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Guns, Lots of Guns

We smuggle ourselves back into Corvis; Father Dumbass is keen to help the resistance at Corvis to ex-King Raithen's [Raelthorne?] henchmen, and we're keen to help him because our home, Fort Ryker, may well become home to a lot more of them.

Tūd booked himself into his Lodge and disappeared into the reinforced alchemists labs to make as many bullets as he could eat.

Father Dumas hides in the attic of a friendly (very friendly) sailors' haberdashery.

Forgileill takes up her old profession.

Torendra seems to have disappeared.

Kamilata buries himself in a bar.

We're not there for long before someone sets fire to a public building - the cathedral - probably trying to smoke out Father Dumas (who had been seized by the inquisition as opposed to another part of the anatomy then rescued by Forgileill and Torendra). Instead they smoked out a very annoyed Thranduil who had been staying at the cathedral. The fire was officially blamed on rogue sorcerers (are there any other kind?) - a handy official scapegoat.

The politics are shifting; ex-King Raithen might not be formally in charge but his henchmen (including the new Mayor xxxx, who we've run into before over the witches) are in key positions. And rumour has it that he has an army of Skorne camped out in the marches to the east of the city.

Alexia visits Forgileill; she needs the sword back to have a chance against ex-King Raithen and his scornful army. And besides, it's far too powerful for us. Forgileill is sceptical; Alexia tells her to ask Father Dumas about the 'Legion of Lost Souls'. Forgileill 'invites' Alexia to stay, introducing her to her pimp as her sister, leaving him to think about all kinds of possibilities.

Forgileill persuades the camp sailor that she's a friend of Father Dumas, and he willingly tells her all about the Legion of Lost Souls (reference). So it seems we might have an army of undead to hand, to keep ex-King Raithen's army at bay until the current King's army arrives. She sends for a sooty Thranduil and they meet back at her place. Thranduil stares at the bed and the two beautiful barely-dressed girls on it. "Would you like some tea?" he asks "I've got some fresh leaves here".

Thranduil confirms the rumour (he's also heard more rumour) of the approaching Skorne army. They're marching in through the marches from the east, aiming to secure Corvis and its bridges to invade Cygnar and retake the throne.

Leaving Thranduil and Alexia, and explaining to the pimp that they're busy so don't interrupt, she heads to Kamilata's nice quiet pub where Tūd is visiting to wash out the taste of burning powder. And so enters stalking Trouble - The Queen of the Damned in a frock. She explains rather cryptically "We had a visit from our favourite dead person" Finn the Stiff? "What? No Tūd - the teenage witch" But you're here "What? No Kam - look - Alexia has been round" What her as well? "Shut up Tūd. She reckons we can raise an undead army to fight the Skorne" Why, can't she find a dead army? There must be lots of material around here. "Shut up both of you and do what I say!". So where is this army? "Dragon's Pine Peak National Park".

Kamilata sets off to find out if the Skorne army really exists. He meets some camel flockers (well, they are) who say they've seen a Cygnaran scout but not much else. Night falls, dawn breaks, etc. He comes across (98 - without being seen) some scary Skorne-related beasts that he's seen before, but they don't see him. He returns to Corvis but has no idea where to find Forgileill, so returns to the pub - at least she knows where to find him.

Forgileill gathers us together for a meeting at the Buccaneer & Bass on the Quad. Tūd has a couple of chilli rats on a stick on top of the gunpowder he's licked off his fingers. His right eye is vibrating.

We're briefed by Forgileill - we must keep this regime changed. The previous regime was quite nasty, and anyway most of our mates are part of this one. We discuss various options, including assassinating the mayor (not enough - doesn't stop the army) and/or Kelkess (tricky - he's at the lodge) and/or ex-King Raithen (tricky - he's got a big army). So we're going to stop the horribly evil Skorne by raising an undead army, which is only a bit evil. But moral ambiguity is all part of our... erm, our.... erm....

We're going to need a supply of brains to feed our zombies, muses Tūd, looking around. "You're looking in the wrong place, in so many ways", says Kamilata.

We don't know exactly where the Legion is, so we go to talk to the seer. Forgileill doesn't actually threaten her, but she does turn up and is the scariest thing the seer has, well, seen. We could have sent someone normal but we don't know any.

She indicates a map.

