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Nym's Diary

Set the scene; we are greyrobes in Saironost (in Blackmoor) which means Wizard town (lit Wizard Pen).

Our friend liluri (?). We've all been at times to the same classrooms and knew each other as brownrobes. Within the last week all our mentors have died. We helped each other out and have rendezvoused outside the city/town. Nymraith wants to cry, the little girl.

No food, mostly woollen clothes, a staff, a heavy handcart pulled by Ryzaim.

It's raining and his woollen undies are itching. We stand around wondering what to do next. Nymraith knows of some caves where a school runs biology classes.

We make our way there, Erlini looks for food but falls in nettles.

We sneak into one of the caves. And discuss our options. Civilisation is a long way away - next town south (earotrava) is a weeks walk. Nym wanders the labs, gathers a few retorts and a wee stove and some fuel and bundles them up in some tarpaulin. Ryzaim refuses to open the cart to put them in (it's full) despite Nym's offer to help push.

Erlini goes out to look for food and sees Ogre tracks, comes quietly back. “Er guys…” We huddle worried. Strange creatures are not uncommon; free range is unlikely. Nym starts a lab fire and some old bits of creature and makes some soup. Erlini catches three rabbits.

Luckily the road is fairly quiet; blackrobes tend to teleport. Basically moorland/heathland. Suffering from heather. Erlini parallels us, foraging, we’re slowed by the handcart.

Meet a chap on the road, greet civilised-like, well-dressed, heading north to his wedding.

Meet some drovers on the road; swap Nym’s spare clothing for bread and cheese for the day. Aerotrava a few days away.

We head south though we don’t seem to know anyone there, though Ryzaim thinks he remembers… something…

We think about getting a job to the south – perhaps with another blackrobe. Or anyone who was not too enemy like with our blackrobes. Ryzaim thinks about that…

We think about what jobs we can do; Erlini can cook (old skills) and maybe do illusions and shows. Anar can write things down. Nym can work in a chemists or herb shop. Ryzaim can do children’s shows summoning imps and things. Erlini finds some tubers.

A day later, we come across an imperial surveyors crew. We stop and chat. Itori carrot her name is. Ryz “what a fucking waste of time, it’s all flat, and this handcart is too heavy”. Yup that’s swamp. That’s swamp over there too. And over there is swamp. And there. Census taking too. New road, perhaps a toll road, widening to two lanes bypassing the villages.

In the afternoon we meet a dwarf, man and a gnome off with a donkey cart with mining kit loaded in the back. Apparently they’re off to do some mining. In a swamp. Erlini finds some more root things to scoff.

Ryzaim remembers a factor in Aerotrava who was used by his Blackrobe by the name of Arakk.

The next day we arrive at Aerootrava. Ryzaim suddenly realises he could summon a rabbit to perform at children’s games. And then control them or make them invisible (look at the invisible performing rabbit children) – or something.

We find Arakk’s emporium, met by a serving person called Maz. Who are you? We’re wizards. We are taken into a special room and fed bread and water. yummm. Ryz sits down and puts his feet up. Arak turns up – well dressed understated. "who are you?" We’re wizards. "Yes I can seeee that". I’m Nymraith, ex-greyrobe for Scrote. Ooooh says Arak, he bought a desk via me from the estate of Blackrobe Zarlack. Secret compartment documents that he picked up and copied/translated through Yolerial who had it done by Yanval (Ryzaim’s blackrobe though he tries to deny it) and forwarded to Scatulus. Bit of demonicom describing a cloak (fiends embrace) at colds stone keep. But that's by the by. What can I do for you? '

We are shown politely and firmly out. Nym mentions looking for work. “Do come again” (slam).

Erlini gets a job at an inn cooking.

Nym talks to some local soldiers and they say Cold Stone Keep is 90miles east, past Zarlack's hut service stations, past the Mad Women’s hut (there are two things we learn about her…) then south east don’t go past the keep as it’s hungry wasteland beyond that. We look around town; Aerootrava is large for the area, Pop 4,200. The Lord Lyio is away, his advisors are about. Vizier Arcana Rakalcapone (or Rakaposhe). We think about staying at the keep; we could probably stay in the barracks and get fed. Let’s drop in and see the Vizier; What’s the worst that can happen?

We’re foisted off on to an acolyte greyrobe. What are you doing here, etc. We are a bit vague. Looking for work. He suggests Arak as the local merchant with fingers (not necessarily his own) in pies, or going to Hisra as rumour has it there’s been lots of Regime change. “Don’t take Arakk’s first offer” Oh? We don’t know much about that. Actually Ryz does – as does Erlini though she, as a good arts illusionists graduate, is currently asking “Do you want fries with that?”

