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Seldrann is a young Gwaithor maiden from Taurost. She has lived a comparatively sheltered life in a large urban Gwaithor community.

She has chosen to follow the path of the Companion, a profession for both sexes of elf, dedicated to Hannali, the elven Goddess of Love. Companions occasionally become the lover of the persons to whom they are supposed to be companion. However, that is not their purpose. Their purpose is to be a relaxing and calming influence on their patron. If necessary to act as a sounding board for any ideas – to ensure that they live in a pleasant environment, to, when appropriate, wait upon them, entertain them and just keep them company. Gwaithor in positions of authority normally take companions to remind themselves that the ideals of Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love should not take second place to any duty or professional concern.

(The practice of the houses of the PE ‘hiring out’ their Gwenn as escorts for social and business occasions has its roots with the Gwaithor Companion.)

This is the path upon Seldrann has trodden. As such she has almost no combative competence. Seldrann is however, an accomplished Companion. She sings (but with a limited repertoire), plays percussion and plucked strings, dances, performs massage (therapeutic and recreational) and dress making all to a very high standard. She has beauty, poise and grace. It would not take much for Seldrann to become Gwen.

She is an adequate cook, highly skilled hairdresser, accomplished herbalist and startlingly good gymnast.

Seldrann is just over a hundred years old, giving her an apparent age of seventeen. She has green eyes, hazel under bright light and shining like emeralds under dimmer conditions. She has very pale skin and waist length black hair. She is 5’6" and very pretty (app 90).

She can’t ride very well but can swim, her Sindalië is appalling and her knowledge of Galadhrim dialects is non-existent. Her Flanne is patchy but her dwarven, orc and sibilant are very good. She is numerate and literate, with a passion for calligraphy and a talent for logic puzzles and number games. "I wasn’t very attentive of my tutors and tended to do only that which I found engaging."

However, despite a lack of combat skills herself, she knows a well-crafted weapon and can evaluate/appraise very well the qualities of blades and armour. She has a light crossbow, given to her by her parents because "it doesn’t take any particular skill to use." Harsh, but perhaps with a wide streak of truth, certainly a truism to elves.

She is whimsical, idealistic, not over concerned with practicality. However, she has very good recall and appears to be open and engaging to everybody she meets. She is generous with her attention and also with material wealth.

She is always immaculately dressed and favours pastels and pale shades in all things.

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