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The Stalwart Retainer

Very soon, only Kamilata is left of the original band of adventurers. He is now primus inter pares. He is the Patrol Leader, so technically, the other ilin of Nereth and he are of the same rank. However, it was he who was given the honour of being the Patrol Leader, and so for the most part, the others are suitably deferential to him.

Of course, there are only three of them. Druikar, who was here last year and stayed on as his wife liked the Broch in which they had been posted. It had not occurred to her then, or Druikar did not mention it, that Forgileill might retain his services and require him to live somewhere else. It did not matter. Until they learned their way around, Druikar represented the sum total of their local knowledge.

Chita Al’Molvar and Oruro Rusco Nhi were welcome additions. They had mocked Kamilata’s ability with horse and bow when they first arrived but had obviously mistaken that for a more general lack of military skills. Invaswen had chided him for beating them so badly, but they had remained suitably loyal and deferential ever since.

With Oruro resident, they had a steady stream of Nhi visitors, all bring news and the occasional luxury to trade as they made the short detour to Nereth as they passed through Ulria.

Invaswen seemed to think that she and he together were jointly in charge of Nereth until Forgileill returned. Kamilata decided that this was expedient. She ran the household with sharp tongue and a critical eye for detail. Deepikhi, Tud’s brother’s widow, soon learned that as long she kept on top of the jobs that Invaswen gave her, she had much easier time. Twice within the first month she and her son had been rudely ejected from the agadir for failing to meet Invaswen’s exacting standards. The second time, it had only been Kamilata’s intervention that saw her re-housed.

Ravon, Forgileill’s Lyio and his eldest son, Havon, much to Kamilata’s relief, stayed away. Halthar dropped back several times in the earlier months and wanted to know more about Forgileill. Only when Kamilata and Invaswen proved close lipped for the umpteenth time did he finally take the hint.

They were not idle over the summer. Patrols were conducted and justice was dispensed where needed. With Invaswen at his shoulder, Kamilata sat in Judgement in the Lyrond, looking every inch the Lyio to the peasants who were his supplicants. She sent and received regular reports by some odd means from Forgileill, who appeared pleased (well, she didn’t appear displeased, which was much the same thing from her) with all that was carried out in her name.

Only after the advent of winter and the coming of the next spring (3152), did Kamilata and Invaswen really feel that they needed Forgileill back, if only for a short while. There were new ilin to be claimed and other matters that required her attention.

Kamilata gains two ranks in each of the following:

  • Ride
  • Ilin Comp Bow
  • Region Lore (Ulria)
  • Csango
  • Literacy (Gwaithor)
  • Crafting (Armourer)

Chita Al’Molvar and Oruro Rusco Nhi each gain two ranks in the following:

  • MM Medium Armour
  • Tumble evade
  • Region Lore (Ulria)
  • Csango
  • Crafting (Bowyer)
  • Crafting (Fletcher)

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