Ryz “I’m amazed we got out of Blackmoor alive” Zap. “We’ve just got to the next town!” says Anar. We settle into the barracks for the night.

Erlini has a couple of Ilin turn up at the inn that evening, slightly odd that they’re staying here rather than the barracks. ‘erl listens in to them; One of them has seen a group of Fingers of Ayas (noticable by the badge nailed to their forehead), silly, as apparently there was five fingers in the group so demon-worshippers can’t count (four and a thumb). She asks around the staff about the two but no-one remembers them, or any strange sets of demon worshippers.

She chats with Tûd (for it is he) and his companion; she smiles and encourages their talking and Tûd goes off with some complete rubbish about teleporting fire-hounds and flying boats and arguing rocks, and trains and smoking crossbows and immortal kings and moon goddesses and legions of undead soldiers and hordes of gold. “I was very very drunk”. I mean, you'd think if he was trying to impress someone he'd at least make an effort to be believable. Though he seems a bit distracted and morose.

The next day we bargain with Arrak offers 500 (arphals – nobles) silvers (for information leading to), 2000 silvers (for the cloak) and 2 letters of introduction. Get a horse for 20. A good night out and kip would be about 1 ½. Nym asks for and gets 20 silvers up front for expenses. It seems a jolly good deal. We run around hysterically about getting more rich than our wildest dreams, and accept his first offer.

Zarlack spent his life studying the cold marshes. His hut is probably still there and maintained etc.

We retire and giggle and celebrate. Erl' mentions a couple of interesting people at the inn but they’ve gone.

Shopping list: Rope, 2 stoves, pot, spoon, hooks, shelter, pony and packs, daypacks, torches, lantern, fuel, long life rations, flour, arguments, spices, dried meats, tinder boxes, ink, steel, paper, skins, jam, pegs, 100’ wire, whistle, paint, brushes, anonymous rain coats, hats, bedrolls, walking boots, trousers, sewing kits, 5x caltrops, 10x pitons, wedges, hammer, spade, werewolf hunting kit, biscuits, crowbar, grappling hook, climbing claws, lockpicks (well, they’re just lying there sir I don’t what they are) first aid kit, kitchen towel, soot, herbs, 2 fighting knives (not some stupid ones with compasses in them), utility knives, etc. 95 + 40 + 40x4 + 85 + 2x2sp + bronzes etc.

Ryz fiddles with his homunculus mini-me. He seems undecided about what colour it is...

Quick character portraits. ‘erl is above averagely pretty, Aerdy, pale and fair, short, on the scrawny side but still got the curves. Ryz is tubby, well dressed, specially secretive, with a handcart. We’re not sure where it’s going. Anar is thin scrawny and short with ink-stained fingers and cuffs. Nym is average; average height, average build, but definitely pointy ears, eyebrow stubble and stained fingers and sleeves.

Pop back to citadel and mention to Aryan the Arcana's Greycloak that we’re going to Zarlack’s hut to follow up some research, and he says watch out for the vampyric fogs, the trolls, ogres, rats, deadly swamp snakes, chilling mist, chocking mist, mist of undeath, misty mist, and wet clingy mist (that's the worst). Wrap up warm, bring an extra pair of trousers, and be in bed by nine. The ilin don’t patrol there, once you’re there you can assume anything is hostile. And will eat you.

“There are those who are born to greatness, and those who have themselves thrust into the swamp”

We wonder about Arrak’s position – is he sending us out to death in the swamps with waiting assassins… Erli mentions, after a bit of fishing, the ilin in the bar and the fingers of Ayaz. Are they assassins? Possibly.

We head into the swamp.

“Who is at the front”. Erm…

Probably Anar as he’s the shortest and we can all look over him (and he's Mr wonder boy, the straight-A student). Ryz at the back pulling a handcart (where’s it going?), ‘Erli is circling looking for ‘shrooms. Nym is in the middle. We make good time, after a few days we realise we haven’t passed Zarlack’s hut. Why didn’t we get some of those knives with compasses in it?

Ryz “I’m going to ask someone”. “Wha- “ says Nym. Ryz rings up the Hell call centre. Tinny musak. Yes/No answers “Is it that way?” No “Are we lost?” Yes. Oh.

