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Killing Blackrobes

(I think I should try and edit these down - or better, not write so much in the first place!)


Everybody hurts. Poor Voytchek has been buried and Tūd lies in the infirmary

We've settled into a routine; Kamilata court in the morning. The ilin patrolling. Most of the population is crowded into one or two towns, drunk and stir-crazy. Some of the seniors are there giving Kamilata advice. (Forgileill is recuperating in the Caribbean; Thranduil has resigned and is fluttering around there). Tūd is recovering, training the younger ilin and anyhoo doesn't tend to get involved in all this administration. Nymraith mixes potions. Most of the Greyrobes are kept out of the way in Lauren's Glade - a tea shop / hunting lodge ("cakes! The finest wines!")

A dwarf arrives, falling out of the sky, and explains his arrival in perfect Polish with a strong Welsh accent. We don't understand.

He's 5'2 (tall) and 250 lbs so fairly, er, dense. It's a short suit of armour with a dwarf inside. He's also agoraphobic even though he's encased in a very small steel room. He's walked in, under the snow in a Disney cartoon way with a mound of snow above, until a big thud at the gate indicated his arrival.

"I'm here to see the really tall elf." He's not here, he's on a sabbatical. "A sabb- is that a kind of horse?" No - he's away. "Oh. Not back soon?" No, can I take a message? "I'm here on behalf of the rhinestone dwarves, as part of a debt". That's ok you can pay us - we provided the man power to the tall dwarf. Erm. He frowns - he's only just got here and it's stopped making sense. "Alright I'll serve the court here". Kamilata finds him a place in the hypocaust - spot on.

It appears the Grudgekeepers have sent him to the kings that Thranduil have sorted out things on behalf of the dwarves that they should really have sorted out themselves. In summary, Hagar has been bonded to provide service for an exact but unknown to us number of days, somewhere around 6 years.

Spring arrives. The population bomb-bursts out into the ooloo leaving a nearly empty town of mud and broken furniture.

Erlini is the only other PC back with Kamilata in the court; the rest are out patrolling, or in the cellars muttering incantations, or trying to make a new Potion of Banana Slaying out of the Goodberry bushes. It's been a long winter.

A Cleric of Wķjas turns up along the spring road. The gatekeeper opens the gate

"Well you're taller than the last one that arrived"

She tells us (I'm 5'2!) the church of weegies has been given an ultimatum by the Lord of Perrenland: Fix the weather or be disbanded. But they don't know how either. The church is now reviled and shunned as Blackrobe Tealpick has claimed his success (on griffin-back, Ogvillhala) is due to them. He disappeared. Crime wave; some blame Tealpick but no investigation. Big black cloud over the tower. Some have investigated and never returned. The Lord of the area has required The Church of Wķjas to fix out this problem of theirs. Rearrange.

(Haven't we heard of this guy before? I've had a baby and even I remember that)

(Cleric Tyra Landy's history includes lots of dungeoneering and killing monsters and learned book binding (presumably to bind the skins of the monsters))

So all Blackrobes are bad? No just powerful. But then power corrupts. So yes.

She persuades us - it isn't that hard and Forgileill left instructions to continue to track down the Shindrick society. The party has been stuck in a male-only barracks and the low cut red dress is quite persuasive.

So who is to stay and go? Tūd is very keen, but although he's healed up cuts and bruises, his crushed thigh has permanently crippled him - again. He's on crutches, and forced to use wagons rather than horses.

Nymraith turns up for his stint the next day, he's met a patrol of elves on the way back from up the road, who tell him someone's been seen skulking around dressed in black.

Kamilata and Nymraith go off to find the skulker; we meet and there is some language problems but finally settle on Cygnaran (elvish from Iron Kingdoms) [Iosian surely]. Kamilata speaks it, good oh. Strange accent - ice elf - "I am here to speak to Thranduil". Ah, well he's on a sabbatical. "Its important I speak to him; this is his daughter" ah. Well. Why don't you wait at the lodge "Is it heated?" yes "We will wait here". You can sleep on the roof, etc.

