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Thranduil’s new skills

(from when he arrived to when he reaches Corvis)

Tracking - five ranks
Stalk/hide - five ranks
Cygnarian (incl literacy) - three ranks
Lleal (spoken only) - three ranks
Disarm foe (taiken) - three ranks
Swim - one rank
Hound of Scyrah* - eight ranks
One handed edged (taiken) - five ranks
Shyr (language of Ios) - six ranks
Ride (Horse) - two ranks
Body Development - three ranks

By the time he reaches Corvis, Myrrn is as well schooled as any Rocca, she is just not quite as fierce.

*Hound of Scyrah is not so much a skill as an ability. Thranduil can determine whether a creature is or has recently been in contact with an Eldrich or its minions, regardless of any physical disguise. This applies whether the disguise is mundane or a glamour. This ability can be effectively countered through use of spells like non-detection, mind blank and so on (learned the hard way). This ability will not confer the knowledge of the precise power level of the creature(s) or its abilities. The PC should use his own common sense for that.

The applicable statistic for bonus purposes is Presence. This is a magical skill for the purposes of applying level bonuses.

On a successful check he determines the nature of the creature or its connection to the Eldrich (ie it is Eldrich, Sythyss, an enthralled live person, an undead thrall or just recently been in contact with the Eldrich).

Unsure of how to describe this ability, Thranduil himself came up with the name ‘Hound of Scyrah’, hoping that it wasn’t being too presumptuous. (it’s all in his own mind anyway, he hasn’t met any [live] Iosians to discuss it with) It replicates the Witch Hound detection feats of the Retribution of Scyrah’s Mage Hunters, but detects Evil Undead Elves and their minions rather than human magic users and sub-classes.

In the presence of Eldrich +100
Each mile away -1
In the presence of Sythyss +50 each
Sythyss within 10 miles +10 each
Sythyss within 1 mile +25 each
In the presence of Eldrich victim +66
In the presence of Sythyss victim +33
In the presence of charmed or otherwise enthralled live creature +25
In the presence of undead thrall +45
(that is not say that the PC doesn’t recognise a zombie when he sees one – rather that he detects the vile signature of the Eldrich in the zombies he encounters)
Live creature who has recently been in the presence of an Eldrich +24
(requires conversation with the subject creature. Decreases by 1% per hour until the taint has evaporated.)

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