Erli interrupts “What’s that over there?” “What? I can’t see, there’s a hut in the way”. Oh.

We knock on the door. “Oh hello, what can I do for you?” “Come from Seroniz, can we read your books”, Kurdin invites us in for stew. Simple, tasty, talks a lot. He strokes a sword quite a lot. We don’t see this as unusual; we don’t know what usual is. Slerozah in the swamp does supplies and potions. He’s happy with us looking through papers, we read through them. Kurdin; Vines in the Keep, Scrags in there too – he’s been there recently. Back in the living room Erlini’s been talking to the servant, but her charm slips for a minute (not badly, just a little) and he suddenly turns hostile, demanding that we leave. Ryz charms him.

Zarlack's notes are disorganised. Reckons the marshes have been contaminated by Abyssal presences… there might be magic things dumped in places… Keep is cold to touch (that'll be why it's the cold stone keep then?), dungeons mostly dry, acrid smell, sinking slowly, bailey a little soggy when he visited. Hope to find ‘Fiends Embrace’ within.

Ghouls bridge – visited with dwarven stonemasons, attacked by lasens. Fought off regularly; very old (1000 years), v weathered, perhaps necromantic.

The Hunger – plant life twisted and malevolent, powerful item or maybe even a fiend is in the area.

Slerozah in hut to north selling potions for sale – strange place to do so. He visited, found a hut in a tree and a had to hack through a bit to reach it. Ratty old woman warmed to a bit of simple flattery. Sells potion breathing/water walking to tomb robbers, erm adventurers.

Examine some runes, describe a pit fiend skinned alive and made skin into a cloak by Ayaz’s parents. She gave it away during a spat and it’s been about since.

Erli finds a pivoty bowl with a wire sticking out of it. It always seems to point to a particular wall if you stick it on the bench. We go out to see what that might be. A mist is rolling through, we all gasp a little but Ryz starts chocking; he grabs his cart and opens it, cracks open a box and hauls out a small purple munchkin… He stops going purple though he doesn't actually appear to be breathing.

“Oh” says Nym “so when you said you were off to play with your homunculus I thought you meant…" erm… yes?

We wander off tae the keep, Anar leading. He does well then suddenly we’re lost in a swamp. Oh yes. Ryz (66) suddenly marks up the direction. Erli spots a spider – dog sized. Nym, with much artistry, vibrates a spot on the far side of the web and it rushes off. He is much pleased; his audience though are not particularly impressed. Seen it all before.

We make it to the bridge. Spooky, in the middle of nowhere. Gargoyles in the corners. We pause. Water flows sluggishly under it. Which we know to have lacedons in it (undead flesh eating ghouls things) from Zarlack’s notes. Erli memorizes the bridge.

We look through our unfamiliar spells etc but there’s nothing very attacky there. Nym suggests running over it very quickly.

We look for another way around (Anar 00+) and find an island with a tree and a hut in the tree. must be a Mad Woman hut. Sure enough (all mad women are played by Terry Jones) “What do you want?” Erm “When do you want it?” Wait, I want to buy a potion “oooh, you’d better come in”. There's a selection; Endure elements, Cure wounds, Cure slightly bigger wounds, Very expensive lesser restoration (100 aerfal), Water breathing, Walking on water. Walking on water are you fucking deaf fatboy.

We get three cure wounds and spend 15sp, leaving us with 2sp and some bronzes… We try some bartering and fail altogether. We leave on the other side of the house. Anar leads off again. (Anar 99)... from the swirling mists a head rises the… no wait, ahead rises the keep. (“The trouble with this marsh is the punctuation is fucking awful”). Bits of it has slumped and sunk into the swamp. There’s a famous historian telling BBC2 that it’s been listed.

The towers are leaning to the south (“which way is that” “let me consult the spoon”). We creep around. The gate is pegged open. Portcullis rusted in. ‘Scraggs’ says Erli. "What?" say most of us. Ryz stays quiet…

Nym tries to climb up the wall using the grappling hook and nearly kills himself and the donkey with it. The others walk through the terribly inviting gate into knee-deep stagnant water and look around. Nym keeps trying to get the grappling hook to stick, pulling bits of masonry off.

Stables, bogs, storerooms. A well with water pouring in… Nym finally gets onto the wall.

We walk into the keep. In the corner is a green slimy pile – Nym pokes it with a stick (05) “see it’ll normally shake like that” and no-one else notices anything untoward.