(Some of the history of Thranduil in the Iron Kingdoms - he was up there teaching ice elves (Nyssian) how to kill of undead dragons and stuff. )

Tūd asks what happened to Thranduil's woman and the girl (Helleth's) mother - the black-clad elf's sister - "I will not speak of such things". Tūd looks puzzled. "Can you mime it?" the elf looks puzzled in turn. They both put it down to language problems. Does the child look like Thranduil? Well it waves it's hands around and looks vague.

Something for raven mail

We prepare for an expedition, and split the loot from our last one:

  • Rod of power storing, channelling.-> Tyra
  • Amulet armour type 5 -> Anar
  • 'Braces' (sic) of health +10 (+10 to conc hits?) -> Chita
  • Fur cloak of +10 DB -> Ryzaim
  • Gauntlets Ogre Power (Strength of an ogre!) -> Oruro
  • Potion cure serious wounds. -> Erlini
  • 3 spears human slaying -> Kamilata

Nymraith packs his travelling chemistry kit and some biscuits. We saddle up; Nymraith and the dwarf on carts. Over the pass past the Bleedin' Stone and we reach Ogvill Valahala. The clouds hang: heavy, black and pendulous.

We stop at the local ilin, the ilin say hello, on behalf of our lyio, etc (well apart from Oruro who lurks uglily). We are invited in, chat, etc. Recently Throgs Slandarsbardvarst or someone claimed to be Tailgate’s last heir; shortly after he moved in twenty years ago the cloud settled in. The river turned black. Walls weeping red. Giants. Screams. etc. All our weather forecasters are jobless. The Church of Wķjas is still blamed. Darren Tealpick has never been seen again.

(Maldekor and Kelkess Racoba had been fighting each other - Shindrick society - evil geniuses for a better tomorrow -since the death of Tealpick 100ish years ago until around 20 years ago when they sulked apart)

We think about plotting an attack: Let's storm the castle and knock on the door.

Can we fly? Well Nymraith has got a couple of magic carpet slippers but they only work one slipper at a time - the other has to be attached to the ground.

Is there no back passage? etc etc

In the morning a raven arrives. It says "Be quiet and pay attention - I shall say this only once - Gwathló (cousin of Forgileill). (background info) Shindrick society is pre empire from Aerdy times. etc. Tealpick has a copy of Mordenkainen's journal, Gwathló would like one" The raven turns into a life-size inert statue of a raven. Hmm, We can sell that. What was all that about anyway? Can't tell. Sounds like a report that says "we don't know much".

Next day we storm the castle and reach the front gates - which are bulged out as if something inside was trying to get out (unless the weather has got to it). The castle is built into the wall; the front gates are set into the cliff and a tower is on the top of the cliff.

Tyra casts impression (open ended up) on what would happen if they opened the door. The vision is of a lot of water suddenly released. It's been raining for a long time.

Nym wants to make a hole in the door and let it out a bit at time. Everyone backs up "er wait, it might all collapse" hey this is my job. "Yes, but only for very small drops" hey it can't be that different "look, let's just take this trail around the back that's here after all and perhaps we should use that instead" So we all traipse up, but Nym is last to leave and he does so warps two inches of the end of a plank of wood on the door.

Water spurts out - spurt spurt spurt. The door creaks.

Up the trail reaches 50' short of the top. We prepare for climbing up, Anar remembers he can lofty bridge and flies (just - 04) to the top and ties the rope off onto some big sticky up bits. Nym watches him go and makes a note to talk to Anar about the carpet slippers.

We climb up.

Big balcony / 'patio' (a patio on a castle?). Symbol of Wķjas. Stalls - big enough for horses, containing odd feathers, egg shelves, which Nym is reminded to collect samples of but there is no guano. Or dung. Or whatever it is these things secrete. One of the doors is slightly ajar. This isn't griffin-back apparently, that's just how he travelled. We look through the jar.

Through the door is a lit circular room with corridors off and a large Wķjas symbol on the floor. We can also hear (apart from the dwarf clank clank) hissing and a voice shouting. Erlini adjusts her hearing and it's some argument between hissing voice/noise and human voice. Nym adjusts his differently and gets the same result.

