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Playing around in Saironost

[by Forgileill]

Forgileill and the Greyrobes set up camp in Forgileill’s living quarters as mentor does not have enough room… lying tight git. Girls set up camp in the bedroom, the boys have the living room.

As Forgileill unpacks her room, she sends the other Greyrobes out to do research, via Costa Coffee in the library.

Notes are compared on the Shindrick society… now Racoon [Kelkess Racoba] is dead, Maldekor is sponsoring Katamaya. Oh dear, the SS are united.

Anar and Ryzaim find info on the Lost Caverns of Tosscamp and Igfield. All important Tosscamp [Tsojcanth] info is missing. Igfield [Iggvilf] set minions to conquer world and set up camp in Tosscamp. Experiments failed releasing demon who battered her black and blue and retreated. With the last of her power she hid loot… inc. Daoud’s Wondrous lamp.
Head librarian – Ryzaim fumbles (-8) in approach (stupid imp) but doesn’t get blown up.

Erlini remembers a diary that Gwedhion borrowed. Asks Forgileill to send Raven-mail asking for diary back.

2 days later Gwedhion shows up… without diary. Kelkess’ journals thought Maldekor had found creature called Rell. Rell is Eeli Turnass’ familiar. Off to the Tower of Yarthak (Maldekor’s tower). Si’gel has been seen entering with magical key, door stays open 40 heartbeats.

Ambush Si’gel, cast charm and truth.

Ryzaim successfully charms Si’gel. Anar spell masters truth and can silently cast the spell. Erlini and Forgileill take up position in case Si’gel makes a run for it. Anar casts spell and Si’gel resists. Ryzaim doesn’t notice Anar’s spell hasn’t been cast but Forgileill does (OE 98+ perception). As Ryzaim engages Si’gel, Forgileill calls out, interrupting the questioning. Anar casts the spell again successfully. Forgileill notices and bows out of the conversation, leaving Anar and Ryzaim to question Si’gel: The tower houses some sandestines and he has to adjust some weights on a mechanical device daily. Quwerty’yakka is in residence. Na’waz owns a local small tower.

Forgileill lends Ryzaim +10 essence wand and Anar +10 base spells and rituals. Ryzaim casts invisibility on Forgileill. Ryzaim casts circle of invisibility on the remaining 3 Greyrobes.

They all enter the sphincter. Forgileill feels a haze of magic. It’s the other party. They all go up the stairs to the top. Imp enters door 1. Forgileill follows going to the peanut room. Forgileill attunes to the chair of scrying. Searches another door and comes head to head with a harpy. As Forgileill almost leaves the room the harpy takes off. Door on right teleport spiral – skull and flame. Anar and team join Forgileill. Anar commits to memory the teleport spiral.

4th Floor. Through door – private study. Forgileill finds a diary. Detects essence. Anar disables magic trap. Forgileill picks locks. Maldekor’s random scribblings and jottings. Forgileill pockets the diary. Maldekor worries that Shindrick is too small. Pocket the cash. Left door – large bedroom. Right – sitting room. Right – servants quarters.

3rd Floor. Library. Dark essence and dark channelling are magicked. Find oratory [orrery?]. Reading room – open book – Eeli Turnass wants to take over assembly and be king of Aerdy. Door 2 Guest quarters. Door 3 – sacrificial/lab room. Door 4 – storage room. Book: Two-pac [Tealpick] bent on perfecting summoning ritual… fell out with Racoon. Eeli Turnass has been resurrected. Into Mary Poppins’ bag.

Lvl 2. Door 1 – ‘waiting’ room. Left door – temple - … n’other door – dressing room. Take a Shindrick robe. Devil appears – fierce but bored "No one shall pass". Armoury – nothing of interest – Aerdy weapons. Door – same Devil "no one shall pass". Forgileill piggybacks the visible Anar - treasury. Ryzaim gives Erlini piggyback into treasury room too. Forgileill Dispels essence (97+49+12+25+5+10). All chests open: cash and gems and sundry other items.

1st level. Huge ‘throne’ room. Bit bling. Right door – corridor bending to right. Into throne room and left door – grooming room. Office – like Racoon’s office. Big thump as something comes through teleport spiral. As we leave devil appears. "anyone bearing weapons may not leave" Anar and Ryzaim throw their daggers. Forgileill puts all her weapons in the bag and gives the bag to imp to drag behind him. As they clear the devil, Forgileill takes the bag off the imp. Forgileill throws up her Katamaya disguise as she leaves.

Back at base, tip out Mary Poppins bag:

  • 8x large 30 litre chests.
  • 200,000 gold pieces.
  • 30,000 silver pieces.
  • Small chest – 2,000G diamond, 1300G ruby, 3000G for set of 3 matched emeralds, 5000G yellow diamond. Gems = 4000G
  • Amulet (gold chain w/ blue gem) of breathe under water/swim @ 25mph without getting wet.
  • Soft leather boots – tight rope walking/leave no tracks/run on powder
  • 2x rings – index and third finger of one hand – free use of shock bolts III lvl8 triple range.
  • Bracelets (gold ivory inlay) both worn on each wrist, martial artist - +20 all strikes and double hits.
  • Tiara x2 pp channelling/essence hybrid.

Shindrick thought to resurrect Eeli Turnass – amoral and powerful – induct into SS or recover black blade and threaten him.

Gwedhion called up to help shift the loot. Informs us that Maldekor’s leg has shown up. Wherever he’s been… he was dead.

Oh, and Forgileill is called forward for her exams...

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