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Ryzim Taim

Ryzim is a Bakluni from somewhere in the Old Kingdoms. His past life is unimportant, he has been in the Assembly from the age of three. He always had talent, but it was a long time coming, he was in his mid twenties by the time his unconscious mind unlocked the puzzles that allowed him to progress from white to brown. He was another twelve years as a brown - not the longest of times, but certainly no prodigy.

Now thirty two years old, Ryzim is a very calm, level headed sort who is pleased with his recent acceleration in progress. Over the past year, since he became a Greyrobe, his power appears to have grown exponentially. The coveted goal of freedom from the Assembly (ie leaving as a Greyrobe or his hitherto un-dreamt of ascension to the vaulted status of Blackrobe) is now visible on his horizon.

The only fly in his own enchanted ointment is that his mentor (the Blackrobe responsible for him and his immediate career), the summoner Ianval, has just been murdered. This leaves Ryzim in a very vulnerable position. Most un-protected Greyrobes die very soon after their masters, Saironost is not a safe place for any but the most powerful of magic users.

Curriculum Vitae

Greyrobes ('Greys') are all, perforce, "apprenticed" to a Blackrobe. Whether the Blackrobe in question keeps close control over their new responsibility is largely down to the Blackrobe in question. Some view their duties as requiring nothing more than a little light mentoring. Others put their Greys through a regime of academia and discipline every bit as hard as the one that they have just left. It's entirely down to the relationship between the Blackrobe and the Grey.

But the relationship between the master and pupil Black and Grey robes is a two-way dialogue. Unlike the Black and the Brown, where the Brown is expect to do as they are bidden, nothing more and most certainly nothing less.

Their collective training as browns is largely undertaken by an 'academy of excellence'. In truth, this means that they have fallen between the cracks and that Blackrobes are being specifically tasked by the council of the Assembly to teach the fundamentals of magic and H&MP that becoming a Grey require.

Most of the Browns are taught by Blackrobes of an academic disposition who see themselves as having a role play in teaching the younger generation. These worthy individuals have organised themselves in to various 'colleges' within the Assembly. Ryzim is a graduate of:

The Academy of Excellence

Don't touch that!

The majority of the Browns in the Assembly continue their education within the Academy of excellence. This is staffed by Blackrobes who were directed to teach certain classes by the Council of the Assembly. Some are willing volunteers, some are not. Library staff and other acknowledged experts in their fields routinely take other lessons.

The lack of a directing mind controlling the manner in which the wide ranging syllabus is delivered can make for a long, drawn out and painful learning experience. However, due to the disparate views and skills of their educators, pupils are likely to eventually come away with a broader range of competencies than their fellows who might have attended one of the more specialised schools.

What Ryzim Taim has left:

He is 5'9" and weighs 180lbs. He has four changes of woolens (trousers, shirt and tunic, it's cold up here in the winter) and his substantial grey deep cowled over robe (AT2 when worn).

He has black hair, brown eyes and a bronze complexion. He is right handed, hawk nosed and has slightly bushy eyebrows.

Ryzim has ten full sized spell books - his own and those of his late master's that he felt it would be safe(ish) for him to take. Ten full sized spell books is a lot. He also has a handcart (with a locked wooden lid - he keeps the key on a chain around his waist), the body of which is lined with a huge oilskin within which the books are preserved.

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