Ryz instructs his Imp to go and find out what's going on - the Imp strides down the corridor "THERE'S A FIGHT GOING ON!" Ryz: 'quietly' "OH WELL YOU DIDN'T SAY THAT" etc. Ryz grabs him "mmmph can't breath" You don't need to! "oh yes!" and proceeds to fill his orifices with jam.

The dwarf can check for traps, but to do this he needs to open his visor and he's not doing that while he's near a trap... Everyone examines the door but find nothing. Oruro drags it open and steps through.

Hot steam fills the room, smells of rot, a smashed table. Three mephits, steam beings, hover over the table, on the other side a robed man keeping them back. Oruro shoots but as he releases Shalbai shouts 'wait!' and knocks his aim - don't know what'll happen if you hit them.

Ryz considers these demonic things "No, they are beyond my earthly power! They are made of steam and can only be struck by weapons imbued with sorcery. They are from one of the an area of hell known as ... "

Erlini strides in, grabs one of the mephit and gas shapes it into the balloon model of a boat. One of the others winks out.

Nym hesitating between spell and big stick, opts for animate gas, gestures at the mephit and slams it into the ground.

We look cool for about half a second, then jump around "It worked!".

Still, two are alive, held as they are. Ryz potters about them. We could summon a tundra demon (cold earth). Or spell mastery. Hmm, or could...

Nymraith passes his woodland staff to Chita - "Hit it with this" Chita hits the boat shaped one - it disappears. The other takes more time - two blows and it's still not doing it, Chita starts to lose his temper and wild blows narrowly miss everyone else. Eventually he gets it and the last disappears.

The cleric says "Life is a marathon, not a sprint" We take this philosophically, as it was probably meant, rather than a literal interpretation.

Darren is "interviewed" (we are, after all, the lew). Background by Stew summary: Years ago he was dragged by mephits to the cellar, past his murdered staff, to a steamy demon, where he was presented with the shopping list required by the devil for powers granted to uncle Teapot. Two items hadn't been supplied, the penalty being that the devil - Ibix - got to roam the earth in his uncle's body, sowing discord and stuff.

The debt has fallen to Darren.

"What were the last two things on the list then?" The Principia Hextory and The Battleaxe of the Twelfth Patriarch of Kibnet. The dwarf points out that the Kibnet are on the third Patriarch. Ryzaim: the former is a "book of vile darkness" for the followers of Hex.

So this was twenty years ago? You've been here twenty years? Have you not needed to go for a poo etc? Shut up.

Darren has looked up the Hextory - there's a copy in the castle - but if Ibix gets a copy of it he'll be able to roam between hell and earth.

Things came to head this morning; Ibix got impatient; Darren escaped but finds he cannot function outside the castle. Darren's uncle apparently had a plan but don't know what it is - had some more notes upstairs in the bedroom but these are guarded by mephits.

Hmmm. We're short of power. Anar can Command (e.g. Calm), and/or inscribe runes to make weapons magical; Erlini can get one more shape and use the spell adder for another. The Imp is possibly also an attacker, but he's not keen.

We take some potions and buff up (as much as we do) and make our way up the stairwell of DOOM.

The room at the top are steam-filled and there are scorch marks of explosions. Mephits bicker amongst themselves; we have the elephant in the room of surprise.

Erlini strides in first and we spread out behind. She fumbles, Anar calms his and Nym narrowly fails to strike. Erlini is blasted by steam and her legs parboiled and she collapses. Then Nym, but somewhat protected by Tyra and a lot of luck is left only just standing. Anar calms another - just.

Oruro steps up to the remaining one and faces off, not quite striking it but drawing its attention as Ryz's imp sneaks up behind it. It's sting takes it in the 'head' and the mega-death poison squirts in. The imp laughs and shake it's about - not satisfied with torture it's playing with its emotions. Ryz finally notices and tells the imp to stop playing about.

We search the furniture - the locks have warped and firetraps have gone off, thus scorch marks. Some nice things: vellum, pens, octopus ink ( --> Anar), box of correspondence. While we search, Erlini drinks the CSW and then we all get tae feck.

We rest up near the door to the 'patio' and read the correspondence.

