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Naked PCs

Forgileill Gwathlo

Female SindaliŽ. Apparent aged fifteen or sixteen, 5'4". Lean and athletic (flat and skinny), freckles from living in the tropics most of her life, black hair to her shoulder blades (usually worn in tight braids [corn rows] over her scalp and as a mass of tangled curls down her back - Traditional style for a SindaliŽ woman). Her eyes look blue under bright light and violet under dimmer conditions. Right handed, with an 8" scar across right hip. And a huge scar across her right shoulder where it looks as if her arm has been chopped off and then re-attached.

Thranduil Lominlindi

Male mixed elf SindaliŽ/Gwaithor. Apparent aged twenty one(ish). 5'10". Athletic with strong arms and chest (from a lifetime of archery). Black hair, usually tied up in simple or Clan queue - otherwise in a wild 'bon jovi' mess. His eyes are bright green (like emeralds) under bright light conditions, fading to hazel in dimmer conditions. Pale skinned, right handed. Goes red before he goes brown. His default expression is a polite smile.


Male mixed race human. (Flanne/some sort of Suel) Apparent aged mid twenties. 5'11". Broad shoulders, heavily muscled from years of carrying heavy armour and weapons. Close cropped mid brown hair and v short beard, blue eyes. Sundry scars and one huge one down the left had side of head, from above his eye, across his temple and extending beyond his ear. Fading tan, right handed. Has the sort of face that never wears any particular expression for very long.

TŻd ap Brenin

Male mixed race human (Flanne/Csango or other Baklunish) Apparent aged early twenties. 5'8". Strong arms and chest (from a lifetime of archery). Black hair, usually tied up in simple queue - otherwise in a wild 'bon jovi' mess. Brown eyes and naturally copper toned skin. Sparse stubble on an occasional basis. No huge scars, both ears intact. Right handed.


Human (Edium). Apparent age late teens/very early twenties. 5'8" athletic and with curves in all the right places. Brown hair, previously shaved back from the forehead (might well now be growing back). Geometric and animistic tattoos on face, arms, shoulders and back. Piercing in ears, nose, lip and elsewhere. Hazel eyes, left handed. Tans instantly the rain stops.

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