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Return of the Princess

Tyralandi in Ulria

Although she has lived her whole life in the Empire, Tyralandi is used to living in the cosmopolitan city port of Hardby. Her family are politically imperial in the partisan way that only those disenfranchised in their ancient homeland can be.

She is used to living amongst a significant (and ruling) ethnic Aerdy population. She misses: Tables. Chairs. Knives and Forks. Being able to excuse one’s self from formal company, rather than having to wait to be dismissed. Also, the diet in Alpine Ulria is a little monotonous for her educated palette.

And possibly most of all, the fact that the actual title holder is absent is completely baffling. If she is so often absent, than why does not Kamilata just take over and proclaim himself the new lord ? That would be the Aerdy way. He is obviously strong and capable. He has the loyalty of the ilin, the respect of the hadrona and the favour of the overlord (the Carnc). Kamilata must surely seize power any day (and quite rightly, in her opinion).

Erlini Lesoux is also Ethnic Aerdy, but she is a greyrobe. A sure fire worshipper of Weejas, yes. They share a certain amount of common sympathy but Erlini is too far removed from what it means to be Aerdy to really comprehend Tyrlandi’s plight.

And Tyralandi has also noted that the cripple, Tûd, is wearing studs and piercings that belong to the church (her church). He is a heretic. The only way he can have come by those church possessions is to have robbed them. They should be returned to the church. Their recovery would surely advance Tyralandi’s chances of promotion.

The Absentee Landlord.

Forgileill has taken to going for a morning swim in the warm tropical waters, as she did when she was a child. She gorges herself on tropical fruits and seafoods that she hasn’t tasted for a year.

She is recovered, but is enjoying the opportunity to relax and recuperate after her ordeal at the hands of the Drow. She keeps her sister company and sees how Kuvan Irien is a much more ‘hands on’ ruler than her father ever was. She gets an inkling that perhaps Arutha did actually work quite hard.


The slight fly in the ointment is that another child of the southern seas has returned. Katamaya has taken up residence in Kelkess’ manor. There is no contact. Forgileill is certainly not going to contact Katamaya. And for her part, Katamaya seems content to take up Kelkess’s mantle of ‘Blackrobe in residence’ in Kamveluna.

Forgileill is aware that until her sister qualifies, Kurvan will not have a Sairon. And that should Katamaya qualify sooner, then she would almost certainly become Sairon in her sister’s house. Eventually Belannia promises to return to Siaronost when Forgileill does.

The Comedy Cabal

With Gwydhion guiding their research, the four Greyrobes being to search through the mountains of paperwork from Tealpeck’s Castle.

It transpires that Tealpeck didn’t just have trouble with his own familiar. As well as Spitwing, he spent years searching for, and eventually found Rel. Rel was Eli Tomast’s familiar. It persuaded Tealpeck that Eli Tomast could be resurrected, hence Tealpeck’s courting of the Church that he believed would be most favourable to such an act. What actually happened from there is not recorded.

There is also more than one mention of Aknar Ratalla (who was a PEP Young Kingdom’s King) and his Black Blade. Apparently, this is something that even Vecna was wary of, that Kas nearly found and that the La Familie Maure thought would be a kool toy. Although no-one knows why.

Between the four of them, the greyrobes best guess is that the Shindrik Soc (Tealpeck) had planned on resurrecting Eli Tomast and then either using the Black Blade of Aknar Ratalla to keep him in line should he prove to be uncooperative. Gwedhion suggests that it simply might have been a bribe. But then changed his mind again.

His (Gwedhion’s) deliberations are based upon the unknown quantity of Eli Tomast’s personal power. Tealpeck was the leader of a unified Shindrick Society. So with his cohorts might have been able to deal with the scion of La Familie Maure. As to whether the SS could face up to Eli Tomast without Tealpeck, he doesn’t know. He suggests that the violence within the SS might have its roots in Kelkess’s and Maldrekore’s views on Tealpeck’s plan; rather than the blasé assumption that they were struggling for supremacy.

The greyrobes have collectively come to the conclusion that if Eli Tomast was that powerful then he’d not have been killed in the first place and that therefore Gwedhion is just trying to put the frighteners on them.

Domestic Bliss

Invaswen arranges a wetnurse from the village to help care for Hellyth Raefyll. Laconfir (the Nyssian [Iron Kingdoms Winter Elf]) stalks off up the mountains to await Thranduil’s return. He seems to be happier out there. Curiously, he has gone to the mountain where Thranduil did most of his meditating.

Klogoh Adfel Nhi leads Chitta and Shalbai on a patrol past the ‘holy mountain’. It transpires that Laconfir is living a hermit’s life, leaving the mountains occasionally to obtain food from the Asrai. The Asrai are, of course, quite happy to trade food for tales of foreign lands. Especially when those tales might well include people they know.

Counter Insurgency

Ravon Perens, the Carnc of Ulria, has apprehended another cell of ‘the Fingers of Iuz’: ‘questioning’ revealed that they had been recceing a route to allow orcs from beyond the Howling Marches (east of Hisra and outside the empire) into the Southern Vesve.

The ‘Fingers’ have been publicly hanged (to popular acclaim – no one wants orcs in their back yard). Their heads are now adorning pikes along the Westil Weg.

The Endless Sunshine of the Spotless Conscience

Thranduil is quite surprised to learn that his lover’s brother has delivered his lovechild to Nereth. And that his daughter’s mother chose that particular name for her gives him chills if he thinks about it too much.

But for the time being he divides his time between helping Kuvan Irien train his ilin, meditation and keeping Forgiliell company. But she is becoming increasingly short with him – he is distracted by the prospect of seeing Hellyth and as she regains her strength, so becomes less reliant upon him (and proportionally less tolerant of inaction).

His meditations are all pointing to some, as yet, unspecified purpose. This will obviously involve swordplay. He practices by starlight, moonlight and in unlit halls. Flowing and breathing the kata until he and the sword(s) are one.

The Friends of Prophesied Heroes

Valarwen leaves the Verlassenwald. The Church of Hannali have a mission for her. She is to be a comfort and guidance to one for whom the Seldarine have a special purpose. Of course, this is her special purpose. Which is supposed to make it ok.

Freedom, beauty, truth and love are fine ideals. And when you are in charge of your own destiny, can be achievable goals. But when someone else is making the decisions, Valarwen is worried that freedom, beauty, truth and love might prove a little more illusive.

However, she is nothing if not determined. She will not let her mother down. Nor her Clan. Or the Seldarine. Or the Nostir. And woe unto any who attempt to interfere with her execution of her gods given duties. She looks out in the direction of the dying sun, whispers a prayer to her forest home and sets off on her long journey into the world of men.

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