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Going into the Plateau? You'll be needing these:

From Ilja (Snr Red Priest at their temple north of Kamveluna);

  • Six vials (breakable lead sealed 1 pint pots) of holy water.

From Imreal (local Gw. Blackrobe, friend of Gothon Yla):

  • Scroll of dimensional anchor

From Glordin (probably Arutha, really):

  • One arrow of thunderclap
  • One arrow of fireballing
  • One arrow of vacuum 10'
  • One arrow of storm of arrows

From Asrine (the god squad of the goat god)

  • Cold forged iron manacles of unfailing binding

From Kcasamenzay

  • Six anti-magic phials (too big for sling stones)

From the seminary of the Hierarchs

  • Two potions of extra healing (restores defunct limbs/organs)
  • Two potions of healing (restores concussion damage)

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