One from a pirate captain who has taken a chest containing the holy path of ekythump (ethuckin pa) (from a ship of the church of H'eronius) for Tealpick, to be delivered for more funds. Cpn Jihad Aranzo. [Tyra]

Other is a receipt for four doppelganger-hides (9,000gp!), from some other bloke. [Tyra: used for illusion spells. Anar: So wants to hide something or disguise something - like the holy path text - as something else - like the book of vile darkness. Oruro: so the evil book downstairs may or may not be the actual evil one]

Further down the main corridor. Sacrificial chamber (description). Big open book on table. Boat on river - take two passengers and one oarsman. Temple to Wķjas.

As we step in the lights disappears and the Wķjas icons disappear and those to Ibix appears; the pool glows. Ryz strides around explaining the background of the various symbols and the personalities involved. The rest of us back up to the doorway.

We recover some courage and make our way over. Tyra glances at the book, and glowing runes rise up from disks on the floor; including some in the passageway behind us. Those of us backing up again back in. The librarians look at the runes - Anar recognises the style and Ryz reads them as an "I" "B" "X" "I" rearrange to form a popular devil.

We edge past the glowing runes and talk to Darren about finding a way downstairs "Not been there, but I assume there's probably a key somewhere to a hidden door". Well you're no good.

Tyra and Erlini are keen on putting the disks onto the runes - so they do, while the rest stand well back hoping that this isn't a quick way to summon Ibix.

The floor in the corridor behind us opens up and reveals a stream. We can just about all fit in the boat and paddle back up again, where we can see a large pool of water.

As we nervously clamber into the unfamiliar boats, Chita falls in. He starts to sink - slowly - under the weight of his armour. Nym jumps in after him and shouts for a rope and the others fiddling about with the unstable punts look up in surprise. There are some fraught moments while people work out what's going on and Nym and Chita struggle to stay up, Erlini finds a rope and throws it at Nym, but sensibly keeps hold of one end. She can't do much with if from the boat though, and throws it to the dwarf still on the shore - who is waiting to see which boat will take a heavily armoured short person.

Nym screams and disappears gurgling (under the water piranhas have attacked - somewhere somebody is stroking a white cat). The dwarf hauls on the rope but has a moment getting a proper grip. More thrashing under water and the dwarf heaves the pair onto the quay. Nym lies motionless leaking watery blood.

Erlini finds one of his potions and pours it down; Anar casts his last Healing and Nym coughs, chokes and wakes up gagging. "Ouch".

We row row row our boats gently down the corridor. But not very well because nobody really knows how to row. At the far end we find a lever revealed. Uh oh.

Much splishing later Oruro paddles over to the lever and pulls it, cringing at what might happen next. A grinding sound and the water starts to drop. A long drop and we find ourselves in a huge hexagonal chamber, arriving through a gap in the ceiling.

Pillar in centre, levers on a platform, tracks on a ceiling with chains down to large boxes 6' cubed on pontoons. There's an open passageway. Tyra etc paddle over to one and gets up onto the pontoon; the door is open, a lock on the outside, shackles lying open.

They paddle over to a closed box and she checks it - it's empty - she stumbles getting back into the boat and we all look at the water reflectively, about what lies beneath. We decide not to look at the others as that involves getting in and out, and paddle cautiously out of the chamber. The corridor winds then into another domed chamber, with a large pillar in the middle supporting a platform, snarls and grunts, water streaming down the pillar. (Nym: what holds the ceiling up? S'physics - s'branch of magic)

The dwarf looks about: there's something not quite right about the pillar. We get a closer look; there's a star-shaped dent in it which looks like it takes a key. Erlini unlocks it - here we are about to head to the final wossname and most of our power is gone. The water flow dramatically increases - very quickly - the water rises, blocking our way out. It slows as we get closer to the platform "Rather than quicken as you might expect form the shape of the room" says the dwarf. The wizards look about ("How remarkable, that's quite impressive") while the ilin tool up.

