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Kamilata's new skills

The emperor’s new clothes

It is a quite different Kamilata who rejoin his comrades to hunt Kelkess Raccoba.

A set of leather (gorax) armour. Wears as AT12. This retains a feral quality reminiscent of the original creature, giving a +10 bonus to any attempts made by the wearer to intimidate. It’s also a complete outfit in one. It fulfils the functions of boots, underwear and clothing as well as armour.

Wooden spear with a flint head. Pine sap glue and heron sinew fixings. Enchanted (by ‘Blackclads’ of the circle at Kaya’s request). Can be thrown using the javelin table, used two-handed attacks on the halberd (Pole arm) table. No penalties for low tech construction or materials. Magic weapon.

Nose stud (wolf ivory). +10 Presence bonus, +30 if dealing with canines. Once a month it allows the wearer to assume one of the following:

  • A ‘wolfman’ form (8’ tall, 140kg bipedal wolf). This form has the wearers hit points, AT4, DB 50, Very Fast (MM 140) and large bite (OB 100) and two large claw (OB 75) attacks in addition to the perception, stealth and tracking abilities of a wolf. The wolfman form cannot speak.
  • The form of a large wolf (pony sized). This form has the wearers hit points, AT4, DB 50, Very Fast (MM 140) and can run across close terrain at 30mph and open terrain at 40mph. Large bite (OB 80) and two large claw (OB 55) attacks in addition to the perception, stealth and tracking abilities of a wolf.

Aside from the nose stud, it is beneficial to the wearer if all other apparel is removed before transformation. Either form can be assumed at point from when the ‘bottom edge’ of the sun touches the horizon and can last until the ‘bottom edge’ of the sun leaves the horizon the next morning. The item retains enough power to make seven transformations (ie into and out of one of these forms is two transformations). Once exhausted, all of the magical powers of the item cease and it becomes magically inert.

Cloak, coarse cloth, dull grey, almost black in colour, made by the order of Orbos. Adds +10 to Stalk/hide. adds +25 to camouflage in rural situations.

Necklace of animal teeth on leather thong. +20 to tracking rolls, +5 to all other ‘outdoor’ skills. Allows wearer to pass without trace for one hour in every 24. A gift from Kaya, this appears to be an heirloom from a time long past.

Wooden ladle – all water drunk from this ladle is potable. Old Khadorian item.

A bone ring with a stylised animal skull carved into it. +15 on RRs relating to environmentally or climatically induced harm.

Stone cross on a leather thong (Orbos holy symbol) a gift from Baldur – reputed to prevent attacks by wild animals. It certainly makes them better disposed to the wearer (+25 to initial reaction tests).

Knuckle duster +10 taken from a priest who accompanied one body of lumberjacks. Of ‘industrial’ size and style, made in brass with the symbol of Menoth upon it.

Gloves in heavy brown leather. Wearing these, the user can elect to catch either a melee or missile attack with any free hand he or she might have. They must be worn as a pair in order for their power to function. Either attempt is a 50% action and barring a fumble, 01- 06, automatic. The wearer begins the next round with the missile or melee weapon (which might still also be in their wielder’s grasp) firmly in their grasp.

Kamilata’s new skills

(from when he arrived to when he reaches Corvis)
Nature’s awareness nine ranks
Region Lore (deciduous forest) awareness six ranks ranks
Tracking awareness three ranks ranks
Silent Kill awareness three ranks
Climb awareness three ranks
Stalk/hide awareness one ranks
Crafting (snare/trap) awareness five ranks
Craft (skin/butcher) awareness five ranks
Foraging awareness six ranks
Distance running awareness two ranks
Body Development awareness three ranks
Sense Ambush awareness two ranks

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