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Daily (Formal) Life in Nereth

Just a reminder: Nereth is the nearest village to FGs Agadir, hence them sharing the same name. It is about 1km away and on a flatish bit of possibly the largest valley of FGs Wilya.

The Agadir itself should properly be called an ilingobel. But as this almost always refers to a one household establishment, youve taken to referring to it as the Lyrond. This is OK, but bear in mind that the Lyrond proper is the formal hall at the rear of the Agadir and the heart of the daily routine, being both where the ilin eat and where the formal business of the day takes place:

So for the hour or so of formal business: Invaswen sits behind FG on the dais and whispers guidance to her. As she aquires other ladies in waiting, they will roost behind Invaswen. Invaswen sits behind her to her left. Since her qualification, the spiral is behind her and normally covered with a rocca hide.

On the floor, facing the dais, are the ilin. Generally there is a clear aisle down the center of the Lyrond where the supplicants to FGs court present themselves. Td sits behind Kam, close enough to provide guidance if necessary, whilst the other ilin sit behind Td and follow his lead (when to sit, when to bow and when to leave, taking subtle clues from him about the appropriate times to speak etc). The god botherers sit in a line down the side and take their lead from TL. The resident GR will sit on the opposite side to the God Squad. Each party will only respond when challenged to do so by FG. She (or her Visir Temporal) will ask each body in turn.

As previously illustrated the idea of this court is that all of discussion takes place at a fairly low level and concord is reached before the court sits. So the court hears the detail of the case and makes the decision; The Wilya is ruled from here, it is not a debating chamber. Throwing googlies and springing surprises in this court is terribly bad form. In theory, the whole event goes off like a smooth orchestrated ballet with no obvious conductor.

Of course in FGs court most of the supplicants are farmers and townspeople with their relatively small problems. Even then, Td has been out and about and will know almost all of the business that is likely to occur and will have discussed it with Kam and Invaswen prior to the court sitting. When FG is in residence, these briefings will continue to take place and she will make the decision. Otherwise the formal authority rests with Kam.

If there are guests, these are sat in order at the front of the ilin to FGs right. If guests are expected, then all of the GRs will be required to attend. The public who are not guests (ie the kith and kin of the supplicants) are allowed to loiter at the rear, behind the ilin.

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