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The dagger and arrows of the green heart

In the closing years of the former age, the King of Ekbir thought that he could hunt the unicorn with impunity. The Elves and their allies took up arms and made war upon the Middle Kingdoms for daring to prey upon the sacred symbol of their gods.

The leaders of the elves were drawn from a certain family who had long been protected by their living on an enchanted isle in the Drawmji Ocean. Once on the Oerickan mainland a dire spirit arose; that of the Deleb Gaurog (S. abhorrent were-wolf demon(s)). This ancient evil was the implacable foe of these elves and they sought each other’s lives at every opportunity.

In those days there were a family of Sindalië who lived in exile in what is now Oakhoft in Hisra. Shunned by their kin for dabbling in dark arts, nonetheless, the leader of the elves sent his brother to bargain with their sorcerous kin.

What he gained were a sheaf of sixteen arrows and a dagger.

The arrows are longbow arrows, designed for the Celenic bow. They are fletched with the primary feathers of Type 1 demons. The glue holding the fletchings in place is from the bones of humans, the shafts are hickory and the alloy heads are engraved with many signs and sigils. All the bindings are silver hair from the heads of Sindalië virgins of royal blood. They are much more resilient than normal arrows and have a greater chance of remaining in perfect condition after use. This is 99% if the arrow struck a Guarog and 75% if the arrow struck anything else.

The ‘dagger’ has a flat, two edged blade 16” long and averages 3” across with a maximum thickness of ˝”. The hilts are two pieces of steel set around the full length tang. The rivets therein are the melted down edge of the sword of the chief of the wolf nomads. It has shallow quillons and a round pommel. The three extremities have small chips of blue agate set in them. The glue for these is gum from the Dyr wood tree. The grips are furnished in the skin from a harpies belly. The core of the grip is two pieces of ivory, one is from the canine tooth of a male black dragon who died by drowning and the other is from amongst the crest horns of female white dragon who died of starvation.

In the case of both the dagger and the arrowheads, as one looks at the writing therein, it appears to slide off around the other side of the cutting edge, preventing the viewer from reading it. Illiterate persons will just the endlessly swirling patterns within the alloy, like stirring cream into soup.

All the weapons contain too much mithril and silver to be of much use in normal combat. They are soft in comparison to weapon grade iron and function as –20 OB examples.

However they are enchanted to be especially potent against the Guar. When used thusly by anyone not of the family they were made for, they are +40 and are ‘of slaying’. In the hands of anyone who can trace any part of their lineage back to a Bathamîr house, they are +50, for anyone with a demonstrable amount of Gwathlo blood, they are +60. And for anyone bearing that name, they are +70.

The weapons glow with a dull green light within 500m of a live Guarog. If all the Gaurog within 500m die, the light goes out. If someone with evil intent (even temporary) attempts to use any of these weapons then the attack is rolled as normal but the weapon ‘turns’ and the result is applied to the attacker.

The weapons bear a geas unrelated to their function. This is hidden and only comes into effect once the weapon has been used, successfully or not. The geas is that anyone who has once used any of these weapons must obey a command (even to the extent of self harm) from a member of the Carach Angren.

The origins of the name are lost in the midst of time but may refer to the Vesve Forest where these weapons were made.

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