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Having spent a year amongst the Nyss, Thranduil’s appearance has changed to reflect the new environment. His yicduroh was put aside for the Nyssian trademark steel studded black dyed cuirbolli. There is no helmet for this armour form amongst Shard Ailan Raefyll (AT10, +10). Cylena arranges his hair in the traditional pattern for an Ailan Raefyll hunter (Edward Scissorhands/the Crow/Robert “the Cure” Smith etc).

He also has a polar bear fur cloak (+20 vs cold). And a flask that will maintain the temperature of any liquid stored within it for a week. It holds one and half litres. He has a pair of blue lensed goggles that can be worn to prevent snow blindness.

The composite bow he arrives with remains a talking point amongst the Shard for a very long time. Many expect it to become brittle and break up in the cold, but it continues to function until it is eventually destroyed in a too-close encounter with a Blighted Dire Troll who had been threatening the Shard’s hunting grounds.

He now has a Nyssian bow (this still uses the ‘composite bow’ table). The arrows he brought with him are fully compatible with this launching mechanism. Conversely, Nyssian arrows would be equally suitable for use from an ilin’s bow. (he still carries his ilin pattern quiver with sixteen arrows)

As a last act before they parted, Cylena and Thranduil exchanged swords. This is unheard of amongst the Nyss – they are normally presented their “Claymore” upon reaching adulthood and retain it until they die, when it is buried with them. There are no recorded exceptions to this rule.

The Cylena Ailan Raefyll Claymore uses the Katana table (RM MCA). The amount of emotion invested in the sword by Cylena, combined with the depth of feeling between her and Thranduil, means that he can use it as a focus for some of his MA skills. The sword itself is a masterpiece of the Nyssian swordsmith’s art (+10) but it is not in itself magical.

  • +20 to any kata performed with the sword
  • +10 to the use of any Ad skills whilst he is in contact with the sword
  • All MA specific spells cast whilst in contact with the sword are at +5
  • He only fumbles this weapon on 01

Effective use of this weapon will require a separate skill to Taiken, although it is similar.

A +30 firesteel on a leather thong a gift from Elansyr (chief priest) of the Ailan Shard. In commemoration of a series of philosophical and cosmological discussions.

Additionally, Thranduil MUST spend his maximum possible allowance on learning Aeric (the language of the Nyss). Due to immersion he will gain double the normal number of ranks in this language (it is similar to Shyr, which he is already learning).

He may spend DP on learning Shyr, as the Nyss still teach it to their children. Thranduil MAY spend his maximum possible allowance on learning Kharodian (the main language of Khardic peoples). Again, due to immersion he will gain double the normal number of ranks in this language.

He also gains four free ranks in craft/skinning & butchery of deer type creatures
He can take double ranks in Wilderness Lore - Tundra & Ice fields (due to immersion) should he so wish. Wilderness Lore – Mountains is also available at normal cost, along with most other outdoor skills, should you wish to develop these.
You should check with the DM for applicability before assigning other skills.

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