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The Shindrick Society

The Shindrick Society (SS) predates the Empire. It was one of the orders of wizardry adopted into the Assembly following the Dagor Rhassë.

Their methods tend to be those of the conjuror or summoner. Consorting with demons is what they are famous for.

The members of the SS are encouraged to keep their association secret by their leaders.

There were led until 3122 by Tealpick, a Blackrobe from the Hardby region. He had a tower in Perrenland. He is survived by a son who theoretically inherits his estate. The Assembly also has legal claim over those parts of that estate that pertain to matters arcane. Doubtless the SS would also like those things.

When he died, control of the soc was divided between Kelkess Racoba and Maldekor ‘the demonechilde’.

Kelkess Racoba hid from Maldekor in the Iron Kingdoms where he became head of the secret police/inquisition of Cygnar for King Vinter IV. He was the driving force behind the events of the Witchfire Trilogy.

Maldekor recently moved into Ulria and was going to marry an ‘associate’ of his (almost certainly a succubus) into the Carnc’s family.

Maldekor is rumoured to be the product of an experimental breeding program, i.e. a cambion. He may well now be the acknowledged leader of the SS

Katamaya, a sorceress who used to be married to one of the Lords of Vog Mur, is now a Greyrobe. She has joined the SS.

Katamaya uses a band of adventurers known as ‘The Seekers’ to gather artefacts and raw materials from out of the way locations.

The Seekers and the SS both have a high proportion of Suel members.

Unrelated demon/devil activity near Ulria

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