Four merrow come into view on the platform; large aquatic ogres. We start paddling away, Oruro hands his paddle over and shoots. Chita shoots and hits but poor critical. Oruro recovers his bow and shoots and drops (crit 96) one to crawl off, the arrow carrying on through. He shouts "stop or I - " as he's been taught. Shelby hits another.

The three remaining ones leap into the water - Jaws music. The water makes it harder to hit 'em, but Chita hits another, it's bleeding and stunned. Oruro drops his arrow and as it drops for the water, fumbles about for footing, landing on his arse. Shelby hits another in the arm and it's bleeding too and stunned. One is still pushing on.

Chita fires again and (crit 95) it stops and sinks. Shelby strikes another through the shoulder into the chest. The water roils. Oruro is still getting to his feet as the remaining merrow arrives. It disappears. The Greyrobes panic and start paddling with an oar each - in different directions. The strain on the boat is not enough to break it (well, they're Greyrobes) and it starts to spin. "Paddle the other way!" so they both switch around. the boat gradually slows and starts to reverse its spin, slewing across the pool. Oruro makes it to his knees and draws his sword - he has it ready to spear the big man fish - through the boat if necessary.

The girls make their way calmly and efficiently to the platform. The wizards are still panicking, backing and forwarding and sidewaysing their boat across the pool, bumping off the walls as Oruro screams at them instructions they don't understand. The other boat is relaxed and fishing. Until Ryz shouts that "at least the merrow might head for the other boat", and they paddle in to the platform.

The boat with the surfeit of wizards will reach the platform eventually according to the laws of random motion. In the meantime Shelby finds a hatch on the platform and in it some goodies: a wand, two potions and a bag of money, and a star shaped block.

"What are you doing? Help!" Well what are you doing? The wizards calm down enough to hand their paddles over to the ilin and he rows them over, while they all look wild-eyed and nervously over the side.

According to Anar, the potions are:

  • oil of magic weaponing and
  • jump and
  • wand of hold person (23 charges)

The final boat finally reaches the platform just as they water starts to drop again. The others get back in theirs. The water drops, revealing it thick with piranhas

We try the star-shaped lock, and two doors open, one in north and one in south. We head south down a standard 10' x10' corridor - with water. Look out for the gelatinous cube. But they're transparent.

"Of course" says Nym "from what I hear if Tailgate had been to the iron kingdom he might have some hull-grinder fish" - what? shut up!

Up a junction there's a pier with a hole behind, and further down the corridor are doors. In the room behind the pier are statues of a medusa and two wyverns and three of Tealpick; three of him, two with staff and one not holding one that should be. Crates of furniture appropriate to the, erm, erm, idiom; chaise-long with skulls.

Down the corridor further is a bedroom. Search for secret drawers and a pair of knickers fall from the ceiling. Empty for a long, long time.

Next is the gardening shed. Tools etc. In the styly of evil genius. Includes three gold sickles. One pair silver pruning shears. Obsidian garden spade. Two pairs platinum scissors. Cold iron knife with diamond studded handle. Nym drools.

Next is a room, scattered tables and chairs, lit torches, boxes. On the far wall some shelves have been pulled over, broken bottles, stench of sulphur. Lots of rare herbs, soils, Nym dribbles, packs as much of it up as possible. Also 3 potions:

  • CLW,
  • 3x CMW,
  • 1 x neutralise poison.

Nym looks at the wreckage and concludes that, if anyone was actually attempting to make some potions here, either they were making something more complex than he can grasp, or were just mixing stuff at random.

Next room - tiled - crates barrels and weapons. Table near entrance with roughly human skeleton arranged, dressed in gold, staff laid across his chest. Can anyone talk to dead people - oh yes, getting them to answer is tricky. Tyra tries to speak with the dead - gets last sights of the death (bit scary surely?!). Bones marked with nibbled teeth (is that before or after death?). Have a look at the staff - mostly unremarkable lacquered hickory stick, but the end has a brass fitting with three pegs. Like a key. What about the crown? Where's Tūd when you need him.

