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Totentants Gate [Part 02]

(Ryz has got licked by the werewolf in the kitchen; when we left the kitchen we left Ryz behind. Slightly bitten but quite nice a bloke really and then attacked the ilin. Killed each other.)

It occurs to Anar that while the zombies are uncontrolled and aimless, whoever is controlling the gate will be able to instruct them and may have sent the ilin to kill the wizard - the ilin would then stay hanging around.
Totentanz gate probably in the castle - which is in the middle of town.
It's dark.

What we need is an option study (there's an ordinary study in the attic)
The riddle reveals three things: the location of the sword of Carch Bohort (in the church under the sigil), the location of the book of Totentanz (beneath the chapel on the bridge), and that the sword may be 'quite good' at defeating the wraith king. Also says the gate is evil and perverts the balance of life and death ("is that a problem?" says Ryz. We all look at him "Just asking")
"So we need to find someone worthy?" says Anar.
Plan to get sword from tomb in wraith-haunted church, get it to Gudrun in the castle and leave before the battle starts.
Nym recalls (66) that Wraiths may or may not be incorporeal. Which is what wraith means.
We wait for daybreak.

To clear the church of wraiths we're going to let daylight in by sending Ryz's imp up to clear the windows.
We reach the church and prepare to remove the rags. Ryz our evil presence detector detects power presence. We start to worry about whether the wraiths might grow in power in daylight. (Ryz finds out more about his imp - it's poisonous, tastes bad, and will be on the menu. Mini Ryz - same face as Ryz but with a big bulbous nose. Intelligent and chatty and fond of telling everyone how evil they are. No common sense; they tend to survive only because they are immune to most things).
We're hearing a lot of assumings here.

We take some rags out of the window and Anar grabs it by the end of the nose (careful it might bite - i have it by the end of the nose ) and throws it in. the Imp says they're still there - where? - here, come in and find out! Nym starts taking out the rags; we all do, peel back the roof, etc. Big sunlight-shafts-in-dusty-darkness effects down center of church and highlighting Bohort's resting place.
Go looking for a mirror as apparently despite our amazing shopping list we forgot them; Erlini finds some mirrors in the local houses
Nym waits at the door (in case anyone tries to get in); the others march in armed with mirrors and crowbar and with a lot of unfit gasping and scrawny straining, the stone only just shifts. Ryz uses essence hand to hold the mirror (rather than lean it on a pew, not in his... erm... idiom) and sits on the crowbar - it springs the stone up. Not sure about who is going to get the sword. Anar grabs it and leaves. Erlini goes with him. Ryz is monologing; the wraiths appear "Oh we'd better leave".
We've got the sword. "That's not the right sword" says Erlini. We glare.

So now to find the Gudrun without bumping into the wraith king, the wraith gate and the castle full of undead.
We consider some options ("sewers? a long drop off the wall"). What's a Carnc? is that like a duke? A wraith duke?
We could try and break the control over the gate so we can control the ilin. Then Gudrun doesn't have to fight his way through lots of undead ilin.
littoral cavalry - need to be near the sea.
Could climb up and send rope down.
Could wait for the evening Totentanz but have to resist or join them. Would have to stay out of earshot. The imp could watch for us.
Where to find Gudrun?

We wait for the Totentanz, mostly out of our earshot... but not quite. Nym (-78) rushes off to join the dance. Erlini tries to slap him but he doesn't notice. Apparently the imp doesn't bite people to sleep; but that's OK says Ryz, I know how to cast sleep. The others all look at him. Oh. He casts it at Nym. Nym really wants to go dancing and it doesn't quite work but he gets a bit woozy; Ryz overcasts and Nym bumps into a door and collapses into a snoring heap.

The others rush into the castle. Rushing around the castle finding skeletons and things with big sharp teeth and backing out again and running on. Lots of running between doors and crossing hallways. They keep finding stools, with legs which is worrying.
And one room contains a woman - who are you? No who are you?! And what are you doing with that sword?! I'm Gudrun - brilliant, a responsible adult! Here we've found this sword to kill the wraith lord. Apparently the Carnc might be good enough - have you met him? "Oh you want an anointed nob?" No we've been to that brothel - opposite the pig and whistle (where the militia hang out). So we need a good swordsman to- or woman - er, yes. (How good is your Flanne? well my quiche is pretty good).

