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Nymraith is Asrai from the Vesve. He always had a little way of making things happen as a youngster and his peers and betters encouraged him to explore this potential. Life amongst the Asrai was not right for him at that time. He decided, in conjunction with the Ancestral Speaker of his Clan to surrender himself to the Empire of the Pernostir, knowing full well that it would change his life, his opinions and expectations, possibly forever.

Despite being nearly a hundred and twenty when he donned the white, his unconscious mind solved the conundra required to free his mind and make him a Brownrobe. Now able to use his talents to their fullest, he made swift progress as a brown.

Over the past year, since he became a Greyrobe, his power appears to have grown.

The only fly in his own enchanted ointment is that his mentor (the Blackrobe responsible for him and his immediate career), the master elixir mixer Scarlú, has just been murdered. This leaves Nymraith in a very vulnerable position. Most un-protected Greyrobes die very soon after their masters, Saironost is not a safe place for any but the most powerful of magic users.

Curriculum Vitae

Greyrobes ('Greys') are all, perforce, "apprenticed" to a Blackrobe. Whether the Blackrobe in question keeps close control over their new responsibility is largely down to the Blackrobe in question. Some view their duties as requiring nothing more than a little light mentoring. Others put their Greys through a regime of academia and discipline every bit as hard as the one that they have just left. It's entirely down to the relationship between the Blackrobe and the Grey.

But the relationship between the master and pupil Black and Grey robes is a two-way dialogue. Unlike the Black and the Brown, wshere the Brown is expect to do as they are bidden, nothing more and most certainly nothing less.

Their collective training as browns is largely undertaken by an 'academy of excellence'. In truth, this means that they have fallen between the cracks and that Blackrobes are being specifically tasked by the council of the Assembly to teach the fundamentals of magic and H&MP that becoming a Grey require.

Most of the Browns are taught by Blackrobes of an academic disposition who see themselves as having a role play in teaching the younger generation. These worthy individuals have organised themselves in to various 'colleges' within the Assembly. Nymraith is a graduate of:

Eyerlin's Harvesters.

Today, my young harvesters, we shall delve again into the realm of decay. Our specimens today are Shocker Lizards, allowed to rot in a festering pool for one month. See how their forms are bloated and the scales have begun to slip from the flesh of two of them. Pay close attention to the life that there is on and within these dead things.

What is learned here (in a hands on fashion) is the mysteries of life in the biological muck of the prodotic hatcheries. Outside the walls of Saironost itself, this school maintains a complex of limestone caves hidden within the Cold Marshes. There are deep passages and many chambers, some open to the sky, some more completely anaerobic. These environments allow a wondrous variety of plants and animals to survive and flourish for the students to study and in some cases, experiment upon.

These students are quite often better fed than those who live within Saironost itself. They also quite often carry diseases that their unusual discipline makes them much more resistant to. They learn a great deal about magic that affects flora and fauna.

They hardly ever go in for summoning. And being overly concerned with life, tend to be adverse to necromancy as well.

What Nymraith has left:

He is 5'8" and weighs 160lbs. He has four changes of woolens (trousers, shirt and tunic, it's cold up here in the winter) and his substantial grey deep cowled over robe (AT2 when worn).

He has light brown hair, grey eyes and has a pale complexion. He is right handed, pointy eared, thin lipped and has long, slender fingers and toes. He is one hundred and forty years old.

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