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Forgileill as (pseudo) Sythyss

The eldrich’s attacks did make Forgileill Sythyss – this involves energy draining her to the point of death at which her consciousness and will are subjugated to that of the eldrich sire. The eldrich does not want to actually kill the potential Sythyss as that will simply make the victim dead.

Sythyss are much more in keeping with the paranoid delusions of the megalomaniac eldrich – they retain enough of their own personality and self-awareness to satisfy the eldrich’s craving for company. This includes intellectual discourse, appreciation of the arts and suffering when tormented by their twisted master. The Sythyss is a useful slave, being able to use all of its skills and abilities to carry out its masters bidding. And being in this state, all the Sythyss desires is to please its master.

When the eldrich was slain, the other Sythyss, being of Cean, crumbled to dust (as they did when slain themselves). Forgileill, being of Oerick, doesn’t. With Pelyth gone, Forgileill regains her control of her own mind and body, ergo, she is no longer Sythyss, however she is still technically undead, caught exactly at the point of death, in a state of grace (or damnation). ie she has an effective con stat of zero, the results of this are:

She looks as she did when fully alive, although very pale. Forgileill’s augmented strength and speed gradually fade back to her ‘when I was alive’ levels. She doesn’t need vitamin C anymore but does require about half a pint of fresh blood (from any mammal) each day otherwise she will begin to decompose. Otherwise, physically, she remains as she was at her point of death.
Aside from the blood, she doesn’t need to eat or drink. She does not need to breathe.
She is immune to cold, gas, drowning and polymorph attacks. Due to her unique circumstances and being caught in-between the states of life and death, she remains susceptible to nerve and electrical shock damage.

Unlike other most undead, semi-dead Forgileill still is aware of her body and remains sensitised to pain and pleasure, indeed her capacity to experience either seems to be increased. She gains a slam attack (bash/butt/knockdown/slug) but without Pelyth around this is not as effective as it once was. Her vision in darkness remains enhanced, enabling her to see in complete darkness up to 20m.

An Eldrich sees the suffering of his Sythyss as an art form. Along with the death of their victims, it is the one other thing that gives the Eldrich pleasure. It is quite certain that Pelyth would have had Forgileill doing the very things that were most repulsive and abhorrent to her, because she could not have hidden her reaction from him and he would have enjoyed her shame and discomfort. During her brief unlife, Pelyth increased her usefulness by having her trained as dancing, sensuous entertainer of men. And himself, of course.

Slam attack eight ranks
Claw attack (see item) eight ranks
Dancing five ranks
Silent Kill three ranks
Climb three ranks
Stalk/hide one rank
Iosian (spoken only) five ranks
Body development three ranks
Seduction eight ranks

By way of apparel she is wearing what was once an almost transparent (it’s wet) thigh length white kimono like dress (actually its underwear, but not as you know it). The wispy remains appear to be held up/in place by artistic licence.

Nearby is a lavender ball gown (with masque and other accessories, including shoes, fan and purse) which still looks pristine.

There is also a ‘ninja suit’ with attendant leather armour (studded and buckled soft leather with a rigid leather back and breast plate [AT 7]) including hood, gloves and soft soled boots. There is also a rapier and three long stiletto like knives in velvet lined (for stealthy drawing) sheaths. There are also three garrottes. One of knotted leather, one of thin steel wire and one of a black silk with beads sewn into it at various points. These are all items with which she did murder for Pelyth and were actually made for a very similar purpose by the Retribution of Scyrah. The weapons and armour are all +10 due to Iosian workmanship and superior metallurgy.

The following items are also originally from Ios:

On her right hand and wrist is a black kid leather fingerless glove like thing. This has four two inch (like spear points over her knuckles) decorative silver plated tines following the line of her fingers. It is a delicate looking, graceful thing. On command (by force of will of an attuned wearer) they transform into a set of claws which allow the wearer to make a (medium) claw attack. In this form it is a +10 weapon.

Covering her left arm is black soft leather sleeve. It has three broach like decorative pieces in silver upon its surface which are a part of it. Pelyth used this to reward his favourite Sythyss. By act of will the uppermost of the pieces induced a feeling of sexually induced euphoria and, if he willed it, orgasm for the wearer. The next piece produces an aura of silence (5m all around the wearer’s body) for up to an hour in each twenty-four hour period. And finally the forearm piece casts deflections II once in each twenty-four hour period. The last two effects Forgileill is already attuned to. The first effect was attuned to Pelyth.

Attached to the sleeve are two silver charms. Once produces darkness in a 10m radius (a static effect centred on the point the charm was at when the power was activated). This last for an hour each time and works twice a day. For his own amusement, Pelyth caused this to appear to be wings unfolding from behind Forgileill. The other adds +10 to social skills.

Silver ankle chain, +10 to Presence bonus.

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