Nym walks up the stairs/rubbles to the top floor. Comes to face to face with a gnome. He completely fails to see the riveted deathskull on his forehead and has a chat about what they’re up to (no we’re scholar tourists, he’s prospecting), Erli comes up at some point and notices the skull and goes back down to warn the others, seeing Nym’s handsignals for fingers and a thumb (“there might be more of them”). Nym is running out of Tudness by the time Anar turns up behind and casts truth.

“Are you looking for the fiend’s embrace?” Yes “How many companions?” five (some giggling over this – what is your favourite colour - until it seems Ayan has six fingers), Something about directions to the fiends embrace. "Where are these companions?" Around, "Are they waiting to ambush us?" not yet, (they’re waiting to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses). We gather the cloak has religious significance, and the fingers will take it to Matayra who is their senior in the Ayan worshipping. Describe companions. Bacclanach, Morlach (bat!), Grinach, Vaelan and Spike (humans), all hiding in rooms around the balcony. "Have they got missile weapons?" Yes all of them. "What are you intending to do with us?" Going to team up and send you in first. Oh.

We leave them to it, retire into the swamp and await for the screams.

...the next morning...

We look around the castle, knee deep in swampy goo. Ryz is not happy. Nym puts some goo in an empty skin. Erli memorises a boat we see at the back of the castle – probably the finger’s.

We sit discussing potential potions and magic items – fold-out magical furniture, shoes that turn the carpet you’re standing on to a flying carpet, mobile stones.

Ryz’s attention wanders and with it his homunculus, who notices a ranger-type lurking and watching him. “Don’t look now, but there’s a –“ we all turn to look but can’t see anything. "He’s about 20 yards away". We’re not very ofay with our abilities; Erli considers alarming the area around him but can’t reach, Nym’s extensions will only just help. We decide to leave him to it, and perhaps just stare at him in return. Ranger has a funny metal thing in his forehead. Must be one of the spying fingers.

We don’t have much in the way of offensiveness yet (apart from the smell), but Ryz reckons he can sleep him at which point we push him in a puddle and drown him. ‘Erli reckons she can drop a bridge on him, but we don’t have the materials around. Anar reckons he can calm him, so we can walk up to him, Ryz sleeps him and batter him to death.

We execute the plan… Anar calms him and we saunter over and say hello, leaving our handcart and main luggage behind. Ryz sleeps him and he drifts off. We all bundle on – Ryz is a bit reluctant but Anar points out that we need someone with a bit more weight… We keep Erli from skinning him. Ryz’s mini-me bites him to sleep… Tie him up and take his weapons away… chainmail shirt, longsword, bow, 2 potions [healing markers], blue whinnies poison bottle [root, crush and apply, temporarily induces stroke-like symptoms. Not purring], bedroll, fancy bullseye glass lantern, cold weather gear, 2 lengths silk rope, leather tool roll of torture implements or dental implements or lockpick kit. Bits and pieces, bag of money, lots of money. 4 lbs of mostly gold… !!! Erli counts it – 35gp, 20 silver.

He wakes up and starts to shout – we push him face first into the swamp. “If he’s a bad guy it’s OK to do this isn’t it?” We hold him there for a bit until he stops struggling (we’re also bad guys – of the murdering hobos kind – but of course since we’re us, we have to be good guys. Not quite the famous five rounding up the fingers in the swamp which would really have turned into the Blair witch project or something with chainsaws). We weigh him down with some rocks.

We go around and steal the boat. We discuss how to sabotage it in some repairable way, but realise it’s too tricky and nick the poles for it instead. Anar reckons he can repair broken things, we’re not sure if it’s part of our… erm… just to nick the poles.

(Nym’s wearing 5 pairs of specs. One for looking at things close up, one for looking far away, one for reading with, one for doing up his cloak and one for looking for all the other ones).

We hide. What are they doing? We need to send a spy. Something small and quiet that doesn’t, say, breath. "What homunculus?" says Ryz and we all look at the bubbles rising from whatever it is he's holding down in the swamp. Oh alright. Ryz casts unseen on his mini-me. It flies away invisibly.

It peers through the doorways and ruins. In one room is a couple of dead bat-like creatures with big needly noses, cat sized. In another room a very old pre-frozen (do not refreeze) gnoll is half in the window, with the bits remaining outside gone. Lots of ruined bits, remains of weapon racks, four copper bathtubs, kitchen broken up. A mostly complete door – listen outside, nothing – big stone table, skeleton backed against the fireplace wall, dog remains around it. Somethings shiny around the skeleton.

