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Things Forgileill knows

The werewolves (S: Gauroth) are, for reasons of ancient history, the inimical foes of the Gwathlo. The appearance of the werewolf and its attack on Forgileill was without any shadow of a doubt the result of a planned assassination attempt on someone’s part. It doubtless heralds more trouble for the family in the near future.

Katamya is hell bent (no pun intended) on learning both necromancy (the creation and control of undead) and sorcery (the destruction of material, flesh and the soul).

The stranger who was appeared through the rift and was saved by the PCs from the mage-hunting elves has died of his wounds. Kelkess Racoba has taken the body and all its accruements. Forgileill, being a competent spy, has managed to obtain transcripts of his last two lucid moments.

The reason Kcasamenzay Gwathlo remains resident in Teddin half of the year is that her brother is one of the unburied warriors whose remains lie somewhere on the plateau. The battlefield cannot be found by magic as the battle itself saturated the area with arcane power. The jungle grew back very thickly, very quickly and appears to have ‘deliberately’ hidden the battle field site.

The cursed seaport (whose name is not spoken lest the curse extend to the speaker [Londost]) is haunted. Other adventurers have returned drained and empty shadows of their former selves, reporting a city bustling with (un)life.

Thranduil, Tud and Kamilata have between them one each of a matched set of three magical throwing daggers. They are ‘daggers of returning’ and are obviously of much more use to Forgileill than they ever will be to two ilin and a jalee.

A lot of the Gwathlo Blackrobes and their allies are Raven Cultists. A lot of them are fox cultists. Most ilin are horse cultists.

Thranduil was saved from death by the priests of Corellion, not Laru, using leaves from the magical sea plant, Laurelin. She then stole the two remaining leaves from the priest when she left, just as a precaution. They chuntered on for ages about some ‘divine purpose’.

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