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Mansion Of The Moon Goddess

The last Tir Nan Og (6th Aug 2006) 

Tūd was present in body if not spirit as the team dealt with a bloody washerwoman in the fourth house (by taking away her washing and burning it). And disrupted the Natural Order of Things in the fifth one, by unexpectedly calming a fight between Fir Domain and a Titan. This almost left them stuck there for all eternity, but luckily the Titan was already mortally wounded, and so died in the way The Plot Demanded.

(6th house) We emerged in a dark room, screams and sobs from a doorway on the opposite wall. In front of us, flanking the door, two large stone statues creaked to life - Forgileill cast stone to mud and the statues slopped about to the floor.

We peered through, to see a captain of Slough Nalg (an aspect of the Horned God recently killed by... the Horned God. I think.) strapped to a table, over him a large fishy creature doing a Count Rugen (or Alan Rickman?)-style bad guy and a three foot acid-boil popping homunculus spraying him with acid. Around stood eight or so of the stone golems.

The large fishy thing, a cythrian, is obviously upset about the failure of some scheme, including deals he'd made with Falius and is just as obviously enjoying the moment. It is soon apparent that we've arrived quite late - the broken man on the table has told everything he knows, and what he knows was disappointing to the large Oannec, who we vaguely recognise. It finally kills him by sticking his long fingernails deep into his eyeballs.

We prepare to attack, by first having lunch. In traditional form, the ilin launch arrows to weaken and stun the foe. Forgileill and Tūd strike the creature while he was happily licking the brains off his fingers, and he starts to leak. The homunculus opens his mouth and rips his talons through a membrane that covered it, spewing out lumpy acid phlegm. Tūd switches to shooting it; he's been practicing his draw and he goes for a high-speed double shot but misses - it dodges. Forgileill and Thranduil scratch the fishy bloke and it looks like he's recovering from his surprise. Torendra considers attacking the wee thing with her sword but looks at all the acid and pulls out her sling. He dodges her again. The archers swap around - Tūd to keep the scary fishy thing stunned, and the others to slow the scary acid-gobbing homunculus. Forgileill gets a good shot in, knocking it to one knee stunned. Thranduil just misses his vitals Tūd gets 271 - stunning him again and opening another hole to hose blood from. Forgileill hits him again in the arm spurt, spurt, spurt. Oannec the Arrowfull topples back; the homunculus has collapsed and is still leaking onto the floor. We don't go near it.

The only vaguely useful things lying about are a stone egg (a druid certificate of passing) and a branding iron. Tūd saws off the cythrin skill and has a quick go at skinning it, but despite being an outdoorsy roughty-toughty type he only manages to get 2' x 2' patch.

We head through a door with a crescent and emerge into a (7th house) new open area in daylight. In front are a band of Red Branch warriors wearing hero harnesses (for warp spasms - or bondage gear to raise the rating of the cartoons). Over the fire on a spit appears to be a human body, around are people grieving but they're also eating it. A young man with a silver arm stands nearby. Sisere would recognise it (but we're not sisere ha ha ha) from tribal histories. The body on the spit is the old king, killed by fishy Fomorians - the tribe is so desperate and hungry they are forced to eat him. The silver-armed man would be the young King Nuada, except that all kings must have whole bodies and his arm is plainly artificial. The stories have it that the handsome Bres will take the role instead, making deals with the Fomorians and betraying his people. A crone points to us "look the warriors are here from the end to help us at the beginning". The tribe crowds round us.

Forgileill summons some cute furry creatures to eat, so they don't have to keep eating their old king. We are asked if anyone is willing to sacrifice an arm to swap with the silver one - Dinacachet the druid can do the exchange. Tūd looks at the silver one and compares it with his own twisted one - he'd be happy to swap. And in fact, the King is happy too - the druid can repair the damage done in Tūd’s past so they both end up better. In fact, the silver arm is better than a normal one ( +10 to RH tasks, +5 to 2H tasks). And Nuada can now become king.

We don't hang around to see the consequences of changing history; we get directions to a crescent and are shown to a dark corridor we can fit down one at a time. We rest and recover for 24 hours, Tūd practising with his shiny new arm.