Lilly, one of Forgileill/Eve's colleagues, arrives unexpectedly. Tom the pimp got interested in Forgileill’s room and broke in. A Lowlife met a Righteous-Elf-With-Sword. Tom is in hospital and Thranduil left a note: "Have given sword to Alexia and gone to see Dumas". Forgileill goes apoplectic and loses all remaining ability to reason, disintegrating into a cloud of smoke and fire and fury, and storms off to see (to) Thranduil.

Tūd runs around a bit trying to find Alexia before realising she probably flew out, being a witch.

Confrontation at the Haberdashery. Forgileill misses a slap at Thranduil, and Father Dumas invokes his divine power and drives her undead body from the room. She recovers at the bottom of the stairs, even more angry, and storms back in to drag Thranduil out. But fumbles it and is driven out by an even more powerful set of fearful commands from Father Dumas. Thranduil chases after her and catches up, where a loud married-couple argument keeps them occupied until they arrive back at the pub, when Forgileill resorts to a loud steaming sulk and Thranduil sits puzzling over what the problem could possibly be.

He shrugs it off (it's probably an undead thing) and tells us that he's heard the city is built over the bones of a great giant, Kelasis. "How very interesting" says Tūd, soaking a singed finger in his beer. Ah, says Thranduil, but he had a hammer that might be what we need to open the tomb of lost souls - it's Morrow-aspected, as is the tomb and its contents. Alexia can raise the army but may not be able to open the tomb (mutter, mutter). We head off to Father Dumas, our local font of all gossip, to see if we can find out where this hammer might be.

He's been reading up about the Witch-blade; it seems it might be dangerous to destroy. Hmmm. Might be an idea to take it back to our world then, where it would inactive? We work through his books; apparently the church where the giant was rumoured to be buried sank into the swamp a few hundred years ago. The "Mausoleum of the Knights of Morrow" at Filchers Crossing.

The elves continue to bicker without talking to each other. As Tūd is supposedly relaying some of their bickering it can get a little surreal, but as neither is listening to the other that's alright. Kamilata, passing a smithy, wonders about stapling the points of their ears together...

The Undercity

The area around Filcher's Crossing is increasingly grim, full of destitute and desperate refugees. Wet, stinking and sinking. We pick up a cloak to disguise Kamilata and leave Thranduil to look after Father Dumas.

The Griffins run a warehouse that is partly sunk into the swamp that might give us a route to the sunken church. Forgileill gets some of her girls to join us so we look like we're a bunch on a night out, Aileen, Floncy and Lisello. Forgileill’s taking us 'clubbing'... As we approach the warehouse doors some nameless victim is dragged up, beaten a bit more, and sent through "to see the Ghost".

We bribe the bouncers with a gemstone the size of a golf ball to be let in with arms. And armaments. We're waved through, and take a lift down about forty feet. Out through the gates to the Undercity, we find more of these thieving Griffin thieving bastards who want our weapons again. Kamilata hands over another gem while Tūd grumbles about the price of bribes today.

We look for the Ghost as a likely candidate for a burial place. Forgileill visits a friend, Selar, at the Bucket. We find her in a drinking competition with a dwarf, who slides unconscious to the floor soon after we get in.

Selar is very drunk. We leave the (live) girls with her and one of her men shows us to where the Ghost is. There's a number '36' carved by a door that's basically a window with some of the lower bricks knocked out. It seems to be the top of a steeple, the rest sunk into soft ground below us. Inside we find the bell platform, the chains leading through a hole, flanked by a ladder.

Tūd jumps on the top rung to test it and it breaks, though he holds on to the top. A bit shaky, he prevaricates around the platform while the others climb down ahead. Until he remembers he actually has a spell that stops him from hitting the ground too fast.


(Rushed type up, sorry)

It's dark at the bottom. A big old cracked bell lies tilted on the floor. We go exploring...

A door to the west is ajar into an alcove. A door to the south opens into a large worship chamber, with old and rotting pews and carpets. An altar on the far side is draped with a long-dead corpse; even the untarnishable gold symbol of Morrow around its neck is tarnished. A knife is still sticking out of it. A sweeping bas-relief of Morrow looks over this tragic scene of some fallen cleric.

Forgileill spots a little man hiding in the shadows at the back. Very nervous but we calm him down and he tells us his name is Remfrau. He’s been avoiding the... (trails off)...which eats everyone else. Tūd claims we are servants of Morrow (as opposed to, say, Jeff the God of Biscuits).

