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Spells of the Goddess


PP 4
Verbal and somatic ritual (1 action) (spoken and danced charm), must be female
Range: gaze, or crafted figure
Target: one sentient male
Duration: at least an hour (see below)
Attack: Base spells Table, target gets RR
Type: Mental Attack (Glamour)

You may target one male (any species so long as > animal intelligence). If the target fails Resistance Roll then you have him under a certain degree of control – he will attempt to please you and even obey you, so long as this does not conflict with his nature.

The target gets a RR every hour after first bewitched.

If you ever ask him to act against his nature he make immediately make another Resistance Roll to break the glamour. Success at breaking free gives a +10 bonus to Resist any future glamour you target against him, although it does not mean he won’t continue to regard you with affection, even love.

Repeated use of the spell against the same target wears down their resistance. If you beguile the same target before the first has worn off, he suffers a -10 penalty to his RR (and all future ones due to time or asking him to do something unnatural.) In addition, an additional beguile increases the time interval for additional RRs from every hour to every day (then to every week, every month, for the third or fourth (or more) successful beguiles).

Betraying Hand

PP 5, plus 1PP per round to maintain
Verbal ritual (1 action) (spoken curse)
Range: gaze, touch or crafted figure
Target: one creature holding (in 1 or 2 hands) a melee weapon
Duration: concentration – but requires 1PP/round to maintain
Roll: Base spells Table, target gets RR
Type: Mental Attack (Curse)

Causes victim (if the fail RR) to begin attacking themselves with their own weapon [they will use own OB, possibly at +20?, only magic DB applies?]. The victim will continue to use their own weapon on themselves every round that the spell operates, but gets a new RR against every attack. If any RR succeeds the spell is broken.

Charm Against Contusions

PP: 20
Verbal, somatic and material ritual (10 minutes)
Range/target: self
Duration: 1 day or until used up
Roll: Ritual Magic skill
Type: ? (Bless)

This is a pre-emptive healing spell, for use before you go into battle. The ritual consists of a spoken blessing while rubbing a light salve all over your body. The salve must be made beforehand of pounded and distilled herbs. Making the salve is a Medium check of Apothecary skill, although the herbs are quite common – a day’s effort will provide enough for ten spell castings.

You make a Ritual Magic skill check when casting the spell. The result is the maximum number of Concussion Hits that the spell will restore [or more? – what is the Difficulty?]. While the spell is in effect every time you are injured at the end of the round you automatically regenerate the full amount of damage inflicted that round (this includes negative hits).

The spell remains active until it has restored the total maximum Hits, you are killed outright, or one day has passed, whichever happens first.

Circle of Nature

PP: 8 (plus 1PP (each) to negate a summoning spell)
Verbal and somatic ritual (1 action) (draw/scratch mystic circle on ground)
Range: centred on self
Area: 1 mile diameter sphere around caster
Duration: power
Attack: Base spells attack versus other spells
Type: Passive/Nature Magic

Must be worshipper of an Earth deity (Blodeuwedd, Danu or Carnun).

This spell negates any natural magic spells/effects within area of effect. It also acts as a magical barrier against any spells or effects that may be cast while it is active.

Each spell already active in the area gets an RR to resist the negation of the spell. Likewise any caster wanting to override the Circle to cast a natural magic spell must make an attack roll against the Circle (which gets an RR).

The Circle also (at the discretion of the caster), negates the effects of summoning of natural creatures (not other planar creatures). This extra effect costs an extra 1PP per spell the caster tries to negate. Negating a natural summoning spell causes the creatures to revert to normal behaviour (such as de-animating trees or causing hordes to disperse).

Cloak of Blackness

PP: 1 per 10’ radius
Verbal and somatic ritual (1 action)
Range: line of sight
Area: hemisphere of radius 10’ per PP
Duration: 5-10 minutes (random)
Type: Elemental/Nature Magic
Roll: Magic Ritual skill to succeed, but is Routine

This spell causes a point chosen by you to radiate magical darkness (‘unlight’) over an area as big as the power you can put into it. The darkness obscures all normal lights, and not even creatures that can normally see in the dark can see in the shrouded area.

Cure Injury

PP: from 1 to 10
Verbal ritual (1 round): spoken blessing
Range: touch
Area: one creature
Duration: instantaneous
Type: Force/Bless
Roll: Magic Ritual skill check ?? (from Routine to Very Hard?)

You may pour your power into the healing of a wound. Up to 10 PP may be spent per spell, but if necessary you can repeat the spell.

[Need mechanism for healing – suggest refer to Open and Closed Channelling Healing lists for equivalence?]

Divination by Entrails

PP: 15
Verbal, Somatic and Material (the victim) Ritual (1 hour) (ritual sacrifice of living being)
Range/Target: self
Duration: 1 yes/no question per Enech point [use level as proxy] of victim, as long as caster concentrates
Type: Informational/Passive/Divination
Skill: Divination (entrails) skill roll – to interpret answers correctly

This spell allows contact with the caster’s deity, or agents thereof, who will answer 1 yes/no question per round.

The spell requires the ritual sacrifice of a living victim, and the answers are provided by the death-spasms, blood-spurts and pattern of entrails.