MiniRyz walks in.. the dog skeletons quiver and start to rise; the homunculus retreats and they settle.

It walks through to the back looking at the pole-less skiff at the back, and hears some shouting down the stairs; lots of fighting. A mirror-imaged greyrobe comes up the stairs, and a bat, followed by a half-orc, a gnome with one ear, a blond woman (Matayra), and - probably - spike. Spike and the half-orc are wounded. They talk it over – professional, arrayed around the door – Matayra healing the wounded. They might have got one troll. They retreat back to their little camp in an upstairs room leaving one to guard the entrance.

They discuss things and while they do wonder about vailen and us, they decide to get the cloak first. Though they might send the bat out to look for us in the morning.

Plan plot. Anar suggests filling Matayra’s boots with stroke poison. Nym likes the idea. (Erli partly got this:) Telekinesis the skull of the dead bloke in the kitchen to the camp with special effects and stuff, with the skeleton wolves hopefully following, then we pick up the pieces. Nym plans the telekinesis with artistry and glowing eyes and dry ice and everything.

We execute. Nym (05) just misses fumbling (+70 to RR but no resistance from a skull), and the artistry makes it nearly as scary as it was intended to be.

Ryz’s minime, hiding in the enemy’s room, sees Baklunish sit bolt upright. The bat stirs in the rafters, falls out of the darkness and swoops low over the fire and out of the door. Baklunish leans over his boss to gently wake her. Nym continues to cower in a dark doorway as he forces the skull on at top speed. The others, in the bathroom, rush out (“no, leave the handcart”). Ryz’s homunculus leaps on Banc to bite him to sleep, Anar casts confuse on the bat and hopefully then Matayra will slap him for collapsing on her cleavage.

The bat’s MM fails (01); it slams off the skull, startling Nym, straight into the claws of the undead wolves which rips it into bits. Baklunish resists (despite it being futile). Erli has a handful of rabbit skins.

Baklunish is badly hurt from the death of his bat but is not confused, not asleep, and the mini-Ryz is now visible. It leaves by the window. Baklunish rolls (66) on orientation (situation awareness) he’s quickly got a grip on things but is a bit slow at everything else for a while.

The skull enters the room… The bad guys are prepared and both sides attack without any discussion about maybe there might be some kind of mistake. We listen and don’t get involved in any way. Two wolves attack Matayra and Baklunish and claw them down. The gnome is singing. The half-orc smashes one to pieces and attacks another.

After nearly a minute of snarls, shouts, screams and the clash and crunch of bone and steel, it goes quiet.

We peer through the doorway and the last man standing is the gnome. Nym and Erli and Anar rush in and start slapping him around with sticks and daggers and Erli tries to nick his crossbow. The gnome strikes back with his crossbow until Erli disarms him. We gradually wear him down – this little unarmed gnome is taking us ages to clobber – the red mist has come down we finally knock him dazed to the ground and batter him into a coma.

We loot the bodies. In the time honoured tradition of murdering hobos.

Matayra, +5 chain shirt, +5 dagger, +5 light crossbow, 10 bolts, potion bottles (same style from Mad Woman 1CLW, 1 water breathing, 1 water walking), torch still alight, silver unholy symbol of ayaz, camping gear, water skin,

Bacclunach, athanc (ritual dagger), +5 crossbow, wand (enfeeblement), potion (labelled in Baklunish; Blur), scroll in bone tube (invisibility), scroll in tube (shield), torch still alight, satchel with spell book, satchel with potion ingredients, camping gear, ink & 5 sheets parchment, camping gear, pouch with 5gp. In spell book (to 10th level in thanatos: dark law (necromancy), commune aka speak with dead (necromancy), summon dead (necromancy), dooms law (warlock))

Grinag, large +5 chain shirt, enormous axe (possibly orcish), longbow, 20 arrows, 5 iron rods with gold ends, bloodstone, camping gear, 2 pints oil, pouch 60gp and 4sp.

Gnome, studded leather armour, dagger, light crossbow, 10 bolts, camping gear, flint and steel, 1 pint oil, 6 torches, food.

Nym digs out one of the forehead nail markers. And they go to look at the remains of where the skeleton wolves came from. A black robe is crumpled under the dust around the skeleton. A small travel journal of Blaskin the Dark, determined to claim the ruin for his own ("I was just thinking that" says Ryz “It's got lots of potential”). He was a necromancer and brought four favourite skeleton wolves with him. By the time he got there he had hypothermia, with no fire spells, too cold to light a fire and no furry living wolves to warm against so died of bad prep and not the right spells.