We emerge into the bottom of a big hole, a well up to the sky (8th house). Water drips. At the bottom sleeps an ice dragon, and we really, really don't want to wake it. Lying about are a couple of old teeth and some scales; Tūd the hoarder ("Hey, it's for research OK?") picks up a tooth and a couple of scales. At the top of the well we can see a small shining crescent moon... far away... Kamilata and Tūd are rubbish at climbing, and they really don't want to fall onto an ice dragon. Thranduil is able to leap up to it though, and he ferries their kit and the two while the others climb. As we reach the top Forgileill starts to squirm about, trying to find a rock or a pebble to drop onto the dragon, just out of curiosity. We push her through.

(9th house). Open ground again; gaur country. Another dragon, this time awake and approaching... We present Forgileill as is Traditional; Forgileill, dragon, dragon, here's your Princess Meal. ha ha ha etc.

Forgileill plays her harp and it settles down - it's a young male ice dragon. We avoid its beguiling eyes - and instead stare at the large, sharp teeth as a way of staying very unbeguiled. But Thranduil finds them beguiling too... Kamilata notices in its eye a shining crescent; as we all shout 'nooooooo' he pokes it in the eye. And disappears. The dragon seems undisturbed, so we follow; Forgileill wants to stay with her pet (which is really only temporarily appeased) so Thranduil makes a Princess Grab roll and drags her with him.

We stumble into a hollow cube strung with strings and piped with pipes (the 10th house). Each face of the cube seems to go into another cube, even the one above and the one below. This must be... some kind of musical hypercube thing. The whole room hums harmoniously; Forgileill the harp expert reckons it's not just harmony but the same note, on different strings and pipes and bells and blocks and anything that'll vibrate really. From the face behind us, through the noise, we can hear the despairing moan of a Scooby-doo zombie, and it's approaching. From the face opposite the dry rumbling of a stone rolling about. Tūd the mathematician has gone all confused and dithery, so Kamilata takes the group through the face to our right. Another room with more strings and things, all playing a slightly different note across the octaves. Tūd’s plan is to go straight till you get back to where you started, then turn at right angles and do the same again, and then go up and do the same again. So they go straight on (to 'upper do'), to find the moaning undead shade on the other side. Tūd says hello and attempts to engage it conversation, but it's a rude desperate hungry undead shade, it cries "I hate you all living things" and attacks him. Tūd responds by hitting it with his sword, which goes right through it, up to the hilt and... his silver hand. The ghost stucks sucking his strength out, and Tūd runs away. Bravely. Forgileill strikes it with the dagger she's borrowed from Tūd (just reminding her there) slicing through its neck. It vanishes with a cry of frustration and disgust.

Below us we recognise the first cube we arrived in; with a change of plan we drop through the floor (back to 'me') to talk about what we should be doing - such as playing a tune? While we do, the rolling stone arrives and dances around us, confusing us all (should we follow it? throw it a stick?). Thranduil and Forgileill eventually recognise it as the 6th stone - Thranduil does a little dance. The stone wants a party- we would have it here if it wasn't for the thyme dragon /time worm [how did we find out about that? Did the stone tell us?] so we decide to have the party later. Forgileill suggests using a Power of the Goddess to find hidden things. She's doing well - without killing lots of people too. We find the charmed way out of the tesseract

... and find ourselves falling down and up and down ...

and plonked out of a pipe into a cubed room a little like the previous ones. At one end though is a dais with a throne on it and bloke in a cloak on that, and a helm on him, holding what looks like a 4 dimensional cube in 3 dimensional space that's ringing with music. This is Neascu - a shadow, a necromancer, and we're outclassed. But he's overstretched himself; the time worm arrives as we pull ourselves together, and heads for the biggest source of power in the room. That's not us then - Neascu has been using the cube to feed it but now it wants him. He stands to fight the dragon and drops the cube - Forgileill leaps to pick it up but falls over, Tūd follows and trips over his shoes, Kamilata makes a dive for it and gets it. We jump into a suitably hidden music pipe with our cube and our new dancing rock to find ourselves in a watery channel, quickly washed up in a cave with a pile of skulls. This seems to be back in the real world at the Salmon's Lodge, but there is a crescent in the back of the beaver-people's dam. We have the stone but not the silver sword (the lost gift from the moon goddess for the Fir D'oven). We give them the tesseract in exchange for giving us access to the crescent. This takes us to Granny Weatherwitch's house (the 12th house), so wow, her house is one of the houses of the moon goddess. We rest up and sleep - dreaming of crescents...