We spend an hour battering through the armoury. We amass a total of:

  • 50 platinum pieces,
  • 25 gold pieces,
  • 6 diamonds (250gp each according to dwarf),
  • 6 owlbear hides (owlbear?),
  • 4 sections blue dragon hide (100gp each)
  • barrels containing liquors and wines. We can't get them out we'll have to drink them here.
  • 6 matching silver plated daggers (take all)
  • Two longswords with small rubies (100gp)
  • 3 bronze shields engraved with mythical lions and tigers.

And an air-tight lead box - inside is a large black book. As we open the box we can feel the evil miasma seeping out. We close the box. Tūd casts about for candle wax or mud or anything to seal it up again.

A note seems to have fallen out: "ha ha ha i tricked you you stupid human now the great one likes me more than you! .... you should never mix with peeple that are smarter than you, you should never steal books you can get from a library, yours, Spitwing". Ryz's imp seems to think that's an imp's name - ring tailed imp, lemur - possibly Tealpick’s. Had he done a double cross for the pitfiend and got it wrong? Leaving the note for Tealpick to find?

Final room (dwarf rolls 66 - smashes one of the floor tiles and oh it's hollow - nearly all the floor tiles are hollow - don't smash them). We find 15 potions:

  • 3x CMW,
  • 5x CLW,
  • 2x Bulls strength,
  • 1x water breathing,
  • 1x water walking,
  • 1x flying,
  • 1x haste,
  • 1x resist fire.

We return to the room with the weapons to rest up. The one with the skeleton in it. The dead skeleton. Hopefully.

In the morning...

We go exploring the other rooms. Get our boats hung up on traps, but it's OK the water all drains away.

In a triangular room is a sign "Reading in the dark... " "... hurts your eyes ..." "... without a good lantern" in various colours. Stone statues with swords guard - or destroy - books. We potter about poking at things. Tyra finds that the hilts come away and takes all three off. Nothing happens. Hagar The Dwarf finds a secret door.

He opens the door with his foot (he has fireproof socks, left from his days vault warden). [It appears he also has a grudge-aunt girdle...]

Splosh splosh through the knee (or waist) deep water down a corridor to a hexagonal room. The floor is all set with silver pieces and chests. In the ceiling is a small hole. No water is coming through. The dwarf is looking at the floor kicking the pieces and is surprised by the upcoming surprise. As are we all. A huge, great big, gribbly, humanoid thing crashes up through the water, does a very brief shouty thing and launches itself at the dwarf. The scrag lands an impressive blow - one that would have dropped any of the wizards - but the dwarf, though briefly stunned, remains only slightly pummelled.

In the follow-up attack the scrag manages a slight bruise on the upper arm. The dwarf's counter attack is maxed; he cuts off the Schrage’s hand and it is most put out and stunned and all. It runs off chased by Erlini round and round the room.

The dwarf is still bleeding though; Anar suggest just welding up the joints. Erlini - still mini-size - comes back to treat the dwarf, and Oruro takes over running around after the troll. Then stops and shoots (much easier) and wings it. Shelby shoots it and manages a much better hit.

The scrag is working out what to say to his mates: "Well they turned up and their dustbin killed me"

Anar roots through the boxes and finds various potions; Anar and Nym have a look at them but can't work out what they are. They put them in the bag marked "miscellaneous" but not "various" or "sundry" We leave, with the ilin taking parting shots.

In another room a statue of a woman gesturing down the corridor with the pointer missing from her hand. We try the shaft nothing happens. We try one of the sword hilts , and a beam of light shines out down the corridor bouncing off mirrors in the mist. We try all of them and they shine the different colours of the notes. We leave red in and stupid (Oruro) and Shelby splish splosh down the corridor.

The light is lighting up a tile; we change the light and get a different tile with different symbols. Must be a puzzle. We take up the tiles which are just resting on the wall.

Similar statue in next room down the corridor. Again, shining on more tiles with triangle designs.

And again, a hexagonal room with the same.

We now have a set of nine tiles (or three sets of three tiles) of various colours and symbols. We gather around them. Shake heads. There were four sets somehow though...

"Tessellate! Tessellate!"

Moving swiftly on.

