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The Year of the Dog (3155) The Flanne month of Readying, The day of Water (the first day of the Flanne Month. Fast approaching midnight.

A misspent youth, mused Forgileill, is a marvellous thing. She knew secret ways through the ever changing landscape of Saironost and ways into places that she shouldn’t really be able to access. But sometimes one’s needs had to take precedence over propriety.

Kaldelwyr Liameil and Moondance the polecat looked up at the same time. He smiled as a former pupil let herself in. The blackrobed princess crossed the floor and knelt before him. She looked up. He remained puzzled by the surprise visit.
“Bye and bye, how for art thou?”
“Alas and alack, I am poisoned by another, my former master.”
“Know you this other?”
She nodded.
“And know you the potion?”
She nodded again
“And the cure?”
She smiled.

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