corners. Ow! Whimper whimper. I stubbed my toe. This reaction to the slightest pain will soon become, well a pain!

The drow male from earlier is still hanging up on the wall. But I don't trust him so I leave him there whilst I look about for clothes and hurrah! A bath. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so bath times away. It's not the same without my rubber duckie, but at least I'm clean. And I've found a little black dress with matching boots and gloves that fit, with extra bonuses. This day just gets better and better.

Kain (the male drow from earlier) is blabbering at me about releasing him.
He can be a great asset as he knows the lay of the land and has contacts in all the right places yabber yabber... He does have a point though. Not like I know where we are and who're friends... so reluctantly I pick the shackles. We hear footsteps... quite a lot of feet infact and closing rapidly, but there are two locked chests I haven't opened yet... eeny meany... that one! Which did not have all of Kain's stuff in it, but did contain what he was wearing when he was captured... so the other one's full of my stuff... no time. Need an escape route, they're practically outside the door. The window it is.

Seems Kain is one of those useless spell casters who can only play with magic and has no useful skills otherwise. So a piggy back and a long climb later, we're on the ground, skulking in the shadows.

There was a run in with Guards, [Kane was very motivated at this stage by trying to get FG to 'turn to the dark side'. But early on, before the anti-magic collars were removed, he was also clearly in terrible mortal danger of discovery and recapture (or worse), which rather dominated his actions. (I.e. a lot of trying to sneak about, which wasn't his forte really). He had pretty good social skills too, but in Drow society these didn't count for much unless he also had something to offer or threaten with. And he didn't have much of either. Until his powers were restored. Then it was mostly about securing his political power again - by overthrowing the Black/Dark Queen. Which probably didn't take long. Because Kane with his full Magic is fairly awesomely powerful!] One of the guards was a son of Kain. So hedging his bets and with a weather eye (not that there is much weather in the Underdark) to possible future patronage, the son of Kain lets them go, which with Kain’s local knowledge and FG’s ability to sneak them both about is tantamount to aiding them. A fact which, although unspoken, is plainly obvious to the three of them.

Kain and FG escape the Drey and Drow fortifying the palace and try to locate the people able to remove the collars. The place Kain led them to is the temple of Demzer, the drow god (not goddess) of lust and pain. One of Kain’s acquaintances. The priest of Demzer chose FG as their payment for release from the magic suppressing (Kain) and constricting (FG) collars. She performs her entertainment routines for him three times, trying to get the collars released without actually doing what the priest wanted. Kain becomes obviously frustrated with her and the priest eventually leaves. Sensing that the moment is slipping away, she chases after him, leaving Kain alone in the main temple for hours.

With their collars removed they sneak back to Kain's place... Once again FG performs a distraction routine for the four male guards whilst Kain goes in and retrieves items stashed before his capture. FG obtained from Kain's Library and found a book of something (Currently in Ryz's possession, but he can't read it). Kain gave FG a ring - x2 powerpoint multiplier and two scrolls..

Kain marches back into the Palace at Dezzavold to confront the Black Heart. there was a fight with the Devil Woman, a couple of lightening bolts and a scroll later, it's obvious that Kain can handle the situation, and FG uses newly acquired "Long Door" to sneak away whilst Kain crippled and then destroyed the Black Heart in short order before moving against the Drey with his new found allies.

FG tries to use one the escape routes that the Ithilid gave her. She avoids the guard spiders, as they now perceive her as Drow. Immediately past them, she meets TL, who chances are, was just about to try and breach Dezzavold’s guard spider ring. FG didn’t fancy his chances. Exhausted and still in pain, she collapses into his arms and he carries her back to the ‘above’.

He carries her, by Griffin flight, to Corwyl – the Asrai do the best they can for her, healing many of the “improvements” that the Drow made. Whilst TL returns to Ulria to hold the fort (or to suggest that Kamilata holds the fort), FG goes to Arbolt to convalesce with her family.

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