The blankets are warm and safe and we feel all cosy - but our eyes tell us different. We see a deserted roundhouse ruin and hear a far off howling (the 13th house). That far off howling is quite attractive... Kamilata howls. Tūd gives him a slap with his silver arm. Kamilata leaps off, hair sprouting from his back. Tūd tries to rugby tackle him and misses; Forgileill tries also and falls over Tūd. We chase after him as he gets hairier and more deformed, rushing off to join the other howlings at the moon. The moon.... Torendra casts darkness on Kamilata's nose to hide the moon ("who turned the lights oot?") and he runs into a tree. A wolfy yelp and then a human collapse. We're on the outskirts of the woods, and we can see a small child running towards us carrying something on its back, chased by a pack of wolves.

We don't even consider the possibility that the child is a mass murderer and the wolves the local police force. Tūd goes all tricky shotty and with a Lightning Draw gets the first shot out and it's his best ever - 100+97+97+36+89 = 429 (2x20 + 15 + 2EP DP). Fur flies and three go down stunned, spurt, spurt, spurt. His second arrow narrowly misses anything, probably caused by extreme surprise on his part of the first one! Thranduil the naked elf charges running out of the trees and scoops up the child. As he turns one of the wolves snaps at him and rips his arm, twisting him but he recovers and heads off.

Kamilata wakes up next to a tree, but it's still all dark and now he's hungry and angry. Tūd shoots the wolf chasing Thran, it has to swerve to avoid the worst of the hit but this keeps it off Thranduil. Forgileill firebolts the same wolf, doing her worst - but even that's pretty good. Which is why she keeps doing it. A smell of burning dog.

Kamilata pulls himself up by a tree. Tūd shoots his last silver arrow in his quiver block, knocking down the one behind the smoking one. Forgileill firebolts another. Thranduil arrives back, the wolves close behind, dumps the child, and grabs the arrow blocks from the outside of Tūd’s pack. (Thranduil has a large DB when naked, f'narr). Tūd grabs one and fires again; Forgileill firebolts another and Thranduil shoots and hits as the remaining wolves pull up, pause briefly, and head off.

Kamilata is still lusting after blood, so we feed him a saveloy. The child wants to go back to the farm, so we take her there - to the pig sty where a white sow (another aspect of the moon goddess) moves aside to show a pig-muck covered ornate door with a crescent symbol on it. We open it.

We pass through to an opulent courtroom, tapestries everywhere, mirrors, little lights, all in sepia. In the centre of the room is a fountain, with a large centre stone - our 7th stone. The court is present, the courtiers, tall, slim, toothy, and missing their skin... yeuch. But not violent looking - food everywhere including bits of pig (short or long?).... We are introduced to the prince, clothed in bits of skin nicely and delicately sewn together. He likes new skins.... The tapestries are actually skins of the courtiers who have been given immortality in return. Forgileill goes up to the fountain, accepting a cup but doesn't drink the flowing mead. She attunes to the stone; it's Pangbelter, brought here by an old lover who eventually died. The cutter (prince) moved in to some other place and warped the fountain in. Thranduil tries a lick of mead and gets very sleepy but throws it off.

We gather round the crescent in the fountain mosaic and talk about how to move the new stone. More courtiers join us, all very polite but there's more and more of them and we have lots of desirable skin. And no decent plan, so we leave using a crescent in the fountain.

