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Kamilata. (b. 3128)

Son of Kennata ( ? – 3134)

Kennata was a migrant alum digger on the banks of the Tarsil. It seems apparent that Kennata was really Kamilata’s real father. Kamilata’s mother was never mentioned but the infant was presented with a tin whistle[1] that either belonged to or was a gift from his absent mother. Kennata was still a young man, certainly not yet 40 years of age, when he was badly injured in an alum mining operation. He was unable to work and weakened and died over a four month period.

The four-year old Kamilata was taken on by one of the ore shippers, a Suloise man called Uldin. He was a rope-monkey on a lighter until for three years until one day a merchant witnessed him being beaten by Uldin. The merchant, Sceni, bought the boy off of the ore shipper and Kamilata began his life as a dyer’s foster-son. Sceni is a philanthropist and, ultimately, a successful merchant. He is usually fostering a dozen or so boys at a time and giving them a leg up in life. Many of them have remembered him over the years and he’s not doing too badly thereby.

In the dyer’s business in Uleck the young Kamilata learned quickly and showed aptitude both for making things with his hands and as young schoolyard-warrior. Sceni was especially please that Kamilata picked up reading and writing Flanne, the ‘lingua franca’ of the empire and essential to any professional career. When he was fifteen, Sceni told him that it was about time he started to think about standing on his own two feet. On a business trip to the capital, Kamilata made his farewells and plunged into city life.

Within hours he was penniless and in trouble. Just when he thought things couldn’t get any worse he came face to face with Uldin. One bruising encounter[2] later he had a little money and drifted into a bar near one part of the old city wall. He fell in with a young Perrenlander named Kjerag. Somewhere in between the Stroppy Rat and the Black Pig Kjerag persuaded Kamilata that the life of a professional soldier was the one salvation left open to him.

Waking up with his first hangover made joining a Warband seem like a very bad idea. But Kjerag was already a jalee and Kamilata was by now inside the barracks. Shrugging his shoulders and going with the flow saw Kamilata walking with other recruits to Highfolk where some of them, Kamilata included, were selected and trained as pikemen.

Seeing Kamilata’s performance on the pre-fabricated fortress exercise, he was drafted into one of the engineer companies where he was further trained as a (military) carpenter before departing, a year later, for his first garrison, Westil in Hisra.

Kamilata’s operational career has included numerous forced marches up and down the roads of Hisra chasing various brigands and orc raiders. The people they were chasing almost never stood and fought the Brandenheer, preferring to flee. The high point of the first year was when some one brought a caged ogre into the city of Westil and it escaped, Kamilata was part of the ballista crew that stopped it. After a year in Westil, as part of his continuing professional development, he has been employed as an estimator. This is a much better job and he is getting out a bit more, working using his own initiative and ideas.

He is now part of the small (10-man) engineer team that travel around each of the garrison outposts, inspecting the wooden and stone constructions and instigating repairs. This team also inspects and services the field artillery and the war stocks in the Citadel armouries. With a view to his future career, Kamilata isn’t doing too badly, if he keeps on gaining experience this fast he could make Chosen Man early.

[1] 8” long, with a brass mouth piece and a brass band at the bottom end. This bottom band has a swivel attachment into which has been fastened a steel ring, from which the whistle may be hung.
[2] Uldin didn’t recognise Kamilata for a few moments. When he did, he sought to strike the boy, a fight ensued which left Kamilata a little bruised but with Uldin’s loose change. Uldin was unconscious.

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