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Kicking heels in Kamveluna

So the PCs have been kicking their heels in Kamveluna for three months, kicking their heels and being bored? Staying out of trouble etc etc.? Not really.

All three of the heroes of Vog Mur have been gifted, by the Lords of Rythym collectively, suits of armour in the Teddin style. These resemble Yicduroh in looks and function, but possibly not in the quality of protection they provide. These suits wear and protect as AT12. They are however, de rigour for the ilin of Teddin as they go a long way to staving off heat stress injuries.

Thranduil has been spending most of his time in the company of Arutha Gwathló, Prince of Alcant. Arutha began by trying to impart so knowledge of the local flora and fauna to Thranduil. Thranduil was long under the impression that Arutha was talking down to him and so managed to ignore or dismiss most of what Arutha told him. (i.e., he could have picked up a rank or two in some local knowledge skills but they didn’t hit it off well enough. “Sei la vî” as they say in Aerdy.)

Their relationship instead progressed in the practice hall. Arutha has an untutored approach to the Fallia Way, as taught to him by his father Glordin, who learned it from the same Scrófa masters who taught Celebrimbor1. However, having no-one to spar with for decades at a time, Arutha has had to be inventive. And ultimately, he is older and more experienced than Thranduil and tipped him on his head more than once. This is not to say that Thranduil has not enjoyed some success.

Arutha no longer thinks that Thranduil is as obstinate and arrogantly disposed as he did when they first met. For his part, Thranduil no longer believes that every single utterance from the Prince’s lips is condescending, patronising or otherwise demeaning. This doesn’t mean that they’re chums, though.

Thranduil has gained five skill ranks. All of which must be spent on Martial Arts2.

Tûd ap Brenin has become firm friends with the Blackrobe Imrael. This Gwaithor émigré is a peer of Gothon Yla, Tûd’s Lyio. When they were apprentices together, Imrael and Gothon would each concentrate on their pet subjects, skipping others and then teaching each other enough to pass/stay alive3. One of Imreal’s passions is language. Tûd’s free days have been spent with Imrael, raiding his library for hidden lore when not otherwise enraptured by Imreal’s almost hypnotic ability to make a comparison of declination between Sindalië and Muri interesting.

Tûd has three ranks to spend on languages (choice of Kea, Sindalië, Muri or a language that Tûd already knows) and two ranks to be spent in some field of arcane academia4.

Kamilata, once he recovered from his bout of internal bleeding was at much more of a loose end. Not being one of the Burnraas Marines there were no jalee duties for him to attend. Wandering into town he met a few persons (sailors and the like) and got the news from the Flanaess. The Gwathló have left Tenh to the Yla – Cam Gil Gwathló passed away and his sons left Tenh to Tûr Alu Yla. The King is dead, long live the King.

Spending his days down on the docks, Kamilata found himself one day in between a Moken family and gang of xenophobic stevedores. For all their streetwise toughness they were a lot more conciliatory once Kamilata dropped the first two in the harbour5. Kamilata now finds himself a man of wide renown amongst Alcant’s transient Moken population.

Rumour of this deed brought him into contact with Osenor, the chief retainer of the Blackrobe Kelkess Racoba. Being at a loose end, Osenor, possibly using nefarious means gained (again, possibly be nefarious means) from his master, took Kamilata on a fortnight longer bender sampling the dives and other earthly pleasures of a cosmopolitan seaport like Kamveluna. This has cost him 12 of the golden sovereigns that the Brandenheer gave him to enable him to complete his mission. A dozen days after he started on the ‘voyage of discovery’ with his new chum6, Kamilata is lying unconscious in the gutter. His Korpsbruder would be proud.

Fortunately the Moken picked him up and took him a little further up the coast (back towards Vog Mur, in fact) to a little visited island with trees, birds and white sandy beaches. Not for a holiday per se, rather to dry him out a bit.

Kamilata gains three ranks to use on subterfuge and/or social skills (possibly gambling and alcohol resistance. Although perhaps not, he’s lost a years wages in two weeks and took two months to sober up. On the other hand it could just have been one really good time…). He also gains three ranks in wilderness skills applicable to tropical islands.

1 Glordin, son of Finwë, was a member of the white order for a time. Arutha never has been, but was taught some of the techniques by his father, hence his unique style.

2 Possibly starting with ‘stunned manoeuvre’ and ‘body damage stabilisation’. Ah well, you’re still young and its only pain, after all.

3 Imrael, of course doesn’t actually let slip anything directly attributable to Gothon. Conversely, neither is he surprised to find that Tûd doesn’t actually now that much about his Lyio.

4 I’d suggest that the list of sages field’s of expertise from the DMG would be a good starting point for ideas of subject areas, but is of course, not definitive in any way. Tûd’s new expertise doesn’t have to be in an arcane field, but it can be in this instance. And let’s face it, he’s not likely to get another chance at a blackrobes private library.

5 Technically speaking, even being a guest at Dalla Tyrl shouldn’t have put him beyond arrest. However, Kamilata’s apprehension by the jalee he’s eaten breakfast with lasted as long as it took to frog march him ‘round the first corner. Friends in high low medium places, indeed.

6 Osenor might actually really like Kamilata. After all, having been talking for half and hour, they set out on a two week bender together. But he is a bad man, known for his ability to make individuals who cross his master disappear.

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