Answers will be correct, within the limits of a deity’s knowledge – “unclear” is a legitimate answer as deities are not omniscient. Answers will usually be yes, no or another single word, but when necessary (if otherwise would be contrary to the deity’s interests) a short phrase (up to 5 words) may be given. Answers will always be structured to further the interests of the deity, and at best will merely provide information to aid decisions of character.

Any power obtained from the sacrifice can be used to power this spell (as per normal Ritual Sacrifice – this requires a separate skill roll?), but if so any extra is wasted.

Sign of Inner Strength

PP: 1
Somatic ritual (1 action); draw l sign (probably by means of hand signs)
Range/target: self
Duration: 1 round plus 1 round/rank of Magic Ritual skill (= better at making the sign?)
Type: Passive/Bless
Roll: Magic Ritual skill roll

This Sign [] is the Ogham [Oh’am/Ohyam] letter Luis [Lwísh], the rowan, a powerful protection against enchantments and glamours of all kinds. By making this sign the caster wards off methods of malevolent enchantments, such as the Evil Eye.

Throughout the duration of the spell it is used instead of any RRs required to make against Mental Attacks. [As written it means the total Magic Ritual skill roll (including skill) is used instead of the roll for RRs. So all things being equal this is probably better (you get to add skill), but if you make a poor Ritual roll it might be worth re-casting until you get a better result?

In order of PP required:

1 Sign of Inner Strength (Lwísh)
1 to 10 Cure Injury
1+ Cloak of Blackness
4 Beguile
5+ Betraying Hand
8+ Circle of Nature
15 Divination by Entrails
20 Charm Against Contusions

Other Magic Conversion Notes


Bless skill = Magic Ritual skill
Divination skill = Divination skill
Sorcery skill = use level instead
Enech for Divination = use level instead (unless GM wants to change this) [level of animals would therefore also count (so a rabbit might be 1st level say?) which is a change from TnO rules]
Tap Weirdstone = use (and succeed at) Attuning skill (‘Feat’ means this is near automatic)
Tap Dolmen = same as above but higher Difficulty (i.e. at a penalty)
Corn Dolly creation = basic means no skill required; improved ones require success at a Magic/Obscure Lore skill (Corn Dollies) allowing more ‘connections’ to victim; giving a +5 bonus to Base Spells/Attack roll for each extra connection (up to +20 maximum)

Ritual Sacrifice Table:

Ritual Level TnO Feat hp required for 1 EP RM Hits required for 1 PP
0 (unskilled) 6 12
I Ritual Sacrifice 4 8
IIa Blood Eagle – quick 3 6
IIb Blood Eagle – slow 2 4
III Wicker Man 1 2

Using Ritual Sacrifice for more advanced levels than 0 is probably a Magic Ritual skill roll: to increase max power obtained, and also to add to own EP (or use immediately), rather than store in a stone (although this also simply assumes that have PP – i.e. accessible PP as a spelluser).

  standard name Graves Pennick Thorsson Everson English name Scientific name
Beith Beth Beth Beithe Beith birch Betula pendula
Luis Luis Luis Luis Luis rowan Sorbus aucuparia
Fern Fearn Fearn Fern Fern alder Alnus glutinosa
Sail Saille Saille Sail Sail willow Salix alba
Nion Nion Nion Nin Nuin ash Fraxinus excelsior
Uath Uath Huath Huath hÚath hawthorn Crataegus spp.
Dair Duir Duir Duir Dair oak Quercus robur
Tinne Tinne Tinne Tinne Tinne holly Ilex aquifolium
Coll Coll Coll Coll Coll hazel Corylus avellana
Ceirt Quert Quert Queirt Cert apple Malus sylvestris
Muin Muin Muin Muin Muin vine Vitis vinifera
Gort Gort Gort Gort Gort ivy Hedera helix
nGéadal Ngetal Ngetal Ngetal nGétal reed Phragmites australis
Straif Straif Straif Straiph Straif blackthorn Prunus spinosa
Ruis Ruis Ruis Ruis Ruis elder Sambucus nigra
Ailm Ailm Ailim Ailm Ailm white fir Abies alba
Onn Onn Onn Onn Onn gorse Ulex europaeus
Úr Ura Ur Ur Úr heather Calluna vulgaris
Eadhadh Eadha Eadha Edad Edad poplar Populus tremula
Iodhadh Idho Iodho Idad Idad yew Taxus baccata
Éabhadh Ebad Ébad
Ór Oir Ór
Uilleann Uileand Uilen
Ifín Iphin Ifín
Eamhancholl Phagos Emancholl
Eite Saighead feather or arrow
Spás Bearna space

Beith (BEH), birch
Luis (LWEESH), rowan
Fern (FAIR-n), alder
Sail (SAHL), willow
Nion (NEE-uhn), ash
Uath (OO-ah), hawthorn
Dair (DAH-r), oak
Tinne (CHIN-yuh), holly
Coll (CULL), hazel
Ceirt (KAIRT), apple
Muin (MUHN, like "foot"), vine
Gort (GORT), ivy
nGéadal (NYEH-dl), reed
Straif (STRAHF), blackthorn
Ruis (RWEESH), elder
Ailm (AHL-m), silver fir
Onn (UHN), furze or gorse
Úr (OOR), heather
Eadhadh (EH-wah), poplar
Iodhadh (EE-wah), yew

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