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Prospective Ilin

Shalbai Yla

Female Pernostir from Tenh
Previous Lyio Aratan Gwathlo (Forgileillís eldest true brother)
A daughter of the Yla, of the house of TŁr.

The Gwathlo are the greatest allies of the Yla and their most generous benefactors. The Yla are keen to keep up and if possible, strengthen this relationship. As the Nostir (SindaliŽ) Clan Gwathlo wanes, so the Yla grow. Therefore remaining on the best of terms with them is likely to prove ever more fortuitous for the Yla.

Aratanís area of responsibility is the area immediately behind the vast fortress of Cabut. Thus Shalbai is experienced at repulsing both orcs and Frunze from the fields we know as well as combined operations with Jalee (Die Grunheer).

Shalbaiís route to Hisra was to travel south down the salt road and then head west, through JorassŽ, Ard RhassŽ and Furyondy before riding north to Westil. There she was given leave to seek out her prospective new Lyio in Ulria.

Voytek Kurlianchik

Male Khalhur from Ard Angra
Previous Lyio Naseer OínígrassŽ

Raised as a nomad, he spent his youth entirely on horseback. The son of Kukuczka and Berbeka, he has a brother Khriskaty, and sister Boukre. A natural horseman, Voytek was selected as ilin at an early age and removed from his family. He gave many years of service to the Lords of Ard Angra. But the OínígrassŽ are ever interested in leverage and advantage. There is no hope for a home grown ilin from a Khalhur nomad home to progress in Ard Angra.

A scheme was hatched then, with his two closest friends Kurtyka and Valerhi. Their money was pooled and Voytek bought out the remainder of his service. He is now oath-bound to send the remittance to his two former comrades in arms in order for them to similarly purchase their release.

For now he is heading south through Perrenland to the TÓrgu pass, where he can turn east into Hisra. Hisra has just suffered the loss of its Lord and passing of power from one Clan to another. There is likely to be plenty of upheaval therein and ample opportunity for an ilin to find a new Lyio.

Voytek has chased orcs across the plains of the Northern Empire for years. He has forded the Black River and pursued them into the badlands beyond the empire. He has protected villages from addled greyrobes and saved herds from terrestrial and avian predators.

Chita AlíMolvar

Male Bakluni from Ket
Previous Lyio WŁlf Leodhata

The Gwathlo, a Nostir (SindaliŽ) Clan, have had their youngest scion appointed as a Hedgelord in the Wilya of Ulria, in Hisra. Hisra used to belong to the Gwathlo themselves, but following the death of their lord, the Clan have chosen to give the nation state of Hisra over to Clan Nhi, elevating them in the Great Game. This is not really any surprise; the Gwathlo continue to decline and the Nhi were ever their lapdogs.

This youngest daughter was born of a Leodhata princess (named Jadhrim). The current Lord of Ket would be Jadhrim (Leodhata)ís nephew, were she still alive. In order to remind the young hedgelord of her relationship to the Leodhata, to aid her in these dangerous times and to promote the Leodhata as allies, an exemplary ilin from Molvar is to be sent to ride at her side.

Chita has chased bandits into the mountains. He has arbitrated tax disputes and protected villages from both marauding orcs from the Yatils and scavenging merchants from the cities. He has accompanied his Lord to the Golden Hill and shot the hare with Seregon (as a much younger man).

Chita travelled north through the Middle Kingdoms and then across the southern steppes to the Quaqlakken. At Schwarzenbruin he found the Ulriaweg and followed that eastwards, over the TÓrgu pass to find his new Lyio in Ulria.

Oruro Rusco Nhi

Male Pernostir from Pinnath in Udas
Previous Lyio Annkh Rusco Nhi
A son of the Nhi, of the house of Rusco.

The Gwathlo are the greatest allies of the Nhi and their most generous benefactors. The Nhi are keen to keep up and if possible, strengthen this relationship. As the Nostir (SindaliŽ) Clan Gwathlo wanes, so the Nhi grow. Therefore remaining on the best of terms with them is likely to prove ever more fortuitous for the Nhi.

The house of Rusco have sent Oruro, mostly by fast ship (from the city port of Udas to Westil itself) to give service to the latest (and quite possibly the last) of the Gwathlo to hold any rank in the Empire. He is to faithfully represent his Clan at her court, to uphold the traditions of both clans and be the living embodiment of their ancient alliance.

Oruro has fought bandits back from the towns and travelling merchants of Pinnath. He has spent long years patrolling the erg and skirmishing with goblin soldiery. The new Lord of Hisra is Nhi himself. The houses of Canath and Adfel are well represented therein. He will be amongst his kin, moreso than he was in Pinnath. If the Nhi have a place anywhere in the Empire, it is Hisra.

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