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The Black Sword of Nutella Doom

On the way to the King's power point, we meet the heir to the kingdom Vayne. Say hi. Some of the party remain very still and unnoticable in the background, but the statue in the wagon does stand out.

Later meet Orodreth Gwathlo. Forg's uncle, and general all-round good egg. Recently visited Nereth. Has brought some presentational armour for Forg. Also some news, that Kamilata and Tūd gave that rather important demon-tainted book away. For a very reasonable price.

We arrive at the Summer Palace at the south of Lake Quag and are installed in the west wing.

We settle down to some games, gossiping, and general re-equipping, while Forgeillil does politics.

The Seekers - eardy adventurers guild who, erm, find property that needs clearing - have found some stuff about the black blade of Nutella that everyone is looking for (see DM notes)

Hank Marvin (Ankwarvin?) Gwathlo is The Main Man at court.

Lots of networking and digging stuff up. Nym discusses potions and very briefly but loyally freeing up statues. Just not for long.

Some more politics.

Morning of The Day.

The Ilin go hare hunting.

Nym and Val go off to see what you can do with a vibration spell and a translucent rod. There are some rapidly increasingly loud shrieks and a bang from a side room, and they appear soot-blackened and trailing bitter smoke, heading for the bath house, discussing the problems of fine control.

More politics. About something.

Big ceremony tomorrow; rehearsing etc today to make sure everyone gets into the right place.

Arutha is in town; a brief cool meeting with Forgeilil. More politics. Arutha is made carnc of exag, not that far from us. Forg is quite smugly happy given the Orc infestation. Some senior informal recognition that his rewards are based on Forgeillils efforts. Except that of course this recognition of Forgeillil's efforts as an informal reward are really based on the efforts of Thranduil, Tūd and Kamilata, but that's not how nobles think.


We discuss (quietly) the wealth of our own hedge back home (Where Kamilata is running through the finances. A bit like switzerland, it's small, sparsely populated, and most of the world's wealth is there. He orders another village with small smithy from the catalogue). "Haven't we paid it as tax?" We're rich enough not to pay tax. "It's not ours it belongs to the land". Erm, yes lordess.

Oruro is crated up and sent off to Cerenos to be cured (Fragile! This way up!).

We all make our way back to our hedge lirond. Forgeillil tells Tūd and Kamilata not to worry about the lost book. They insist they weren't worried anyway at all in any way, although Tūd has been spending a lot more time up in the peace and quiet of the hills, planning out a distributed defensive system, cacheing food, arms, shelter and monies and quietly recording locations in code with Kamilata.

The accountants (Runnit and scrubbit) have sent a representative - Harvey Peent.

TL: "So what happened to that artifect sword I put in the vault?" Forg: "What the one we put on the wall over there". Tūd has been practicing with it, apparently it belongs to Val. She cleans it thoroughly.

Tyr picks up the bitey shield from Vog Muir in the armoury, and Tūd's body piercing. She washes them thoroughly, and provides some help with resetting his crushed bones.

Kazanmenzy puts a Teleport spiral in on the lyo seat/dias. "Be careful how you use it". It goes to the Gwathlo secret headquarters, or 'lair'. Might be usable by others, say, hypothetically, when faced with a demon army.

Gwaithion comes by. He's been in Seleen, looking through the records ("Celine Dion's records?" No). Some of the Swirling Guardsmen of Thingy also appear to have been some of the Guardians to the Tomb of Nutella. Somewhere across the chasm of Hate. The closest place to the tomb was Berillinan, in the Bureneal forest, up there to the North. He looked in on Alexia and Katamaya, who seem to be doing OK. Apparently a mercenary called T'Keth Deathhand is on his way to the tomb right now. Erm. Does he have a book?

"Let's go!" What? Are you sure?

Nym is staying to work on some more support gadgetry; the travelling workshop is all very well, but it doesn't provide the proper armoured protection that he's got in the cellar. He hands out some potions: CMW, CLW, 4x potions +5 DB/OB, 2x healing 1d10, 1 bag of smoke.

Forg puts together the expeditionary force. Harv Peent is a newcomer, so definitely part of the going away force. Forg gets a bit confused sorting out the staffing, and Tūd eases quietly into the milling crowd about to depart, but Tyr points him out to Forg and she pulls him out. Tūd remains carefully expressionless, and limps around to the exercise area. Four hours later the cook finds the fighting dummy chopped into finger-thick firewood lengths and carefully stacked outside the kitchen. (Edit: You're not supposed to be aggravating that injury!! FG)

So the expeditionary force is:

Valawin (ranger)
Tyralindy (cleric)
Thranduil (warriror)
Hagar (warrior)
Chita (ilin)
Anar (grey)
Djin (Fg's Elemental fire pet)
Shalbai (ilin)
Harv Peent (redistribution agent)
Ryz (grey)

The home party are:

Kamilata (Ex Jalee/ilin)
Tūd (ilin)
Forgeillil (blackrobe/ilin)
Erlini (grey)
Nym (grey)
Ouroro (ilin) - currently on sabattical

The party sets off. For a while they are trailed by a twisted figure on a small cart, but it turns off in the pass near that bloody stone.

Gallopy gallopy gallopy swap horses, to Lake Quag (?), then up river on a boat (best way to travel on water), stop off and see TL's dad, who seems pleased to see us but gives us no grand magical items, which is a shame.

We continue up the river on the pilgrim route.

Into Brunelach and we get to the village of Barilon, a tiny place with a hedge lord and one ilin. We of course pop in and say hello, it's only polite. Apparently they're having trouble with some ogres on Tomb Road to the north ("Tomb Road eh? I wonder why it's called that?"). Ogres are abroad. And tall.

And Will Be Dealt With.

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