We arrive in woodland, a clearing around a quaint ('condemned') cottage. Three flames roar from three pits, and a big anvil stone has settled into the ground. Around are buckets & cauldrons of water. A cow is being milked by a woman near the cottage. This is Brigitte, a blacksmith aspect of the goddess. Tūd thanks her for the arm ("It's great for wanking"), and they are fed milk that cures all geas, curses and illnesses (but unfortunately not old injuries). Apparently the silver sword has not yet been made in this place, so Tūd asks if she can make it for us. She says yes but she needs a tooth of a dragon (Tūd goes "Oh look, I have one of those"), claws of a thing - and Tūd’s new silver arm. Damn. She also wants the stones back so she can release the spirits.

(flashback) granny weatherwax tells us to wriggle and get as much as we can.

We bargain.

We go for a walk in the woods. We pass a tree with crescent. night suddenly falls and we find ourselves on the edge of a battlefield. The defeated lie dying and dead, screaming and sobbing, etc. Birds get stuck in. Big Raven on spear eating face of young soldier. Tūd comes up to clobber him unconscious, but he expires. He addresses the bird as moragu but it looks at him funny, He tries to slap it round the head but it delivers a smashing head butt razorbill attack. He draws his sword and batters it in one stroke as around them crows come screaming in. They leave via the crescent under the standard, Tūd dragging the raven with him.

They crawl through a tunnel to a planetarium. 17th house of mansion of the moons. Designer there- pivotal bloke. We ask him if he can take us back to the 15 house - the armourer. He sends us that way. Tūd hands over the raven's claws, and his right arm. She will take sometime so we go looking in the other houses offer a new arm for Tūd.

17 We chat with the architect - he says catching the white hart in 18th would grant a wish.
19 - ex-solar stinging one
20 - elbelder - market
21 - neigha m - swans (what do they do? swan about)
22 - - slaughterer’s name (mind game)
23 - swallower
24 - luckiest of lucky
25 - lucky star f hidden things
26- above the water
27 - below the water
28 - in belly of the devourer.
18th house - woodland. hunting horns, hart appears we chase after and it looks back occasionally. Tor attempts to beguile it with a spell and FG tries to charm it with the harp. The others spread out to keep the hunting party at bay.

The hart grants a wish, and FG has a fit of altruism lets Tūd asks for perfect health - and gets his limbs back! wahey not as good as the silver arm but better than crippled.

We're led to a cave and carry on to the stinger land. We enter a tent of Baklunish (packed lunch people) - they are startled but relax and invite us to join them. Game with scorpions and a circle of magnesium (to time it and hurt) and gathering coins.

We put together a stake for the silver game (the most deadly one) from five silver arrows. The scorpion can hide and it's poison is fatal in 10 minutes. Thran buffs himself up and Tūd stakes him.

(Thran just beats initiative, fails to trap the scorpion, gets a load of coins, the scorpion just misses with the string, second 'speed adrenal move' action he gets the scorpion).

Outside noise rises we step outside and no longer desolate but the market.

Babymarket. Dryads - Thran gets asked to spend half an hour with one. Very reluctant. Redcaps bloodseller. Pśka with pipe.

We discuss markets (what we give something we don’t want for something they don't want and we want and - er - no one throws you in jail?) and free enterprise (and heralds) . We discuss with the dryads giving money to save the babies. They give us 2 acorns, 2 foaming tankards of ale and 2 healing potions. Tūd drinks a tankard; Kamilata wrests the second away from him. They get stronger and louder and more boisterous.

FG takes us to the mirror with the moon crescent.

Barges swans. Old woman. dressed in diaphanous gown. Weird eyes. Barge halts and she asks what would she like to know.

Getting home; yes the stones will do it. Need a bard to compose a homegoing song. go to middle and sing song and go home.
Silver sword: done well, give this vial to Brigitte
Other stones: don't worry, you'll find them.
Separating cutter from fountain: she gives us some rope.
Who should we give the sword to: king of the Fir Doven.
Are the other stones OK? Yes, on their way back to Gorias.
Are there any scary individuals we should look for? Fomorians & Drunes.

