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New Toy

Forgileill has ‘borrowed’ a kynac belonging to Kaldelwyr Liameil. She has borrowed it without permission first, earnestly intending to return it.

It is a 55cm Kynac, made in Taurost in the early 2500s. Kaldelwyr’s maternal grandfather bore this weapon as a side arm at the Dagor Tarsil, as a part of the King of Celene’s household.

Kaldelwyr’s grandfather was issued part of a batch that was made for the King’s household troops. These were very similar to the officer’s models, which were a little more carefully forged. Somehow, this is the one that ended up in the Liameil treasure trove.

It has a grey wyvern hide sheath with blackened steel fittings. The hilts are finished in a dull ox blood coloured leather. The blade is Ithinilaur.

The weapon is +20 due to material and design. Its main property is to allow the wielder to elect to parry one attack (missile or melee) per round; subtracting 40 from the attacker’s roll.

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