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The Story So Far

The PCs have gone to Teddin (for various reasons) and visited Eagle’s Reach.

The young and inexperienced Lord of Eagle’s Reach, Nearamur Gefeothan, is betrothed to Thranduil’s cousin Shiveal. He has only been at Eagle’s Reach since 3139 (eleven years). There has been little economic activity in that time, Nearamur appears more concerned with keeping the most impressive troop of ilin he can, despite the fact that he has only one urban centre and that is in the middle of the jungle. Nearamur’s other pastime appears to be getting his end away.

Whilst not entirely tactless, he clearly believes that his position within the Great Game gives him carte blanche to behave how he likes within his own domain. He is highly placed within his Clan, he is educated and well supported. However he is not yet aware of his true place in the world and has singularly failed to improve upon the works of his predecessors.

He is the only Lord of the Empire to not have appointed any Carnc. Whether this is through fear of giving some of his power away or simply because it hasn’t occurred to him is a matter for conjecture. It is obvious from the standing of some of his ilin that they travelled to Teddin from the Flanaess as they been tacitly promised promotion for accompanying this young son.

Thranduil spent some time with Kcasamenzay Gwathló, the Visir Arcana of Eagle’s Reach. She is well known as one of the movers and shakers of the Gwathló Clan and yet spends a lot of time in Teddin for no immediately obvious reason(s). Certainly not to be VA to a tin pot upstart like Nearamur. She gifted the party with an Iron Flask, informing you that it contains an imp.

Kamveluna, the major port of the eastern side of imperial Teddin was visited. Here Kemilata noted that the tin whistle type instruments akin to his ‘heirloom’ flute are quite common.

This is also the capital of Alcant, the realm of Glordin Gwathló (a Lord of the Celebrinoth). His son has bidden you to unravel the question of ownership of the Isles of Vog Mur (“Death Watch” in Muri). These lie in between areas that definitely belong to one or other of the Lords of Rythym. You are therefore agents of the Lord of Alcant (which is OK, as you came here as agents of the Lord of Hisra, who is the Lord of Alcant’s cousin). The plan was to simply ask them (give them the choice) which of the Lords of Rythym they were going to pay their back taxes to.

Tud hands over the message that he was charged with delivering. It was received with grave faces, scant thanks and no explanation. It was obviously bad news, but Glordin’s court are trying not to let it show.

The journey to Vog Mur was not particularly eventful. It ends at Dalov Perll ("Island of the Winds"), the largest (about twelve square miles) island in the group and the only one with any significant habitation. However as soon as you arrived, it all began to go horribly wrong. The fishermen who took you there obviously knew a bit about the place because they refused to land, putting you ashore near (not in) the obvious harbour. And then rowing away as fast as their arms would take them. They had put you ashore at Purll Cibur (“Windy Harbour”), the only settlement (fishing village) of note in the Vog Mur group.

You were then escorted (not formally arrested) to a large castle (in a PWOC style Encla Turic – “Iron Gate”) to meet “the masters”. Disarmed, you then decided that discretion was the better part of valour and broke out, making good your escape across country. Dashing south into the gathering dusk, you came to a wall that appears to separate the two portions of the ‘figure of eight’ shaped island. There you met two very skilled half-elven warriors who would without doubt have slain you, but for the intervention of fate itself. Despatching then the two guards at the gate, you have escaped into the wild untamed half of Dalov Perll.

You have thrown in the guard’s brazier (to rob them of their temper) the surplus weapons. You have taken two short bows, 48 arrows (in four quivers of twelve), three short swords and two spears. And the obviously magic helmet of one of the two half-elves.

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