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Her major new possessions are an impressive set of scars down her back where she was flogged. The scourging was followed by sand from her cell getting into the open weals. Additionally, she has a large (the size of spread hand) brand on one buttock – the symbol of Menoth with an inscription describing her as an unbeliever. There are also lines from the scars left around her wrists and ankles where she was shackled to the rack – these have had time to fade but they are still there – the momentoes of torture that she can see for herself.

There’s also the seven inch scar between her fifth and sixth ribs on her left hand side; further reminders of Menite assassins who attacked her in Caspia.

New greatcoat (a ‘provocateur’ coat – reversible [nondescript khaki on one side and a sort of Cygnarian Navy type blue on the reverse] and with lots [fourteen] of hidden pockets).

a flick knife, a button activated, self locking four inch blade.

a pair of goggles to keep the soot and smog of the city out of her eyes.

a holdout pistol on a sliding rack, strapped to her left arm. With a flick of the wrist, the tiny weapon was in her hand and with another, it was back up her sleeve.

This tiny pistol is a twin barrelled weapon with an effective range of 10m. The barrels can be fired individually or both at once. It takes standard pistol ammunition and takes about half and hour to reload. It’s fumble range is 01-04.

Twin bandoleer with loops for ten charges and toggled pockets for ten bullets in each. Goat leather with iron buckles and toggles, the two items were finished by gobbler tanners and will keep the charges dry under nearly all conditions short of immersion.

The applicable skill for the flick-out pistol is “Quick draw, slide-racked hold out pistol.” Partial success indicates that the user can extract the weapon. Success indicates that the user can extract and fire the weapon in the same round. Complete Success indicates that the user can extract and fire the weapon and return it to it’s hiding place in the same round. Torendra needs to develop this skill (DP costs 2/5/9) in order to make best use of this weapon.

DP cost for her other two sidearm skills are (1/4/8)
Two weapon combination for sidearms is (3/7)
DP cost for any firearm crafting skills is (3/7/11)

She also gains four free ranks in adrenal pain resistance.
You should check with the DM for applicability before assigning other skills.

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