Forgileill keeps trying to touch the corpse, Remfrau keeps grabbing her hand - she senses he's not alive. But not undead either; something about her change of attitude scares him off at a run towards the tower. F cries out "Kill it!" and Tūd shoots it - now he's practiced a bit, and a silent shot hits him. F is running after him and slams into him - he falls over and crumples up dead. She dismembers the corpse.

We look for clues through the doors. Most chambers are empty. One office has the Inkhieridion [Enchiridion?] (the book of Morrow and Thales, though in this book only Thales stuff has been left - Morrow's has faded). Tūd dismisses the book (01) as worthless.

Inside the desk are two iron plates; Tūd reads two clerical spells (though he can [can’t?] work them); "Searing lights" and "Control Water". Also an iron box - a tomb and sachets (silicon gel?) of the dead buried (?).

We look for Kelkess. A few things about him: definitely a Morrow ascendant, 20' tall, from the marches.

One chamber contains a cot, a small silver box (a music box, possibly elvish) and a big hole in the floor with water pooled below. Tūd might have seen a ripple of something go past...

Look around more - traces of squatters. Lots of bones and remains; F throws some into the hole in the floor and hears a swarming nibbling as the remains disappear into the water. She leaves quickly.

Find a loose flagstaff, and beneath it a pistol, a ring (prot -> F), and two potions of CSW.

The under church is flooded, and steps into it disappear into murky spooky water. Tūd makes use of one of the metal plates and Controls Water. The water sinks away to a few slimy inches, and F gets a headache from this clerical magic.

Down the catsbumb stairs...

A gold symbol of Morrow shines through the muck, in a little gold-leaf-lined chapel (ooo shiny!); morticians’ tools (marked "Brother Nathanial"). Tūd takes a couple of tools - and sees something move. "Did you see something move?" We look around. There's a pile of bones in the corridor. "Was that there?" Ermm....

Tūd blasts it with a Big Blasty kind of round as it rises up over his head in a huge tidal wave. The shots have little effect, but K waves his Morrow sigil at it and it pauses, recoils slightly, and then collapses over Tūd like a big tidal wave of collapsing bones. He goes down stunned and tangled.

Kamilata stabs it with a spear and it writhes; F rakes at it with bladed claws. Bits of bone fly off and it shudders, drawing back. Tūd gasps and tries to get to his feet, while the other hack it to bits. Tūd feels... dirty...

Explore, explore, up stairs into "Hall of heroes" with not so shiny any more statues. A huge sarcophagus - Tūd tries to make out the writing on it; (K says basically it says "Prepare to meet a large undead giant"). F goes exploring - there's an aura of menace (a new after shave from Chanel) from one half-dislodged coffin. Lots of coffins, alcoves for bodies, etc.

Tūd makes out "Here lies... something... the giant, True and faithful servant of Morrow".

F warns us of something coming in; something made of darkness, with a frightful moan and other scary evil presence, leaks in from an unexplored corridor... K brandishes his symbol "Be gone foul spawn of the underarm demon mines spawn get!” It seems to avoid him, whether the symbol or the command...

Tūd casts burning hands and it writhes, reluctant to approach. So he shoots it, but despite it being nearly point blank the bullet strikes the wall behind. Must have missed. He draws another pistol loaded with incendiary and arcane loads it...

F sneaks around it to look at where it came from. She spies the dislodged coffin and sneaks over to break the contents.

It casually waves darkness at Tūd’s floating lights but they don't go out (whew). It moans frightfully at Kam whose faith in Morrow's power against the undead is growing. Tūd shoots his incendiary round but only the added spellfire seems to affect the darkness. He fires his second pistol (stun?) but makes almost no difference.

It senses something is wrong as F starts to jump up and down on its bones but she doesn't seem to affect them. K rushes round to block its way. While Tūd struggles with his pistols, F and K swap around so K can break the bones; F's hands start burning where they hold the symbol. K crushes the bones and Tūd shoots both arcane rounds and the ghost vanishes. F collapses unconscious, her hands smoking. The smell of burning feathers...

We wait for F to recover and team effort to lift the giant sarcophagus lid. Nothing scary happens. K wears the sigil and thinks devout thoughts. Tūd lifts the arm clear of the hammer but its fingers tighten on the hammer shaft. We prepare for a fight; he throws lamp oil and lantern to F - who catches it but (03) splashes quite a bit on herself rather than the corpse. We assume it's as evil as everything else here, no matter the original soul.

