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PC Brief on Court of Alcant

The ilin PCs will of course have made themselves familiar with the Court of Alcant. Just to re-iterate.

Glordin Gwathlo. is the Lord (King) of Alcant. So far, all of his spouses have pre-deceased him. He is venerable, but not as old as Celegorm (the Lord of Hisra). Glordin's eldest son, Arutha, appears to be taking most of the decisions. The intermediate six children of Goldrin are making their ways in the world. Aside from Arutha, the only other is Forgileill. Forgileill is in her mid teens. Otherwise she appears to be Gwen in training, although (unsurprisingly), with absence of her eldar sisters (geddit ?) she is most definitely the most heart stoppingly beautiful thing in Alcant. But that's just her genes.

Eleacaborn Scrofa is Glordin's Visir Arcana (Sairon, the title he prefers, is a Sindaliė word and hence not used much in Teddin at all). Glordin is constantly attended by either Elacaborn or one of the two other Scrofa ilin (Alecas and Jervain) who are resident in Dalla Tyrl. Aside from this, Glordin (or rather, Arutha) keeps no additional ilin in Dalla Tyrl.

Elacaborn is also the Carnc of Kamveluna. Haermond is Elacaborn's only Hedgelord. He is first and foremost an administrator, although he is ilin (obviously). There are only about half a dozen ilin in Kamveluna. This is not seen as being a problem as two companies of the Wigfruma backed warband (lightly armoured marines) provide a garrison for Alcant. The two captains thereof are mature and resourceful Mahon Mac Tirarna (Mavon of the Gold Country) and beautiful but mildly neurotic Kadhleen ap Dinas Ifan.

The other Carnc of Alcant are (from N to S):

Amarth Myya, Carnc of Galeb Nadum. He's socially orientated, unemotional and prudent. Very touchy about being a Myya Carnc of a Gwathlo Lord, as the Gwathlo are traditionally the patrons of the N'hi, who have recently fought a war with the Myya.

Kronol Irien, Carnc of Orvbass. He's calm, self confident and controlled. He's a nephew of Kuvan Irien and thus very highly placed therein. He is dedicated to the idea of ilin-hood and passionate about horses. Chief of the Alcant horse producers.

Lodd Maganaki, Carnc of Pellbos. Curious, enthusiastic and perhaps a little sensitive. He is head of the Maganaki, an Edium ilin Clan (ie low clan ilin). Sometimes feels isolated as a man between two worlds. Sometimes feels doubly blessed with his lot.

The best place for Vog Mur (geo-politically) is East Rythym, the land of Amrod Gūl.

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