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Erlini Lesoux

Erlini is D'Aerdy from Sunndi. She always had a little way of making things happen as a young girl, but her mother always tried to make her hide it. It was only as she was growing up and witnessed the hysteria and mob violence of witch-hunts that she began to understand. She hid her talents and pretended they didn't exist. In time she met a nice young man and planned her wedding. It was then that their liege of the Shevalleyier who owned her village became embroiled in a war.

This meant that her love (Etienne) would be taken away and most likely killed in some glorious, pointless, futile battle somewhere. She was thinking of using her powers again to somehow ensure that he didn't go. But of course the armies of the D'Aerdy are accompanied by their priests. Somehow they felt Erlini's talent and began to hunt for her, she fled the village and the local lord turned out the soldiers and their dogs to hunt for her.

She barely escaped with her life, being saved by an old crone who suddenly appeared, complete with hitherto unknown cave, to come to her aid. These memories are only now coming back to her.

The crone was evidently an agent for the Assembly. Erlini was taken and subjected to the mind blanking and conditioning that accompanies a whiterobe's first years in the Assembly. Despite being nearly fifteen when she donned the white, her unconscious mind solved the conundra required to free her mind and make her a Brownrobe. Now able to use her talents to their fullest, she made swift progress as a brown.

Over the past year, since she became a Greyrobe, her power appears to have grown.

The only fly in her own enchanted ointment is that her mentor (the Blackrobe responsible for him and his immediate career), the master shapeshifter Scarlú, has just been murdered. This leaves Erlini in a very vulnerable position. Most un-protected Greyrobes die very soon after their masters, Saironost is not a safe place for any but the most powerful of magic users.

Curriculum Vitae

Greyrobes ('Greys') are all, perforce, "apprenticed" to a Blackrobe. Whether the Blackrobe in question keeps close control over their new responsibility is largely down to the Blackrobe in question. Some view their duties as requiring nothing more than a little light mentoring. Others put their Greys through a regime of academia and discipline every bit as hard as the one that they have just left. It's entirely down to the relationship between the Blackrobe and the Grey.

But the relationship between the master and pupil Black and Grey robes is a two-way dialogue. Unlike the Black and the Brown, where the Brown is expect to do as they are bidden, nothing more and most certainly nothing less.

Their collective training as browns is largely undertaken by an 'academy of excellence'. In truth, thers means that they have fallen between the cracks and that Blackrobes are being specifically tasked by the council of the Assembly to teach the fundamentals of magic and H&MP that becoming a Grey require.

Most of the Browns are taught by Blackrobes of an academic disposition who see themselves as having a role play in teaching the younger generation. These worthy individuals have organised themselves in to various 'colleges' within the Assembly. Erlini is a graduate of:

The Pilopratipis School

The masters always speak of the future as if it were the past, pre-ordained and immutable. It's as if they know that something really bad is going to happen and that we (whom so ever 'we' is) are not ready. And will remain unlikely to become ready in the near future.

The Pilpratipis School appears to be a tower of fused metal and rock. It has one door. Passing through the door takes the visitor somewhere else. Here the Pilopratipis School is a veritable mountain of fused metal and rock, in a vast lake of molten material. It moves across the surface, leaving a snail's trail of metallic matter steaming in its wake.

There is no mundane means of gaining the school, travel from the real Saironost to the moving mountain (within which the school is carved) means flying over the lava lake and reaching the summit of a small but lethally hot mountain. Fortunately for the students it is quite comfortable inside.

Many of the tutors within the school are constructs, golems and automata, relics of the race who perhaps built the school in the first place. They teach the transformation of self as their core subject.

What Erlini has left:

She is 5'2" and weighs 110lbs. She has four changes of woolens (trousers, shirt and tunic, it's cold up here in the winter) and hers substantial grey deep cowled over robe (AT2 when worn).

She has light brown hair, grey eyes and has a pale complexion. She is right handed, button nosed and has curiously arched eyebrows. Erlini is twenty seven years old.

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