The blackrobe (+10 defence) is wearable, but the spell books and components are long spoiled. Silver scroll case with a note wrapped around a small stubby wand. Anar reads; it says 'this wand of charms may help, good luck enineb D’neirf' (Benine Friend).

We try to attune to the wands (Blaskin’s and Bacclunish’s) but fail.

Nym takes fingers from each body, an ear, eyeballs (orc, human, gnoll). Bat wing, eye, ear. Batlike mosquito things noses,ear, claw. teeth from the skeletal wolves, and the necromancer's skull.

We plan and plot; Erli hands out our knowledge of scrags – aquatic trolls. We can butcher the corpses leave them in a line of chunks (using the skiff) away, then nip in (Mark can’t believe he’s saying this) nick the cloak and run out. We take one of the baths and start chopping up the bodies.

We look around for herbs and things that might help – esp poisonous to trolls, Anar (00 ->154) finds a very rare and valuable herb called soundan; make a paste from the root and it heals hits and reduces crits from earth elements and its allies, eg umber-hulks. Enough for 10 doses. "Nice but not all that useful around here" says Nym. Then checks over his shoulder.

Erli finds 9 loitiords, which are basically onion (Halflings get ill from eating it).

Spike seems to have scarpered, presumably because his party has just been wiped out by obviously very powerful us. Erm.

We have to use cunning rather than brute force and ignorance as it took us 6 rounds to beat up a small unarmed one-earned half-dead gnome who had already gone four rounds with undead wolves.

Wedge the homunculus up a tree (is that his name?) to keep an eye on the doorway.

The trolls wander out that night; one of them appears to be wearing a magic red cloak… Is that the cloak we’re looking for? Oh dear what are we going to do. Erli sets off to set some traps. Nym remembers the charmy wand and Anar, after a lot of thought, attunes to it. It has three charges of charm monster left.

Trolls come back with bits of wire snares attached to their arms. Anar and Ryz step out into the way and go all Harry Potter and wave their wands at the trolls (? You can get arrested for that) to charm them. Nym drinks a Blur and puts on the Blackrobe cloak ready to physically back up. Both trolls are suitably charmed (after two shots) and they all get lovely and friendly. Anar attempts to swap a bloody sausage for the cloak. It works. We saunter casually off, into the boat with a string of copper baths after it, donkey and handcart and everything.

On the way back we look at the cloak. Strong aura of evil. Metal clasp is shaped like a six fingered hand.

We wonder what to do. Don’t really want to give it to Arakk, cos who would it be sold to. We might have to say we’ve seen it on a troll there but we left due to the other party. Erli stores the cloak. Could give it to the Vizier Arcana. Or a responsible blackrobe (ha ha ha) Or the church but will they manage to destroy it. Or bury it here in the swamp. Where people can scry.

We settle on the VA, as Arakk might just sell it to the Ayaz worshippers and then he’d return to the world and get in the way of our own plans for world domination.

With the weeks of travel ahead, Nym marks up a shield tattoo on his right forearm. In doing so find he’s not changed his cloths since the temple, smelly git, and is still wearing he blackrobe. He takes it off. Later on he finds that the tattoo was just a dream and sulks.

At the town, given the danger of bringing something very smelly evil into the citadel, the two diplomats (Erli and Ryz) go in leaving the other two to guard all the treasure. Ryz leaves his invisible mini-me to watch over Nym. They get to see the VA by showing the ritual knife (clerk “oooh very nice. I hope you didn’t have to kill anyone I know to get this”).

Nym targets the sound of pitter patter clawed tiny feet. Erli and Ryz are taken to meet the Vizier and they join him in a mango feed-fest. Nym reaches casually into his pack and pulls out a bag - and throws it to nothing at all. It bursts over the homunculus and it is dustily revealed; Ryz pauses in telling the Vizier (in a very roundabout way) what happened, in order to direct his minime to bite Nym. "We found cloak radiating evil - think it's called 'fiends embrace' - and the troopers of isuzu were looking for it".

The VA is nonplussed that we’re just giving the cloak but is happy with that gives us rooms with hot baths, much to his clerk's dismay. "Give us a job!" Outside they pick up a snoozing Nym and an innocently-whistling Anar and go to tell Arakk that we’ve handed it over to the authorities. “It’s perfectly safe we’ve given it to the govt” and give him his 20sp back. He doesn't seem too unhappy.

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