The hammer is 12' long, 3' wide, square on one side and pointy on the other, weighing around 400lbs. We really, really don't want to get hit by it. K goes for the elbow joint to try and break it off, with a very palpable strike (47hits).

It gets up. And up. F backs away behind it. Tūd gets swiped (201! +29) and only his shield saves him from very severe pain. Nevertheless he is knocked flying as he gets a firebolt off (39). Kamilata stabs it again from the flank (35ish), as F claws it in the back (backstab - 56). It's stunned under this mighty onslaught, and two more blows and it goes down, as F claws break off in its hand.

We look at the huge hammer. Tūd says "maybe it's not as heavy as it looks". K looks at his dented breastplate "Well you should know, you were hit by it". Hmmm.

F goes looking for help. K & T work on getting the hammer to the belfry. F has to explain some things she'd rather not to Silar [Selar?]. Who tells her that the Inquisitors are searching everything, but can provide a cart. F owes here [her?]. Again. We drag the hammer onto the cart and hide it. And pause to plan.

An Expedition

Visit the docks to see what's going on. We meet Gunnar the merchant and arrange passage with the ship he's using. Tūd & K fetch Th. F arranges things with her folks.

Tūd tries to visit his lodge, and gets some more and more obvious 'hints' from F's people that there are a lot of Inquisitors waiting for him. He can't find any of his mates in the usual watering holes. He returns.

At the docks Gunnar and his brother are arguing with an Inquisitor and the watch. It escalates; F arranges to get the hammer sent here urgently. A soldier pulls a canvas off the brothers' cargo and reveals - a steamjack.

This is very naughty; they are incredibly valuable and smuggling some about is going to cause Vast Amounts of Trouble. Tūd shoots the Inquisitor - a slam shot and arcane and kills him. He fails to clobber two soldiers but keeps them amused - a Vulcan poke doesn't penetrate the armour. K meets one with his knuckle duster. A general melee starts up and we stand back to let it settle out. Gunnar starts to fire up the engine on the boat.

We get aboard, settle the horses, and wait nervously for the horses [cart?]. Which comes careering out of a dock alley, surrounded by shouting children, and careers out of control down the to the pier, striking the boat. The cart disintegrates into matchwood, and the hammer flies off the top onto the deck of the ship, knocking the revealed steamjack off the side into the water.

We head off west while we still can.

Discuss plan with the Waddock brothers - they seem keen after a bit of scepticism to have a go. Lots of potential for future kudos etc.

Drift up stream. Suddenly Megan shouts "Thieves!" and we kit up; there are about 10 on the bank, heavily armed with rifles and crossbows and heavy tethering ballistae. F dives off to swim (or walk) around to behind them. The rest of us wait; no ranged weapons.

One tethering ballista hits, the other misses. F ambushes one in the back.

The guys can't reel us in, they've just stopped us getting away. They row out - obviously not expecting a tooled up bunch of PCs. Tūd leans out and cuts the tethering rope - and the air around gets very busy with quarrels ("anyone want to pick a quarrel with me?") but they miss. F works her way through the remaining men leaving a trail of desiccated bodies.

Tūd empties all four pistols at the guys in the boat, hitting one each. We keep two for 'questioning' by F.

Loot: 10x chainmail shirts, 5 crossbows, 3 rifles, 12 charges, 14 bullets, two ballistae which we mount on the boat, and a dingy. Hand rifle to Megan, Th and Tūd and the crossbows to everyone else.

At the base of Tusk pass the Waddocks transfer the steamjack to land and Tūd and sail on. We head up the pass. K scouts. At one point he comes across a small stone bridge with a plaque in Caspian; a Corvis->Tusk trail marker. Soon the trail opens out, we pass watchtowers. Kamilata spots goat-like tracks. We pick up. Kam puts on his sneaky rural stuff and sneaks up on some 'farrow' who are getting nervous with us turning up..

K sits down in the open to meet them. He has some affinity for animals,. Two approach and with some gestures it seems there is a barrier ahead they don't want us to pass. Kam explains it's important - a tomb - and much to the DM's amazement they seem happy with this and skip off. No fighting required.

Move into a desolate area The Blight ("Is that normal?" "No it's broken")??

Come up to carved mountain side, statues etc, big split in cliff and bits of rock lying around.

