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If you have a pistol, you are being hunted.

Tud has been following up leads from clues and coincidences that he has noted whilst lodging in the FOW Lodge in Corvis. Alongside everything else, something is slowly doing away with pistoleers in Corvis.

During the past few weeks several members of the local Gunmage chapter have gone missing. The circumstances in which they vanished are suspicious to say the least, and fear is getting a tight hold on the inhabitants of the city. After all, why would elite soldiers of the Cygnaran army suddenly go missing?

Only those that really have to, walk the streets after dark and even in broad daylight conversations are held in a hushed tone while people hurry along to get to the safety of their homes. The situation may soon escalate unless someone resolves the murders and finds the killer.

The mundane explanation is that they were loyal to King Leto and therefore were targeted by the inquisition before Vinterís return, or they are have fled to territories controlled by Leto or are simply in hiding. But perhaps not.

Tud is willing to entertain the following alternative explanations:

  • A Pistol Wraith has found the city and the wealth of Gunmages within. Itís now challenging them one by one hoping to find a duel worthy of its skill. The bodies of the men who fell short were never found because they themselves became Pistol Wraiths and are now following the example of their creator.
  • An Eldritch has to complete his set of ritualistic murders before his time runs out and he chose Gunmages to do it with. A strong personal hatred for them makes him blind to all other potential victims. Its lair lies deep beneath within the ancient catacombs underneath the city in which evil Orgoth spirits are rumoured to dwell to this day. As if that wasn't enough, the Eldritch recently created a host of new Sythyss which guard its lair.
  • Aldo Bekholm was a Gunmage until he was cast out after being brought before a disciplinary committee and found guilty of endangering the life of his fellow soldiers and that of civilians, as well as squandering valuable military resources for personal entertainment. Two months ago, he arrived in the city. A fledgling Gunmage when he was cast out, he is now an experienced pistol toting angel of vengeance, driven to perfection by pure hate and anger. He has been meticulously carrying out his wrath. After retrieving his two magelock pistols, which he had to return upon his exclusion, from both their new owner and the armoury of the order, he set out to dispense his justice to those who wronged him all those years ago. The officer that filed the charge was the first to die. Then follow the witnesses in the order that they testified against him. Now all that are left are the committee members themselves, those that passed the final judgement that denied him his rightful future. If one were able to get a hold of the records of the older transcripts of the hearings and a copy of the verdict, a link between the victims can easily be found. Gaining access however is not an easy task for anyone who isn't a member of the order.

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