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Meta Game Stuff

Mental Inner wall. All the good parts of Forgileillís personality, her relationships to her friends and loved ones, her allegiance to freedom, beauty, truth and love, her spell casting ability, self will, courage and combative ability are hidden. To mental scrying she appears to be very much the little innocent Princess of the World Above, the compliant, fearful slave of the Drow. The extra brain material gives her +12 to her memory stat.

Involuntary obedience. She must obey direct commands from the Black Heart and Priestesses of Lolth. She may not be disobedient, and must appear to be compliant and demure or cowering and fearful in their presence. But she is allowed to kill them.

Diabolic Allure. +10 Presence bonus. Drow find her looks just a bit kinky. Other elven kindreds will recognise something is very wrong with out being able to identify it, but will not be able to help their fascination, even though it makes them feel dirty. Other surface dwellers will not really notice, as all elves look the same to them anyway.

Courtesan Spiders. An infestation of pin head (and smaller) supernatural spiders that live amongst the hairs, within the pores and even with the body cavities of the carriers crotch. Upon the carriers mental command, they issue forth and bite anyone adjacent to the carrier. They carry a paralysing poison of the same level as the carrier.

Unable to suffer in silence. On every occasion that Forgileill suffers pain (takes a concussion hit, stubs her toe, what ever), she cries out in agony at the top of her voice. Whilst she has an existing source of pain (bleeding, stunned, someone is giving her a Chinese burn or twisting her arm), she whimpers like a beaten woman.

Fast healing. She now heals at twice the normal (human) rate (ie four times as fast as most Nostir) whilst in the Underdark. Scars on wounds healed in the underdark are never large or unsightly, but do appear as faint web like marks on her skin.

Toxin Filter. Thick fungal membranes have been introduced whilst she was on the operating table, to certain crucial areas of her body. These are used to filter blood and other bodily fluids as they make their normal way about the body. These provide a +10 bonus to RRs vs poison. The filters periodically (cumulative 1% chance per day) clog up and result in incapacitating (-100 to all actions) nausea and diarrhoea for 24 hrs as the filters clean themselves out.

Unborn Saviour. The drow are brutal creatures who have no qualms about using their own offspring in order to further their own position (much less, to save themselves). The unborn saviour is perhaps the ultimate expression of the drow will to survive. A child is deliberately conceived away from the womb, in an artificial uterine pocket. The child is never intended to come to term and the pocket has none of the usual connections. Over time the artificial uterine pocket moves from where ever it forms, up through the abdominal cavity towards the stomach. It gestates for twenty months, never really growing much at all. After twenty months the body naturally attacks and digests the tiny parasite.

The benefit of this transmogrification is the ability to use the unborn child as the target of an attack, thus deflecting the attack away from the mother. Any spell that affects, the will, intellect or personality of the mother is instead channelled into the foetus. Whenever the unborn saviour dies as a result of being targeted by spells and so on, the tiny corpse is passed from its uterine pocket back into the living mother. Where it arrives in the stomach. This causes the mother to vomit uncontrollably for an hour, slowly bring up all of the bits of half digested foetus.

Unless this enchanted surgical process is undone, this will be fate of the next successful impregnation as well. A successful impregnation whilst an unborn saviour is in situ will result in the usual chance of a normal pregnancy.

Sustaining the foetus through a crude pseudo placenta is tiring, in addition to the normal meditative period of rest, the mother requires two hours of actual sleep during each twenty four hour period.

Murder Ballards Ė the drow favour music that excites their demented passions and sends thrills of discomfort racing across their nerves. Their music is a combination of unhealthy lamentation and disturbing choral and instrumental sections that few outside their culture can stand for more than a few minutes. If the ithillid had not hidden off that part of brain in which the real Forgileill still dwelt, then having these inserted would have driven her mad enough for suicide, or the loss of her real self and spell casting ability.

Level Spell Range Target Duration Effect
2 Seduction Song 20m Radius All within 20m radius Whilst performance continues Any creature who hears the seduction song must make an RR vs Essence or fall under its spell. Drow affected by the seduction song are much easier to seduce (+50 to any attempt) and suffer a -40 penalty to their own attempts to take non-sexual actions. Others who fail their save are overwhelmed by a collision of violence, sexuality and hatred. Others who succeed are unaffected, but are still deeply offended by this performance
4 Cry of Hate 20m Radius All Drow within 20m radius 1 round This ululating vocal is capable of stirring drow to great feats. All drow within range gain +20 to their next action. All good aligned creatures suffer -20 to their next action. At the beginning of their next turn, any non drow failing their RR must move away from the source of the Cry of Hate at their normal movement rate.
6 Whisper of truth Whispering distance 1 person at least 1 round This spell requires the whisperer to spend at least one round speaking with the target, telling the truths of the universe from the Drow point of view (evil is strength, Drow will rule the world, etc). It the target fails their RR, they suffer an immediate crisis of faith and will remain contemplative, taking no action. Targets who are attacked or placed in the way of harm immediately snap out of their reverie and suffer no further ill effects as they realise the trickery of the Drow and its effects upon them. If the target remains contemplative for 30mins, they are allowed another RR. If they fail, they remain deeply unsettled by their experiences and suffer -25 to all actions for 48hrs.
8 Unhealthy Fascination 20m Radius 1 +1/lvl Whilst performance continues + 1rd for each round of performance, after the performance ends Those who fail their RR are fascinated by the performer (who must be able to move freely) and can do nothing but stop and watch. This persists for as long as the performance lasts, or until one of the fascinated targets attack is attacked. The performer gains an additional +20 to attempts to charm, influence, beguile or befriend the fascinated during the period immediately following the performance.
10 Song of the Shadows 100m self 1 full round action This mystical ability allows the singer to move from shadow to shadow without moving through the intervening space (as Long Door). The song must be sung softly in order for this to work.

She gains the following skill levels, these are from her own observations as a slave of the drow and the surgical grafts of drow bard brain into hers:

Xeno lore (Drow) six ranks
Drowic (S: Morbeth) (spoken) six ranks
Play instrument (vazhan-do) - sixty four string lute, drowic six ranks
Adrenal balance two ranks
Gymnastics two ranks
Craft/Use poison two ranks
Intimidate one rank
General Perception one rank
Jump one rank
Swim one rank

Aside from the new skills, these represent differences in the way things work and the uses to which they are put in the underdark. The ithilid was only supposed to put the drow language and the bardís entertainment abilities in there. He gave Forgileill as much as he could in the limited time and without the correct tools, whilst preserving her as the enemy of his enemy. Forgileill knows about the Ashen Compact and that the ithillid suspected that the drow were going to torture him to death as soon as he had finished. He wishes her luck, if only in as far as she kills drow.

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