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New People

Most of the following people travelled to Nereth as a result of the Gwathlo asking their friends and allies for recommendations. Most of them have been travelling for at least six months to reach such an out of the way place:

Trine Lominlindi has arranged for an individual to be sent to Nereth to take service with Forgileill. Hobhi was a neophyte of the sisterhood of Lammasu. Her initial training was completed and Hobhi moved to one of the Order’s outlying stations to complete her training. Growing up, she began an affair with one of her fellow initiates. This is not contrary to the orders code of conduct but it did interfere with their progression. For this reason she was sent on an errand to the Flanaess. Effectively she was kicked out of the order.

She managed to take service with Bainke Myya in Sterich where by all accounts she did very well. She left Bainke’s service of her own accord and made her way to Veluna where she fell in with a Greyrobe. He gained her protection and she was effectively guided to Saironost.

She has spent time as a guest of the White Order but as a female, has not been allowed to join. After six months, she was bored and frustrated. Trine suggested to her that Forgileill may take on another ilin, but was almost certainly looking for a female gymnast and sparring partner.

Hobhi arrives with a letter of introduction from Trine Lominlindi. She does not know what to expect and is a little apprehensive.

Four Nhi ilin arrive. They are callow youths without even their first wisp of a beard. They have obviously been sent more in expectation than as a serious military statement. They are drawn from the houses of Rusco and Adfel, all sons of ilin and hedgelords of Westil and Sharifika. They are well mounted, with two remounts each and well armed. They are a sign of Clan Nhi’s continued support for (some would say ‘of’) the Gwathlo. All four are young and idealistic. They are ilin to the core, quite aware of who Forgileill is and eager for action and/or immortality.

Ger Yla has also arrived with a reference from his previous Lyio. He is a fair tracker and seeks appointment as a houndmaster or falconer. He obviously expects to have to prove his worth as ilin before being given such responsibilities. Ger is a distant cousin of Shalbi – they have never met before but each can name their relatives that connect the two of them.

Chusaf is from Arini. She is a middle aged Khalkaur women whose children are all grown up and whose husband is a drunk. She left him in Arini and has worked in the kitchens of ilingobel and travellers hostels, making her way over the course of a year to Badhabhisra. No one from Nereth has met her at all, but she is there, looking for employment.

Mussalk Azking was a brown when last Forgileill saw him. He is now a Greyrobe. Erlini remembers him vaguely as having made a crude pass at her in the past. He now comes across as charming and erudite. Forgilell herself knows him as an associate of Katamaya. He is generalist in magical terms, she knows that he was researching both protective magics and information gathering (scrying spells etc). He is quite open about his association with crowd that Katamaya headed (and that Forgileill was once a part of).

He maintains that with his peers either dying off or worse, it was time to get out. And he has nowhere else to go. At the minute he is just one more travelling Greyrobe.

Cabra Sacerdote Maloliente is a priest of some belligerent Suel god or other. He has escaped death within the empire by dint of his ability to speak Flanne and his explanations of his religious status. He has come to Nereth via Swartzenbruin having heard rumour of a Hedgelord with a priestess of the Wild Maiden in her retinue. His blonde hair is greying at the temples and in his enormous beard and he carries a two handed axe/hammer.

Odanhke is a younger Csango woman who presents herself at Nereth ostensively looking for work. She appears in her very best, having taken a lot of time over her appearance before arriving. She is almost certainly after as husband rather than a job. She looks a little bit downcast when she sees Erlini and Tyralandi and then Forgileill and Valarwen, perhaps she wasn’t expecting competition for an ilin husband.

Klogoh Adfel Nhi pops back. To see how things are.

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