Way forward: must name the slaughterer

Dive into the water - it gets gloopier, smellier, turgid. We surface in a major metropolis unusual in this world. All yuk gets chucked in the river. FG surfaces with a poo on her head. Richly clad people can be seen through the windows - seem sickly (the miasma). Streets are poor, ugly, boiled, ill, etc. Reek of death. Carts of dead. Bring-out-your-dead. Weeping, prayers (to Elau). We follow our noses (curiosity outweighs sense) to a plague pit.

Militia turn up - some don't look so well. They've seen us emerge from the smelly river and think we may be devils. We tell them we're just visitors but we go with them, discussing the merits of good sewage. We're hosed down with weak sewage. Taken to the town council and offered beer (has it been watered down). they are confused religiously - have killed the cats and dogs and lots of rats have appeared.

Tūd starts blagging. We are there to help them - do not try and guess the will of the gods. We offer to get rid of the rats (using the harp) and Kam plans a viaduct to get fresh water in. Didn’t think about what to do with the rats lots of discussion so she walks as far as always as she can.. Should have got the stone to dance on them – steam-rollered field of rat furs

We improve them. The name of the slaughterer is ... plague... mother goddesses . We’ve invented a new religion called Darwinism - you’re all too stupid to live. Eventually we realise the name of the slaughterer is - ignorance.

Next door we find has a crescent - we go through.

Edge of volcano. above the lip is the crescent moon in the sky - we head up the crumbling slope. Kamilata falls over (-87) and twists his calf. Tūd picks him up. They stagger to the top and peer in. Tūd hates blind faith - after moments of indecision, Kam and Tūd throw each other in. They disappear in a flash of flame.

Party wipe-out in a fit of lemming behaviour.

Awake alone in an enclosed water container. Water drains, pulsing in the walls. Being born. Gigantic woman. Lose all items. Retain memories (and a liking for breasts). We're all Fea D'oven babies

We're in a crčche visited by people. Kam pulls the elder’s beard to get his attention but we can't communicate (yet). A dull thud as Thran tries his flip magic. Social services take an interest. No sign of the stone, or a baby that might be him reborn. FG starts casting fire and we shout no in baby talk. Baby’s first word is fireball. Kam & Tūd & Thran are quite happy with breasts on tap. Tūd writes in the sand - moon with woman, archers, 3 men, 2 women indicates beards. The druids pay attention. FG works out how to do rope writing but can’t get meaning across. Channelling says Tūd (gooo). FG realises she can do mind tongue. Athol the druid realises and arranges a ceremony but the mothers are not keen - suddenly mad druid. She talks to the mums.

Ritual - crescent moon on head, adders snake bite on ankle. We grew very fast. And it all goes dark. Still human. We find ourselves in 25th house, in a walled garden at midnight. In the centre is - the fountain.

Tūd looks for hidden lucky stuff and finds a rolling stone. He sings to it and it dances away, below is a pit with all our stuff - Tor takes her stuff out. Tūd stays semi-naked, with a loose bandolier so he can drop it (to go skyclad).

go on looking - return to fountain. FG sees herself playing the song in the stones as a human. Thran realises he is now no longer sensitive to copper and rubs himself in it. And no longer got those attractive pointy ears. No infravision. oh no.

Stone: Are there any more lucky hidden things? No.

other stones: (fountain) maze, desolate moor, Glastonbury Tor

next stage? world tree

Can grow an oak tree and Kam can bang his hand until it's saw then cut rolling blades. Or shout until he's horse and use them to pull it. Stone doesn't want to go, so we harangue it - duty etc. When it comes down to it he has no choice.

We grow an oak tree to make a sledge out of. We snooze to let it grow - now FG is a day older. We notch a dagger and saw some branches into rollers and drag it over laid cobbles to the exit.

We find ourselves on an island , with a big tree two lights yellow and white, rainbow. ash... the world tree.
Three lakes one black (weird - fate and death) one milky foaming, one grey cold.

FG puts her hand in the black one and (97) doesn't die. we fill up water skins and stuff for the three fires of Brigitte and look around hopefully.

No crescents in the pools. Tūd looks in the sea - big rising thing out of the sea - massive. We run to hide behind the tree. Tor runs the other way.. into the belly of the devourer. Aha, next house! We drag the stone and sing a song of swallowing to get the other stone.

digest digest. we build a raft and haul stones on (don't dance on the raft, just built that).