A 'jackhammer' (like a mechanised hammer) and bits of machinery lie around, and a mummified body. A bound journal describes the traps as mechanical rather than divine; 'voice is a noise', 'breath is a poison', 'gaze is electrocution' 'hands bridging chasm' 'at the end an indestructible barrier' 'the gate of souls' - a big flash laying waste to the surrounding area.

We prep to go in, leaving the steamjack for the moment on its own in this desolate - five star - wasteland.

Th (168) goes 'what about that bloke over there'. We all point guns at him; he's mad max - survivor of a caravan, his family killed. Now picking on the raiders. "What are you doing here" "We were about to... ask you the same thing". He’s found a book in Old Ordic, happily gives it to us and leaves.

Tūd boots his comprehend languages. It's a vista spell book keeps messaging the gods about why a spell has failed.

The book is a journal, explorers after the pulse/flash machine was used. Previous doors have to be shut to open the next ones... so it's going to be tricky to run away quickly if we need to...

We start up the steamjack. Lights. And enter through the broken doors.

The Tomb

Cygnaran room, murals, a scholar's corpse. Frieze of wizard on door, reading book in each hand. "Constructed in 295AR ... when the voice of Morrow beckons, man must head". The penitent man...

Th suggests looking for traps. F ignores him. Tūd suggests. She looks and finds one but can't work it out. K looks and is completely befuddled by it. More investigation sets it off - luckily it's mostly broken so it's just unpleasant.

F tries to pick lock doors but breaks her tools. After reminding Tūd that he can do this, he reverses Hold Portal and (159 incl penalty!) the doors open.

There's a corpse on the other side with a shortsword and some dusty lock picks and empty ration packs. Obviously died trapped....

Over a chasm is a bridge of two hands, the wrists rising in the centre and the hands open. Tūd can't help thinking of them clapping as they're half way over. Down in the chasm is another corpse and we let F down to have a look. Looking up she reckons the mechanism under the hand is mostly broken. Tūd wonders about the sounds of one-handed clapping. aaaaargh....

K makes his way roped onto the hand and off the edge to batter the mechanism - we're fairly sure it can't work with him around. He whacks it; there's a loud grinding noise and the hands shudder but don't clap...

We make our way over to the next door.

Large ?? with writing "The breath of morrow cleanses man". F sets trap off - the rest of us hiding in the previous room. A pellet drops out of the roof into a big bowl of water and releases gas. We trap the trap.

Again F goes into the next room to set off drowning trap but nothing happens. I'm a bit confused here seem to remember a chamber of water that should really have set off the trapped pellet... will have to check sourcebook.

Next chamber is awash with draining water and two corpses, one leaving an arm and a hammer. F is nearly swept off too but recovers. The hammer is untarnished (+15 vermin bane) and a sword (+20 undead bane).

Open up door, pellet drops out - K catches it.

Next room - statues with gem in eye and pool of water on the floor. "Gaze upon Morrow and be judged" - Th goes "OK" and wanders in - Nooooooo! He looks around the room talking about statues and friezes of Morrow’s ascendants. He wibbles on and suddenly zapped - smoking hair - we rush in and shut door and open next quickly before it recharges. Thranduil smokes a little.

Rushing through the next door, we enter... the hall of heroes/souls.

The Gate of Souls
It's time to bring up the steamjack, bypassing all the traps using cunning knowledge. It slowly creates a hole in (what? I've forgotten), widens it. Tūd’s turn to go first "But I don't want to!"

Inside, the corridor has collapsed into inky blankness; only Forgileill can see the bottom. We head down the rubbly slope. There's a lever, so we pull it (F is at the back dislodging stones onto the rest of us). Ahead is a grinding noise... large bits of even larger chopped spiders lie around as we approach. A crushed construct - bit like a steamjack, probably a tomb guardian of sorts - lies covered in the Dust of Ages. Webs soften the hard worked lines of the corridor, and Things wriggle in nests out of view.

We pick our way forward; Tūd and an equally surprised spider meet face to face. With a slight lead in reaction Tūd shoots it with whatever he could get to first (an ember) and, as it retreats in surprise and shock, shoots it again. It backs into a hole and we carry on carefully past.

F is sitting back by the lever. We remind her: "You're in the dark, alone, in a tomb". "So? I'm dead". Oh yes.