Back in town, Nym is woken up as he is manhandled onto a stretcher by some enthusiastic dancing skeletons. He stays very sleepy-looking, which is not hard.
Eventually we make a reasonable explanation. "Well I suppose I'm going to have to sort this out" Well yes it's your job. She makes a stirring speech about three people standing up with the light against the dark (Ryz keeps the imp behind him). So where's the Gate? Er, we don't know yet. Anar is keen to pick up some crossbows to throw at people, it should keep them worried ("why are they throwing crossbows at us?").
Into the room with the slobbery things with big teeth, Gudrun takes them both on but isn't quite managing to hold her own. There's quite a lot of faffing as the greyrobes try and get a grip on their magicky stuff again. Erlini shields Gudrun and Anar calms a ghoul and it's enough to tip the balance. They rush up to the roof, no sign. The stick their head out of the roof.
Ryz detects magic through his imp - big shiny sword and imp, and three iffy magic users.
They head down to the catacombs. Rush through mini hordes of ilin. Ryz pulls out his wand of enfeeblement - not used this, reads instructions: do not use on electrical targets. Point at base of target. Fan up and down.

They pile down the stairs, worn from countless tread. Ryz comments on the cheese which leads Gudrun to glare at him - which leads the imp to rush up Ryz's skirt. With that nose...
So they're down in the cheese cellar.. .with some old cheese and.. the wraith king. Behind him looms dramatically the death gate. Erlini shields Gudrun and the wraith king starts monologing (and he's done so well so far by not hiding the death gate in a broom cupboard as evil overlords are wont to do). The party listens attentively, some to distract him and Ryz to get some pointers. His imp "there's some ham in the cellar - under your robe".
Erlini creeps around behind the rambling wraith king and tries to attune to the gate; the wraith king feels the attack on his power and breaks off his speech and turns, and Gudrun stabs it in the back. Erlini dodges and starts running; the wraith king flails after her, (11 hits + stunned + must parry), Gudrun stabs it, Ryz swings at it, Anar looks to shield Erlini but it's all melee, so he rushes up to the gate. He fails to attune. Ryz uses his enfeebling ray but doesn't quite get it to work on the wraith. The wraith knocks Erlini all but unconscious.
Ryz gets his ray to work but it has no real effect. Erlini is knocked down and out. Gudrun stabs it some more. The wraith turns back to the others; Ryz quickly holds the imp in front of him. The imp squeals ("Master what have I done?!"). Anar finally breaks into the gate's psyche - very sticky and messy and dark in there - the wraith king turns "Anar, I am your father!". Anar tells the skeletons to drop. There's a shocked shout from outside as the undead dancers drop the stretcher. He tries to direct them to come back and kill the wraith king but can't work it out. Gudrun keeps hacking but is not doing too well.
The Imp suggests contacting his boss - "no!" - better the undead king we don't know than the devil we do know. The wraith king turns on Anar who shields himself with the power word 'Aaaa!'.
Ryz grabs a torch - luckily not gas powered or they'd all die except the wraith - and brandishes it at the wraith king - and forces it back 8 feet.
Gudrun (96+98+99+skill etc) -> 400ish -> magic sword cleaves wraith king in two and bits of him fall through the gate causing a quantum improbability that causes him to self negatively exist .

Nym turns up - looks about - "Cavalry's here!". Erlini is down but he knows she's got a healing potion on her, so he feeds her that and manages some very average first aid. She's alive and not getting any worse.
Anar tries to detune himself from the Gate; and fumbles, a split/rent in space appears and sucks at the gate. We grab Erlini by the feet and run for it, head bumping along the ground (better than being sucked into a power-sucking vortex! Take our word for it. What?).

Gudrun rewards us for rescuing her fief - or what there is left of it. She needs messengers to lure (lure? an odd choice of words) villagers and a cleric, etc. She wants to lock the book away but Nym suggests destroying it in the rent - Anar after a bit of hesitation over destroying a book chucks it in the rent. We have saved the fief, in fact the world. She is more than happy to write us some references. We hide a small mirror or two and some crossbow bolts.

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