Little community living on detritus . Tūd wants to cut his way out., he is restrained. Community think this is the mother goddess, this is hell, escape is blasphemy. Leader Pogue legless. nihilistic. Tūd: we can offer you even less. Problems with environment; what do they eat? they just exist; this big wyrm has tape people. Pogue considers us heretics we will be eaten. Tūd offers Pogue peace if he helps us leave and death if he interferes - he's getting arrogant with his healed legs. FG is starting to think about taking out.

Eventually she loses her patience she fires a firebolt and Tūd cuts around - the firebolts don't do much. Tūd starts to cut in. FG resorts to dagger. 6 locals attack Kam - one makes a decent attack and Kam dodges. Kam chops em down one bone. FG and Tūd continue to cut. through. Slow. reach exoskeleton crescent. We shout to others Pogue calls us heretics so we shoot him. Tūd’s hits of course; Thran's bowstring breaks.

We arrive back at the crossroads.

We discuss for ages how to approach a revisit. finally go for 5 a time; reach Brigit makes the sword, we go straight back. meet up with the island avanc beaver people. FG touches harp to last stone. dream of Snowdonia. Cold

back at the crossroads - frosty - unusual.

we decide to cross the lake and return to the crazy 18 and have a big party. But this is going to need a flying boat to get the rocks etc across the lake.

We set up an ambush for the raiding shadow tribe flying boats. FG pretends to be a beaver and one of the raiding boats does some buzzing trying to squish her into the ground. She fails to enchant rope to the boat, the rest of us leap (Kam's cloaks) etc. Toro climbs finally enchanted rope. Tūd gets an arrow into the biggest bloke’s leg. Smarts.

FG evades the drifting ship, and finding herself standing face-down n the swamp, leaps into the boat. Followed by the rolling stone - which misses a stop and bounces over the other side - taking one of the warriors with him

Kam leaps off edge of ship onto spear, head-butting it out of the way (spearman rolls 221) . ouch. Melee. Tūd shoots in. Tor on the rope swings about too busy avoiding trees to get much climbing. Stone arrives and crashes through deck into the hold. Kam continues to stick himself on spears taking one through the shoulder. Tor makes her way to the top. The princess suddenly becomes sincere about avoiding conflict and pacifies the 12 around her. Thran cuts one down. Tūd knocks down the one attacking Kam. Tor leaps in looking for random man to kill, just about avoiding Kam. We're hitting a lot but not getting the critical rolls. FG plays her harp calming the others out of combat; Thran finishes off his reluctantly - who steps back and falls off the boat. The last few are finished off.

17 people are held by FG's 'please don't kill me' songs. We back the boat up to pick up the stone and Tūd. "Bring the stone with you". He struggles and gives up - patches up Kam’s shoulder by taking the spear out. The folks help us load the stone. We send them back unarmed to the castle, barring the sky-pilot beguiled by Tor..

We head off across the sea, about halfway across another comes up behind us. We discuss speeding off FG firebolts it, the flames washing off the hull. FG and Tūd prep to shoot/flame and the others prep slingers. Tūd’s shot hits the pilot but doesn't kill him - he's bleeding on his own stone. Gets a slinger off the side. FG waits for it.. waits for i... Tūd kills the other slinger ... it closes to within 50' and FG unleashes hell. a good cast but doesn't get a vulnerable bit. sets fire to the keel a bit (ww2 dogfight). Tūd pins one soldier to the deck - spurt spurt spurt- unfortunate because the deck s on fire. eeeeeeaaaaawwww the captain realises he’s on fire and goes down to put it out.

We arrive at the camp where the folks are waiting/hiding. We look a bit different (I shaved they had an ear trim). We load up our guys and Tor eviscerates the shadow sky pilot to refuel the boat and do some divination while the Ilin have their backs turned (while we're collecting bunny rabbits). It snows (its Sept). Thran gets dressed.

How long before the world ends? 4 months. How long to stop it? 3 months. How? oh wrong question.

