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Thranduil Lominindi (b. 2899)

Is the eldest son of Colmar, Carnc of Yalbelethil, a province of Alvorn; making Colmar ilin to Pantamayer Beán, Lord of Alvorn. Colmar was a young ilin of the Celebrinoth who rode with Pantamayer’s father through the long campaigns in Jorassë and Tenh and again at the Dagor Tarsil. Yalbelethil keep is normally called Barad Bar by Colmar’s ilin. Having known him personally, Colmar is a devotee of the cult of Laru the Red.

There are five Lominlindi brothers who are Carnc in close geographic proximity; Colmar, Bregan, Sonaralt, Pinegrim and Riojar. They are the sons of Meadhros Lominlindi (founder of their house and ilin to the head of the Beàn throughout the Celebrinoth) and Trine Cáma. Pinegrim is in Hisra, Sonaralt is in Perrenland, Colmar is in Alvorn and Bregan and Riojar are in Ard Angra.

Thranduil has a younger brother, Teilau. Teilau has recently become a blackrobe. He fancies himself an intellectual and sometimes, despite his dazzling wit, appears to be much younger in outlook than his younger sister, he is much less concerned with the world and more concerned with ideas. He is much impressed with the clerics of Larethain. (b. 2906)

Colmar’s youngest child is Thinkellier, she is also a blackrobe, and is quite deeply involved in one of the more political factions in the Assembly. Thinkelier has developed opinions and is quite ready for lively debate at any time. (b. 3000)

Their childhood’s were closeted affairs, they learned many skills (riding, fencing, swimming, certain magics) and studied many subjects as befitted the sons and daughter of a Carnc. However this was almost exclusively either within Colmar’s Household or that of one of their uncles. Their teachers were pleased and the children were as well behaved as elf children can be.

Thranduil’s fay heritage[1] manifests it’s self as a minor facility with local light levels. He can make it brighter or darker in a small area (centred on himself) to a limited degree[2] . He can also cause one person at a time to see him as someone else for one minute. The believability is dependant on his familiarity with the illusory subject. And of course he has exceptionally sharp hearing[3] . Exposure to copper (even in bronze or brass) could cause anaphylactic shock.

Thranduil was ilin to Hurin Myya[4] and was trained alongside Gammar Myya, Hurin’s first son. The two were, indeed remain, close friends. Gammer is now one of his father’s patrol leaders and Thranduil has moved on to become a fallirochben.

Thranduil undertook the tests and was accepted. Since then he has completed missions for the White Order. One actually within Blackmoor itself and one to Veluna. During these adventures he fell in with a non ilin Sindalë named Darsil Tharil; who had some notable skills. His association with Darsil opened Thranduil’s eyes to the fact that the world was often a grubby and nasty place where things were never as they seemed. It opened a streak of pragmatism in him that had previously not existed. He has also guarded Caramon of Tanis on a field trip to gather spell ingredients and Ulfheadnar the Destroyer on a trip home to visit his family.

For a time it seemed to Thranduil that he was being kept within the monastary. Whilst the extra schooling will obviously help in the future, it is frustrating that he is not being allowed out now. However the reason for this has recently become clear:

The previous (initial) Master of Flowers, Celebrimbor Gwathlo, son of Laru groomed Sonaralt for the post. He used to be the 'Head of security' for the Assembly itself, as well as being Carnc of Nord Queq in Perrenland. Obviously he had the calling and when Celembrimbor decided he'd had enough, Sonaralt was his choice to head up the white order into the future.

So on the not un-reasonable premise that the white order isn't awash with Lominlindi, there's a good chance that T(F/Kn) will be either drawn into the centre of sent to the neither regions depending on what the emperor had for breakfast and if there's an 'r' in the month. As a close relative (and one of his F/Kn), T(F/Kn) is likely to find himself on all sorts of missions, possibly grooming him for an important position in the future.....

[1] ie in addition to the PHB/DMG bonuses for being an elf.
[2] 2x A list picks to this effect; one free use of any one effect/24hrs. However, for each degree of change in the light level, there is a degree of change in the ambient temperature; It gets hotter in the dark and cooler in the light.
[3] +15 perception (hearing).
[4] Son of half-elven parents, Hurin is one of Colmar’s Hedge Lords. Similarly rooted in the mystique of the Celebrinoth, he has trained all neophyte horse archers who have passed through his hands in the moral and philosophical code of the ilin. He believes that this is as important as riding and shooting.

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