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Politics in Ulria

In 3152, the Carnc of Ulria is Ravon Perans, formerly a hedgelord in Westil. He has a personal retinue of fourteen ilin. Ravon has a reputation for not suffering fools gladly. He is valued for his independence of thought, self discipline, systematic approach and restraint.

He has two sons (‘Princes’), Havon and Halthar, who also part of his entourage of ilin.

Ravon Perans is Forgileill’s Lyio. She is, by Alu Canath’s order, one of his Hedge Lords. Technically, he should find her a geographical location within Ulria to be Hedge Lord of.

She currently has two ilin, TaB and Kamilata. She also has a spiritual advisor, TL.

It is almost certain that her Clan will provide her with a civilian supporting staff (servants and advisors etc) in time. She will also attract ilin to her banner. Locals at first, but one’s from far flung locations (populated by her Clan’s allies) in a year or so.

Arvus is Ravon’s right hand man - Arvus is from a local Casngo family and has returned to Ulria, having been a hedgelord for the Gwathlo in Udas for eight years. Ravon brings his sons Havorn and Halthar. His sons are also accomplished ilin. Ravon puts them under Arvus’ guidance, tutelage and protection. Arvus is known for his ability to find his way around forest, mountains and deserts with equal facility.

Arvus may well carry orders from the Carnc to any of his Hedge Lords.

Ravon’s other Hedge Lords are:

Loghoff Gouléd is based in Lauren’s Glade, Kasbah like hunting lodge to the north of Nereth. Nereth is largest Csango town north of Ulria’s capital. It has a permanent population of about two hundred persons. It is the major trading nexus with the Ralstein Dwarves who occupy the Klatspuralpen to the north.

He has a personal retinue of seven ilin.

Curudhim Thrail is based in an agadir in the centre of the farming town of Muras, which has a resident population of over four hundred.

He has a personal retinue of seventeen ilin.

Cobb Dûrg covers the villages of Turvin, Kincraig and Twyn y Coed.

He has a personal retinue of six ilin. Part of their remit is to ensure that the Westil Road is open as early as possible in the spring.

Destron Grunzlad is the Wilya’s southernmost hedgelord. Lavenzel is named for an ancient trent legend. It has a population of over three hundred. The Lavenzel Agadir sits on a gneiss outcrop and overlooks two valleys almost like a lammegier. The southernmost valley has only summer settlements and a handful of permanent crofters. The other is home to the village of Aulbesmil, where he stations one permanent ilin (currently Ghini).

He has a personal retinue of nine ilin.

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