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Forgileill as evolved quasi Sythyss

Forgileill is still technically undead, caught at the point of death, in a state of grace (or damnation). As Sythyss, she was sustained by some weird form of magical osmosis, enabled by proximity to her Eldrich sire.

She (still) looks as she did when fully alive, although very pale. Forgileill’s augmented strength and speed initially are at her ‘when I was alive’ levels. Physically, she remains as she was at her point of death [when Pelyth energy drained her to death at Duke Ebonheart’s ball]. She is immune to cold, gas, drowning and polymorph attacks. Due to her unique circumstances and being caught in-between the states of life and death, she remains susceptible to nerve and electrical shock damage.

Unlike other most undead, semi-dead Forgileill still is aware of her body and remains sensitised to pain and pleasure.

Her slam attack (bash/butt/knockdown/slug) is still not as effective as it was when Pelyth still existed but is more effective then it once was (she now gains a throw/weight bonus equal to a MM check made at the same time as the attack). Her vision in darkness remains enhanced, enabling her to see in complete darkness up to 40m.

Her need to feed in order to preserve herself has also increased since her previous trip to Cean. This must now constitute at least a pint of blood from a living mammal per day. If she consumes more than three pints, then for the next 24hrs, all physical actions are made at +10. This feels good. Her base movement speed and distance are increased by 50%. This effect is not accumulative, but can be maintained by consuming more than three pints in each 24hr period.

Unless she’s fed within the previous twelve hours, she is constantly hungry. When feeding, she must roll vs her own ego in order to cease. If she fails then she will continue to drain blood/energy. She is allowed to attempt to cease feeding each time another full pint is extracted. If she misses feeding for a day, then all acts are at –10 for the next 24hrs. The degradation is accumulative, ie after five days without feeding, she will be at –50%. After ten days, she simply ceases to exist.

The feeding effect is entirely due to Pelyth. An Eldrich is the closest linked creature in Immorean to any kind of negative energy effects. The requirement of the quasi dead Forgileill to feed on positive energy is a direct result of their relationship. The most direct way for her to feed is on blood; this is a manifestation (of undeath), rather than a biological imperative (the consumption of calories and nutrients).

She can, at will, alter her visage (especially her canine teeth) to make this easier. Changing from normal form to “carnivore” form is merely an act of will for her, although once changed, she must remain in the new form for at least two minutes before changing back.

This gives her a frightening and predatory appearance. Her eyes turn a yellowish green with red pupils. Owing to her pale appearance and dark eyeliner and hair, this means that to the casual observer, they might appear to glow. Her features distort to allow for her 1” canine incisors. She looks scary, but is still very attractive in an unsettling and disturbing sort of way.

In this form she gains 12 concussion hits and does not take bleeding damage. The altered musculature around her neck, jaw and face gives her a medium bite attack of +15 OB. However, whilst in this form, she gains +30 to all perception attempts and can, at will levitate up to one meter. She can now also see in total darkness to a distance of sixty meters.

She can still enjoy sunshine, see her self in mirrors and eat garlic bread. Running water and breaking and entering do not present quite the same hazards as they do to the living, but are no bar to access for her.

Additionally, Forgileill can develop on her own (by trial and error) up to her maximum DP allowance on Medium Bite and grappling as combat skills. Due to her unique imperative, she will gain double the normal number of ranks in Biting. As Biting is using natural weaponry, the DP cost will be the same as weapon type #1.

She also gains four free ranks in situational awareness (Urban)
You should check with the DM for applicability before assigning other skills.

The half dozen dresses made for her by Jaryll Greydan are carefully constructed to allow her to continue to wear the arm wrap and jewellery. They run the gamut from street walker to lady and tend to darker colours. Most have at least two concealed pockets and all allow access to at least one concealed weapon. He provides a complete service for Forgileill – including underwear, hosiery and shoes as he’s much more discrete and respectful than a lot of traders in such goods, who are wont to treat ‘her kind’ like dirt.

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