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Tûd Ap Brenin

Tûd’s first act upon returning to the Iron Kingdoms was to change his appearance to blend in with the locals. He now has a smart navy blue serge suit and overcoat in a military style. He has black jackboots, steel back and breast (AT17) and a red and white polka dot kerchief, which appears to the height of good taste.

He had a tricorn hat, but so many people mistook him for a Cygnarian Army Gunmage that he gave it away to a small boy. Tud now has a ‘front and back’ hat (like Nelson). He carries three wallets. One under the breastplate, one in an inside pocket and a false one with toy money in his outside pocket.

Deciding that spear, axe and/or bow are not entirely in keeping with this new look, he invests in a set of firearms. And carefully packs his bow away with its attendant accruements, in case of dire need.

Sporting a brace of pistols (it can’t be that hard if Torendra can manage it), an ivory handled cane and dull grey overcoat he believes himself to have fulfilled his intention to be smart without being ostentatious. And whilst on his spending spree:

Two Radcliffe Gunworks (Capia’s finest) military pistols. They’re not ‘matched’ but they are, given the method of their manufacture, the same. Forgelock, 12” long, 5lb, effective range of 80’ Fumbles (ash furniture) 01-04, (yew furniture) 01-03.

Twin holstered pistol belt. Loops for six charges and toggled pockets for six bullets. Bandoleer with loops for sixteen charges and toggled pockets for sixteen bullets.

A steel bodied Rhulic made “fountain pen” which will write for hours without needing re-sharpening or dipping (in a cherry snap lid case, to guard against incidental damage). It comes with a one-year guarantee and instructions. Tud is unaware that it is about to run out of ink for the first time.

A brass cased pocket watch from a jeweller in Steelwater Flats, on a chain. Tells the time in hours and minutes, needs winding every day. [Looses an hour in every hundred, but when you’re the only man in forty miles with a timepiece, what does that matter ?]

He also possesses a set of Royal Cygnarian Army issue warcaster manuals (issued to Lt V Haley and with her name on them). Should he desire, he may develop the following skills for the following costs:

Technical Steamjack handler (1/3/5)
Magical Detect Cortex (1/3/7)
Magical Attune to Cortex (2/5/9)
Magical Power Projection (2/5/7)
Technical Bodging (2/9)
OB Sidearm (military pistol) (1/3/7)
Crafting Firearms (military pistol)* (1/3/7)

*This skill is an absolute pre-requisite for any serious attempt to clean, maintain or even reload a forgelock or magelock firearm.

He also gains four free ranks in Lore – Iron Kingdoms (general knowledge)
You should check with the DM for applicability before assigning other skills.

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