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The Summer of Peace and Quiet

Forgileill settled in as Hedge Lord of Nereth and Laurenís Glade. The Kasbar at Laurenís Glade has a thick exterior wall punctuated only by arrowslits and the doors. The main door is wide enough for a wagon and there is a postern at the rear. In the first part of the compound is a courtyard with a packed earth floor. There is a smithy to the left (north) and stables for twelve horses to the right. The first floor contains servants quarters above the smithy and hayloft above the stables. There is a bakery and kitchen in the central block, next to the smithy. The southern side of the central arch are two floors of domestic storage. There are guests quarters above the kitchens (for warmth).

There is a guard room above the main gate, which is secured by two sets of iron bound wooden doors. The lookout is accessed by a ladder. There are two stone stair cases to the upper floors from the stable courtyard, in the corners where the north and south wings meet the central block.

Through the large archway in the central block leads to the modest flower and water garden. There is a well in the centre and flagged paths between the planters. There are cloisters on all sides. The north side contains the quarters for the Hedge Lord. There are offices and lecture rooms on the ground floor and bedrooms on the upper. The south side contains an armoury and bathing complex on the ground floor and six rooms for ilin on the upper. Sanitation runs out to septic pit three miles away.

The entire eastern wing is the Lyrond. It has expensive stained glass windows on the inside walls, meaning that it is well lit in the morning.

There is a hypocaust under the inner courtyardís wings. The roof is finished in varnished and fired ceramic tiles and there is a walkway with a low (knee high) parapet around the entire roof. The whole sits on a raised area, so that the floor level of the complex is about eight feet higher than the surrounding ground. This is made of a mixture of natural outcrop and built up ground. There is long gently angled ramp up to the front gates. This and the closest part of the Nereth Road are cobbled.

Invaswen eventually arrives. When she learns that she is to be the hadrona1 of Forgilillís household her trepidation evaporates and she throws herself into the task. She recruits kitchen staff and sets about imposing order in her Lyioís world. Beginning with her ilin, as there is very little else about at that time.

Invaswen persuades Forgileill to keep Seldrann, whose affected whimsicality was beginning to drive Forgileill up the wall. Seldrann, whose work ethic is not her greatest driver, spends more time with Thranduil, chatting about elf stuff.

Forgileill, being a Royal Princess, begins to receive claiming gifts from well wishers. Invaswen catalogues these and installs them in Forgileillís apartments.

Thranduil, looking for a place of his own,2 begins touring the ruins of the monasteries that dot the high country nearby. He becomes fascinated by the Griffins and spends some weeks living in a cave very high up, so he can watch them and meditate on their nature as they rear their young before him.

Druikar petitions Forgileill for claiming, as his wife does not want to leave the area. As soon as Tûd is well enough to travel, he sets off for the White Order, in the company of Gwedhion. Gwedhion knows the way and is not going to let Tûd become distracted from his developmental commitment.

Forgileillís inheritance arrives as summer begins, providing more of lifeís small comforts and making the place feel like home, containing as it does, many objects from her childhood. It also contains a few treasures from Glordinís estate.

There are many visitors. Ravon, Halthor and Havorn are fairly regular visitors, dropping by each month or so as they make their rounds. Halthor lingers, as he appears to enjoy Forgileillís company. It becomes a standing joke that she should claim him and that would save him having to go back to Kaulria. Klogoh Adfel Nhi visits twice during journeys between Sharifika and Arini, despite the fact that Laurenís Glade is a few days off the road. He and Invaswen ignore each other pointedly whilst he is there. Jadhrim Gwathlo visits and accompanies Forgileill on a patrol of the area. Jadhrim puts her in touch with the Ralstein Dwarves, the Lomin and Carach Angren as well as the Asrai. She provides other guidance about the future as well.

There is a round of reciprocal feasting, Jadhrim is there for a few, when she leaves Orodreth arrives on a family visit (unaccompanied). He then accompanies Forgileill as she attends and hosts respectively. When he leaves, Belannia arrives and stays for a month, making Forgileill very happy.

Deepikhi, the widow of Tûdís elder brother arrives from the Howling Marches. As his brotherís widow, technically, her upkeep is Tûdís responsibility. Invaswen takes her on as she is literate as well as having experience of keeping an ilin household. Amarkha, Tûdís four year old nephew, soon learns to keep out of the way. He finds that the best way to do this is to play with Ruom and Ranor in the fields and woods nearby.

Kamilata continues to improve his ilin skills. A few more young ilin arrive over the early months of the year. Kam is formally made patrol leader, a sort of first amongst equals. This means that when Forgileill departs for Saironost (for an unspecified length of time), that he will step up to fill her shoes until she returns.

Before she actually departs, the Lord of Hisra, Alu Canath Nhi, visits. Shooting the hare on the second day of his visit, the two of them spend some alone as others keep a respectful distance. He is her fatherís brother. He is her Lyioís Lyio, but perhaps the first relationship is why he visits, rather than the second.

[1] Hadrona is a Baklunish term for chief servant. In Carncís household this person is generally part of the visirís staff, if not one of the visirís themselves.
[2] More correctly; ĎFinding his own space, man.í

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