Ahead we can hear a fight and we carry on, checking weapons on the way. A 'tomb maiden' is fighting a whole passel o' them spiders. Since your enemy's enemy is still likely to be your enemy (in this case at least) we take advantage of its distraction and sneak past.

Into a room of ancient steamjacks; 6 in the far corner have fallen. Old and crude, rusted and covered in the Dust of Ages. Seized and melded and useless. Thranduil notes the supplies ("Supplies!") sealed barrels of water, buckets of coal, fused chains, etc.

Another chamber of wagons - all of them full of coins; pouches marked with symbols, probably the mercenary soldiers’ grave goods.

Big chamber with 4 large doors off, collapsed pillars and rocks and the hall floor slants - a deep chasm can be seen ripped across the floor. In fact the hall seems to have 'broken' into sections, each section dropped away from the previous. As we explore we find friezes on the walls, and the last dropped section appears to be full of spiders...

Behind the huge doors off we find the burial chambers, perhaps a 1,000 in each. Most of the corpses have been pulled apart and are covered in webs... it doesn’t look good. In the third chamber though, we find most of them untouched, just a few on the floor.

We make up an intricate plan to poison the spiders at the end of the hall using the pellets from the trap and buckets of water. We're setting things up when Alexia walks in "Surprised you got in!" she says, "Yeah, and what do you know?" we wittily riposte "Everything. I'm 17".

Alexia kicks off the "Legion restart"; lots of special effects and F extra jealous. But she feels better and more... whole... at the end. And an urge to serve tea and cake.

The undead legion rise up and start to organise themselves. Some restart the unstartable steamjacks - all in ghostly spooky silence. They marshal in the plain above and set off - the Mad Max character (Seth) falls in behind as this might be his way out of here. We follow on with our own borrowed steamjack in its wagon, with some spare coal and water.

Tūd’s amateur stratagems are ignored. Huh, what do they know anyway, they've been dead for ages.

We wonder what to do about getting into the city. A puff of dust on the road ahead (no, a large puff very far away not a missed shot). Helstrom rides up and gives us a sitrep; the Skorne will soon be at the city. The Inquisitors and their crew are preparing to welcome them in - can we secure a gate house for our undead army?

Breaking into Corvis

We prep to ride/run ahead: Alexia offers F her arm to feed from (oooo!). Find D'arcy Sunnie (?) where watchman Lt Mudd drinks -key to warehouse (no idea what that means, hopefully will when I read up the background). He 'arrests' us to march us into the tower. There are a couple of guards outside and we're dumped in a waiting room.

Tūd and F open a door - into the Inquisitor room. The Inquisitor is there so Tūd shoots him (with a silent shot - he doesn't even get a chance to scream) and Forgileill stabs him. Shh! Shh! F drinks some of his pooling blood ("stop slurping!")

Another room - four watchmen "Declare for the king!" and after a bit of careful eye rolling two leap at the other two. We shut the door and lock it. Up the stairs... we find cannon bays, two guards and two... Skorne! Forgileill attacks a Skorne and pulls his leg out of joint.

The remaining Skorne and a guard pull out pistols - one guard runs for it. Tūd pulls out his weapons... two shots at Kamilata but he just catches them. Nifty gloves. Tūd shoots the standing Skorne twice with slam shot - one "hits back of head - through front." It dies. Twice.

Forgileill cuts up the downed Skorne. Kam herds the remaining, rather worried looking human. Tūd sets off up stairs after the running human, dropping pistol, grabbing another and arcane loading. Kamilata suggests "You could switch sides" as he backs up to the wall "Or show which side you were always on really" shouts Tūd from the stairs "It could all just be a mistake".

Tūd emerges from the stairs to find more cannon and a big flare tube, watchmen are getting up and tooling up. The master at arms sweeps the Skorne off the wall; Tūd cries "halt or I'll shoot" at the runner who is heading for the flare tube, then shoots him anyway. It's part of his... erm.... the runner goes down. The guards scuffle amongst themselves. We tip the balance for the loyal ones (well, the ones loyal to our side).

We sort out our folks and lock up the rest. We can leave the gatehouse in their hands. But we can see three other buildings with a good view over the city - the Library, the port building and a bridge tower. We need to make sure they don't spot our nefarious, erm, loyal activities.