We fly fly fly the boat to Wales to the mountain with the stones on.. Brakki scries ahead to see who/what's with the stones. Raghad (Finn's brother) is there with the druid (all tribe of shadows). 'Sneak and pacify' - we don't want to kill them as we want to unite the tribes against the common threats.

We land the boat around the corner of the mountain. FG & Thran dress up as shadows folks, and Tūd hides nearby Just In Case. 117+ on camouflage but 29 on stalk/hide. Amongst R's crew are the mates of Finn we've met before. FG and Thran sell the idea of working together but theydemand compensation - lots of slaves. We try and persuade them that it wasn’t illegal or an assassination, in fact we might claim injury because Finn attacked us while we were trying to parley. They don't believe us. Tūd suggests talking to weather witch. They contact her that night and she sort of confirms.

So what happens after: 'you live happily ever after' - sunsets and credits.

We need to get the other tribes together too - where to put the stones? We have 5, another 5 in Gorias.

R suggests we leave the stones here and go straight up to Edinburgh to meet the Finians and their king who plays guitar for AC/DC (Angus Ogg). We act as ambassadors! Damp sense of humour. We give history; R weighs in. angus not entirely happy; we have our gifts of the Moon Goddess, but they don't have the Spear of Lau...(Luckily the cessair still have the cauldron - or maybe just a cauldron). Sigh. Off we go to get the spear and they'll feel happier and more powerful. We head up to talk to the fishy folks to track down the spear (Finians don’t talk to them - just kill them) . We'd like a word in your shell-like ears. We're led to a patrol of 3. Pacify two, the other is quickly shot and stabbed. FG gets them to lead us to the glacier where the famous spear still rests. FG warms up the ice and melts us out the spear. Who can use a spear? Kam again. Who now has two sacred WMDs. FG picks the spear out and suddenly goes all warry. and attacks Kam who steps out of the way (she has no idea how to use a spear). and pacifies her. The spear is very enthusiastic. They kill the prisoners with the spear. We take it back to the king; they normally keep it dormant (like most gifts - it works fine but they keep it in a cupboard as it's dangerous).

R suggests going back to Gorias to tell Huarg and get him to suggest we get in the last of the tribes (cessier - mad ones) so it's his idea. Overloaded boat - drop off stones at Cader Idris and head off to Gorias with embassies from other tribes , to tell him what a wonderful idea he's had - if we're so clever why don’t we go ad talk to the cessier. Oh OK, what a good idea .

We head off t marinas (Free Derry?) to meet the Sessair.

Much of the country seems to be under Fomorian fishface rule, At the cairn, mongon axe-head in charge of the remaining warriors. Inside cairn the helm of carnairn. We sell the working-together thing. Mongon's with us. We go to Murian to talk tot eking. Lots of dead feorians as returning exile had a warp spasm and killed lots of them. The king is dead, they elect a new one.- not the exile (Slaine) but (F)Ragall.

A brief thaw and a bit between Ireland and England floods.

Stones built on top of Cader Idris out of the water. Brakki reminds us we still don't know quite what slough feg's (drune) ragnorak involves flooding the world until only his mountaintops are in view. H e needs to set up a chain of menhirs across the goddess of the moon so if we can resists then he can't build the menhirs. He plans to let the Fomorians attack first.

We look to elect a high king - slaine. Who leads us all on attacks. Short and relatively easy battle with only 5% casualties to drive them back.

Drune led by Slough Feg not so easy - 25% killed, long hard battles, second deluge after battle threatening survivors. creating something very like modern g. Britain. But there it stops....

big party with dancing stones. dryads turn up.

Gong home: borrow the circle. sings songs of hoe (learned nursery rhyme the tides of Dalla Tyrl - Type castle of Name Alcant). Home; FG needs to hide and not be ilin. Too much time hanging around with unreasonable people; Thran is no longer as in awe of authority as he was.

FG takes ages (starting car - bowowowowowow) finally get the perfect picture of the Dalla Tyrl beach. we step through. the fisherman scatter ilin ride down from the castle, followed by marines. The elves are once again elves, etc but Tūd remains whole. roll credits.

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