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The Eternal Student

Thranduil has spent the summer high in the mountains, leaving most of his gear (and his Rocca) at Forgileill’s Agadir and, taking only Cylena’s sword, living rough in high caves and monastic ruins.

He has found a degree of peace up there with his thoughts. He has come to the conclusion that he has been chosen by Tethrin Veraldë, The Shining One, The Master of Blades, to be some sort of tool or avatar. So far, despite raising questions itself, this realisation has settled him somewhat.

He has spent his time with a few of the Csango who also live high up here in the summer months. Forbidden by the laws of the Empire to carry weapons of war they carry staves and slings for the most part. Some of them also practice a curious martial art that has no formal name. It is fought by those who move on rocky outcrops and scree slopes and is mostly concerned with keeping one’s centre of gravity low and avoiding the slips, trips and falls that would loose one the fight (and quite possibly one’s life).

He has also been sought out by several of the Asrai. These individuals, mostly Terellion Knights, have come for lessons and Thranduil, approaching each event as a learning experience, has been developing his philosophy and teaching skills as well as martial arts abilities.

Recognising the primacy of the experienced Terellion Knights at using two weapons, he has also made the journey into the forest to learn from them. Using a one handed axe was a new experience for him and he now has a scar on the arch of his right foot. The Asrai were impressed with his level of commitment as much as with his abilities.

His spiritual journey involved several rests. These uplifting times were spent observing the Griffins whose range bordered on Nereth. He has identified their nest site and followed the progress of the litter from the time they were fledged. Being blessed with such a constant level of communion with animals sacred to the Selderine is a sign that he is correctly interpreting his purpose.

His infrequent visits to Nereth seem welcomed by those who remain. Invaswen seems glad that someone with what she sees as leadership, both in terms of ilin hood and spiritual matters, should visit. Kamilata that he has some company of equivalent status and someone with whom he can double check his decisions. Seldrann also enjoys his visits; she flirts outrageously when she feels she can and has a healthy carnal appetite when they are alone.

Thranduil gains two ranks in each of the following:

  • Lore (Selderine)
  • H&MP
  • Meditation (any)
  • Two weapon Combo
  • MA Sweeps/Throws 1 (Csango)
  • One handed unbalanced (Asrai one handed war axe)
  • Region Lore (Yatil Alpen)
  • Foraging

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