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Ring silver, in the shape of a serpent biting it’s tail (Kea)

Bow, recurved, 194cm, bamboo, horn (antelope), fish glue, monkey sinews, native silk (from wetas) and sycamore. (made in Burnraas)

Necklace of nineteen small amethyst beads on a fine gold chain (Muri/Dwarven)

Plain silver ring, ½" wide with large (smartie sized) ruby (Edium)

Hood, light blue velour (Flanne) with green embroidered bamboo pattern (Muri)

Patterned (local foliage) wooden (mahogany) tiara (Moken)

Six drinking cups (about ½ pint), silver bowls with anthracite decorated stems. Decorated with electrum inlays of bacchanalian scenes. (Perranic)

Grey silk day coat and breeches (Gwaithor) with green embroidered bamboo (Muri)

Carved oak bookends in the form of otters (Flanne)

Carved (fretwork) screen in various woods, depicting scenes from normal Edium life, Inlaid with mother of pearl and basalt depictions of storks (a universal good luck symbol). Fourteen panels (5’ tall x 2’ wide) with feet carved like crocodile’s feet and unfastenable bronze hinges. (Edium)

Armchair, heavy oak carving with stylised mustelids for arms. The claws and teeth of the carving are gilded and the eyes are highly polished sections of ammonite shells. (Flanne/Bicca) Currently decorated with silk covered cushions embroidered to match the decoration on the chair (Edium)

Footstool in yew, carved to resemble a sleeping hound (Kea)

Life sized copper sculpture of a blue fin tuna (Gwaithor) on an iron frame/stand (Edium)

Leather sandals with double sole. Foot straps are decorated with polished coral beads and discs made from conch shells (Edium)

Collar, ithinalur with whalebone inserts, sized to fit female nostir, decorated with killer whale images (Sindalië)

Four tuns of cocca beans (Mura)

Archer’s forearm guard in horse leather (Veluna), now decorated with mother of pearl, jade, conch shell and crocodile ivory (depiction of Teddin hunting party) (Edium). No use as PPE anymore, too heavy and too many snags; but very pretty.

Sealed bundle of papers:

  • Part of marriage settlement of Jadhrim Leodhata to Glordin Gwathlo, promising goods to the value of a thousand arphel to be delivered to the Leodhata in Veluna. (Alcant)
  • A letter from the Head of the Order of Arl, promising Finwë Gwathlo the means of finding essence flow choke points (earth power nodes) (Blackmoor – the Order of Arl)
  • Letter of credit from the Lord of Ard Angra to Glordin Gawthlo, promising him thirty rocca (Ard Angra).
  • Letter of credit from the counting house of the Kazagory, to the cash value of five hundred Arphel.
  • A letter of safe passage from the Emperor (Burrucal II) for the lyio holding this document (and their ilin) throughout the empire.
  • Letter ("Scroll") of protection from Undead (upto class XII) 30’ radius (Blackmoor – the Order of Gwann)
  • A transcript of an ancient letter from Finwë to Feanor detailing his first suspicions that Alu Canath Nhi is his son by another man’s (Bannoc, the head of Clan Nhi) wife. Further to this, there is a note in Glordin’s hand where he acknowledges Alu Canath as his brother. (Celebrinoth item)

Earring, large gold sleeper in the form of a human skull (D’Aerdy)

Large jade bearing rock (6’ tall, 1.5 tonnes) (from the ruins of the Moche)

Eighty gold coins, D’Aerdy – from the very earliest years of the Knoirian Dynasty, showing the Malachite Throne on the reverse and Vecna (still alive) on the face.

Comb, whalebone, with a short handle, carved with images of seabirds and seals. (Sindalië)

Four rubber bottles (moulded on imported dwarven glass 2 litre bottles) with rubber stoppers (Edium)

Dagger, deer antler (piercing) blade with a wooden (beech) handle old dried leather lashing to fasten together. Ancient shamanistic item (Young Kingdoms)

Earrings, a pair this time, gold with delicate emerald inlays (Kea)

Ring, platinum, a dolphin chasing a fish around one’s finger (Gwaithor)

Necklace, alternate links of copper, bronze, silver, gold and platinum (Flanne)

A pair of small (4" tall) ivory elephants carved from elephant ivory (Veluna).

Bronze sculpture of a Celebrinoth bladed helmet in 2/3 life size (Udan)

Jewellery box shaped like a drinking crane with a pagoda on its back 9" tall – carved from a single vast bamboo clump root (galadhrim) mounted on a solid jade plinth carved in likeness of fish amongst the reeds. (Edium)

Censor (iron bowl) 8" across and 3 ½" deep, decorated with relief images of Killer Whales. (Sindalië) with Dyr Wood tripod stand 2’ tall, with each leg carved in the likeness of a crocodile. (Muri)

Two hundred Arphel (silver) from the reign of the Emperor Angborn (showing a hand protecting a sheep, a cow and an elephant on the reverse)

Two hundred Arphel (silver alloy) from the reign of Emperor Mornion (showing a body of ilin on the reverse)

Two hundred Arphel (silver) from the reign of Emperor Borric II (showing him stopping the war of the cows on the reverse)

Necklace, forty wooden beads (dyr, balsa, mahogany, teak, date palm and acacia) on three leather thongs, tied at the back. (Muri)

Bracelet, carved from solid teak, 2" wide, suited for slim wrist. Decorated with pictograms of flora and fauna of Teddin (Muri)

Taiken, 94cm, Alcant steel blade, gilt hilts, basket and pommel. Red leather over teak handle. Red leather over teak scabbard with gilt furniture. Flawless, spotless and unused (presentation weapon) (Alcant).

One large (3’ long, 2’ high) porcelain horse, in black and decorated with gold leaf. The stand for this is a large mahogany block into which have been hammered about thirty small bronze pins whose heads have been stamped with Muri luck runes. (Nyrond)

Fourteen copper coins from Kealand on copper wire as an arm band. (Muri)

One large diamond (wrens egg sized) uncut.

Six small Lapis Lazui, linked by copper hinges and clasp to form a bracelet (Dwarven made for the Veluna market).

4’ diameter Gong, bronze, plain on a black dyed ash frame with twisted red silk hangers. Decorated with nine horse hair plumes (on bronze swivels) and a hanger for the ash handled striker (twisted red silk hanging loop and leather head covered with bleached fur). (Celebrinoth item from Hisra)

Six four-pint gourds with rubber stoppers. All full of lamp (whale) oil. (Edium)

Silver gilt over steel cage, 4’ high, suitable for a song bird or two. (Baklunish [middle kingdoms])

Goblet, copper stemmed with slate base. Knot-work decoration and human skull bowl. (PEP Flanne)

Planters, waist high limestone tubs with geometric patterns, suitable for medium sized trees (adult birch or hawthorn etc) Matching set of four (Gwaithor)

Six ½" buckles, steel (Gwaithor)

Ring bronze, large and heavy, moulded to resemble rope etc. (Frunze)

Saddle, ilin style, with blue upholstery and a blue silk faced saddle cloth (Veluna)

Saddle, ilin style, plain leather (Jorassë)

Eighty iron pigs, 8kg each (Alcant)

Four hide lined raffia baskets with wax sealed lids, each containing 16kg of dried chilli (Muri)

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