Mudd says he will deal with the tower by subterfuge, so not to be shown up we make our way as subterfugy as possible to the Library. We stride in confidently as if we own the place. There's no one there. We swan up the stairs - on the sixth floor (ex-law offices) there are signs of people. Despite our confident bearing we've been quite quiet, and behind one of two doors at the top of the stairs we can hear someone talking to themselves.

F takes the right hand one, Tūd the other right. She kicks the door down - a female inquisitor with rifle and spy glass turns to face her. F throws her dagger, giving her a nasty cut (she might need stitches) and is hit by an ice bolt. Tūd, still in silent mode, has shot both his silent shots; one graze and one rockback. Kam watches F exit her door "She fired a spell at me!". Kam dashes in and breaks her arm and lots else. Tūd drops his pistols and pulls his other two - a slam shot is very loud and the Inquisitor curls up on the floor.

Kamilata beats up the inquisitor with the blunt end while Tūd ties his up.

We check the Library is clear, hide the prisoners in a closet (try not to bleed on him) and head for the port authority building. Someone (claims?) has the bright idea to bring the flares so no one can use them from the library.

At the foot of the steps to the port building is a chain across the steps. Tūd pauses, unsure ("We can't go in there"). F steps over it ("Oh!") and we head up more steps, puff pant except for F who has been out of breath for ages.

At the top platform are two Inquisitors again. We discuss plans. Tūd shoots silent shot again but just wings them ("And now you've shot the elephant of surprise"). Kamilata runs for the flare launcher - Forgileill rushes the Inquisitors; one hug attack coming up. Tūd drops his pistols and grabs two more - missing one draw and trying to catch it as it springs from the holster, and firing the other past the target into some poor unsuspecting dock worker far below. F laughs so much she loses her initiative appallingly; Kamilata smashes into one of the rifleman taking his legs out. F gets a grip and throws her target, snaps his arm, and slits his throat.

Our second position is secured... We look out from the lookout. The undead army are approaching the bridge, the Skorne also...

We flag down Alexia - the north bridge is still standing, so the smaller undead army could be flanked. We take a platoon of undead with us and get there - and it blows up. The undead go back to the battle at the bridge, and we go back to looking out of the lookout.

Battle commences on the bridge. Cue Special Effects.

A huge great big elephanty thing attacks, armoured fort on top, bit like a piggy oliphaunt, and starts to trample on our undead. Th & F attack in a poncy elvish way, climbing up hand over hand on the harness, flares tucked into their belts. F reaches a firing slot in the forts and starts throwing them in. Thranduil throws one and jumps. F watches him leave thinking "what a wooss", then witch second thoughts realises there's a lot of ammo in there... Fragmentation Elf... She starts to leave but the thing explodes. Lots of smoke and F goes flying off, landing in the river (only a little damage). She walks back. Kamilata ducks out of the way. Tūd applauds. Thr heads off to help F.

Battle recommences. Helstrom rallies the watch to add weight.

Showdown between Oberon and Alexia. Big Jedi fight between the armies, and Alexia finally cuts him up, his soul sucked up by the sword (yeeeuch). The Skorne retreat. Tūd rushes in to grab his staff - our way home. Th reappears with a soggy F. A looks a bit tired but pleased.

She asks for a bit of time and starts a ritual "what's she doing?" "breaking the sword" "not yet! it might explode!" we suggest we need to do a few things first. She agrees. There are undead everywhere, F is not very well, but we need to sort stuff out before we return (closure, man)

We find Dumas. Helstrom emerges from the Fogs of War. Some of the towns more bold citizens emerge. Perhaps to rob the dead. It's all very Hollywood aftermath.

Orlas Borloch is holed up in the court building. We suggest leaving him to the locals so they can get closure. Th has agreed for A to restore Forgileill with the sword, we will shepherd the legion back to their sleep, Dumas will relay them to rest for eternity until next time. A will then break sword; we offer to take it back to where it can be safely destroyed and she agrees. Tūd is persuaded reluctantly that we ought to go back. He attunes to Kelkess’s staff (01) - oh oh. Stunned and slimed. After a few days of work and a few beers he finally connects to it - +15 spear, teleport, light, etc.

We tidy up, bury the undead, the Skorne undead bury themselves, return steamjack, carts, hammers. King Leto invites us to be knighted so Tūd and K go - the others are not eligible for being elvish or girls (or, possibly, dead). Th wants to take A back to see if the assembly can get rid of the voices in her head...

Tūd taps the staff on the ground. A black rip opens in the fabric of space-time...

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