Room with canal intersection in centre. Each platform (quadrant) covered in cases and books and pillars. Back of one is where the tiles could go. We all stand around letting the autistic dwarf have a look, matching up edges. Oruro just wants to put any tiles up and re-arrange randomly, but by this time everyone else is fiddling about finding matching edges and unique symbols and stuff. We all need paper copiers.

After the usual "It must surely be impossible", with some help from the GM we derived a DS solution.

Grinding noise. Each platform spins around, taking away the old destroyed books and replace with the proper library. The tiles disappear and a lever takes their place. An obscuring mist rises and obscured. We stick fairly close together and don't see very far. Shelby sees with the aid of clear vision potion a snaky thing with human torso casting gooey, webby stuff over the entrance. She shoots (99! + 05 dammit. 175). 26ish. The naga is diverted.

The dwarf sets off following Shelby's directions, supported by Oruro and after some hesitation the others.

The naga turns and attacks the nearest looking threat: the approaching dustbin. Electric flash and the dwarf's arm seizes, sparks continue to flash. Oruro shakes the vision of flashing dwarves out of his eyes and shoots as the naga disappears into the water and manages to stun it.

Back at the main party the imp tries to tell Ryz "look that toad isn't really a toad!" what toad? "THAT TOAD!" the toad leaps off but Shelby gets a very good shot in and the toad falls over, turning into an imp. "Spitwing I presume?"

Oruro stabs the water looking for the naga. Hagar concentrates hard and controls his bleeding. The naga sensibly leaves.

Ryz is now in his element; time to control a demon! Or devil. Or imp. And he does! The imp is now under his control...."Now is the hour that Ryzaim Taim proves his worth! Join with me fellows and together we shall r-" hey Ryz you're monologuing. Oh sorry. Interrogate the imp: servant of Ibix, he pushed Tealpick into the canal and he was eaten by piranhas.

There is some confusion of which book was which, and which book was going to be given as they kept changing their minds. The imp guides us to the other book. But the imp can't remember which book is which. The note is with the good book disguised as the bad book, because that's not the book that the imp was expecting to go to Ibix.

The book is in one of these armed cubby holes - oh, er, did I say 'armed'?

Everyone carefully examines the cubby holes. Not carefully enough; there is a large flash of fire but no real damage. Hagar hardly bothers to disarm and just kicks off the trap. The blast catches him square but only a little damage makes it through his armour and he pauses a moment. He goes off to kick the other ones in (two open ended rolls) and "Look, when you open the door fire flashes out of here, but there aren't any traps as such".

  • 4 scrolls protection chaos
  • 5 sets spell books, for 5 young ambitious and not very sensible wizards (but not us)
  • Potion CLW
  • 3x CMW
  • Potion water breathing
  • Potion Armour Type 8 (barkskin)
  • Diamonds lots of gps
  • Crusty sack of 270gp

Another cubby-hole contains:

  • Mordenkainen’s journal.
  • Wand shock bolts (5th L, 12 charges).
  • 7 scrolls in bone sealed cases,
    • dim anchor,
    • dispel magic,
    • displacement,
    • Evard’s black tentacles,
    • fireball,
    • slow,
    • water walk,
  • 15 volumes Tealpick's notes on herbs for cosmetic,
  • 2 potions Bulls strength,
  • 2 weasels grace,
  • 2 potions eagles splendour.
  • 6 tomes bad poetry and short novellas involving a lusty dwarf. Tealpick’s handwriting.
  • A treatise on painting.
  • 15 large scroll cases with rather iffy paintings.
  • Oil paints (including tartan and empty bottle of striped), brushes
  • Ledgers detailing dealings with state officials.
  • Large box, sealed, waxed oil. Paint "Evil book!" on the outside.

We load the wagon up.

Looks like we're going to have to give Ibix the good book, as there's still side effects of his presence here. So we go back to Darren and give him the good book, disguised as the bad book. There is some trouble persuading Darren to give him this apparently bad book, as we want to him to think we're giving him the bad book so Ibix is also convinced, but he doesn't want to give Ibix the bad book as it will mean DOOM.

Off he goes...

Big tremor and ritual thingamy. Darren comes back thanks us a lot, great relief. It appears to have stopped raining. We go hire some more carts.

What do we do with the Bad Book?

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