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Tūd ap Brenin

(Tūd is a Sindarin influenced, gender specific Baklunish proper name. A fitting name for an ilin, it is not unusual for parents with aspirations to give their sons such names. ‘ap’ is a common Flanne name component meaning ‘of’, usually ‘son of’. Brenin is a Flanne name.)

Tūd is the second son of Brenin and Peven. Brenin is a retired jalee sergeant. He is obviously Flanne and was born (3072) and raised in northern Furyondy. He joined the Brandenheer (a Jalee warband) as a young man and spent much of his life campaigning abroad[1] and on garrison duty in Veluna, Hisra and Furyondy. Promoted to Lieutenant, he decided he’d had enough and retired to farm and raised a family. Peven (b 3099) is the daughter of a minor ilin of Furyondy, who caught his eye. Her maternal grandfather was of Clan Nhi. Her connections to the ilin class and his prestige and wealth made for a good match. They were married in 3116.

Brenin and Peven settled for a farm north of Crockport and quickly became the pre-eminent family in their locale. They had three sons, Brenin (b 3123), Tūd (b 3128) and Derfel (b 3133), followed by a daughter, Asil (b 3134). With their parents status and backing the two elder sons were groomed to ilin from a young age. Derfel found a different calling and is now an acolyte of the circle. Brenin and Tūd served their local Hedge Lord (Wathenhüt[2] ) whilst they were young and had a hard but not altogether unpleasant childhood.

When old enough, they moved away from their home area and travelled northwards, eventually ending up in an area of Hisra called the Howling Marches where they were accepted in to the service of Pinegrim Lominlindi, Carnc of the Howling Marches (3144). The brothers were very pleased to have found service in the Carnc’s own ilin. He in turn was pleased with his new men; Brenin was soon picked out as a natural leader and Tūd was adept with the written word, a great help in the running of both a military force and a large estate. He often assisted Lorithim Myya[3] , Pinegrim’s visir divinita and Ostallin Beän[4] , the visir tempora when their staff were under pressure.

After four years Brenin had become a patrol leader. Backed by his brother they were an effective team and popular with their fellows. Their duties involved escorting tax collections, fending off large predators from the farms, watching and stopping orc incursions from the Howling Hills themselves and of course, tracking down outlaws and bandits. They achieved notable success in finding and neutralising orc crossing points into Hisra. However, one hot summer’s day, Brenin’s patrol was lured into an orc ambush. Half of the ilin were wounded or unhorsed in the initial attack and Brenin died covering the retreat of the remainder of his patrol. Tūd was thought to be amongst the dead from the initial surprise attack.

He came round, horribly wounded along his right side. A raven glided down out of the sun and pecked at him. In his delirium, he thought the raven was trying to tell him something. He crawled after it until well after dark, collapsing during the night and coming around again in the chill before dawn. Tūd crawled on through the gloaming following the raven, who was still just in front of him. Not noticing that the raven was now suspended in the air, Tūd crawled off a small cliff and plunged into the Dulsi River.

He was pulled from the river at the extreme southern end of the Howling Marches (a distance of nearly 200 miles) by some Stoor fisherfolk. He was swiftly transferred Westil where he was treated for his wounds and managed to identify himself. Tūd spent many months recuperating from the massive damage done at the ambush. Some said that it was only inherited Nhi stubbornness that kept him alive. Nonetheless he did recover much of his former self, despite the loss of his brother and his infirmity. The part of the Citadel he’s in is called ‘The Temple’ and contains the infirmary, the libraries, the chapel and the elephant tower, residence of Gothon Yla, the visir arcana

A year later, with the best efforts of the priests and healers, he can walk, ride and hold a sword. However, he has difficulty running and due to problems with his right hand cannot fire a bow effectively. Tūd has not wasted his time in Westil. He has been employed as a copyist in the Lord’s library. Aseir Chya is a Blackrobe on Gothon’s staff and appears to like Tūd; she makes sure that the work he is given is actually interesting. He is often left in nominal charge of the troop of copy-boys (apprentice merchants) who do much of the realm’s ledger work. This onerous duty includes being given free run of the place on an occasional basis (ie when he is left alone). There is one thing that calms Tūd about his predicament. On his first morning he met Gothon Yla, the Lord’s visir arcana, who wears a raven’s feather in his hair. But it isn’t wise to question Blackrobes about things that do not concern you and so he didn’t summon up the courage to do so.

Through correspondence he has leaned that the Carnc of the Howling Marches organised a service of remembrance for those who died. Tūd was assumed to be amongst the dead. Following the service, he is technically released from his ilin bond with Pinegrim[5] . Currently, he has no horse and no Lyio. He does still have his takien, armour and harness, although the armour and harness have been repaired, they are not yet serviceable and legally still belong to Pinegrim. Also he has no bow, although that is of little import to one who cannot hit an old saddle at twenty paces.

However, Gothir Lomin, the Lord of Hisra’s (unofficial) visir ilin, is convinced that Tūd can still be ilin if he has a will to. Aseir has hinted that he could make a comfortable place for himself in the Temple.

[1] The most consistent period of action would have been around 3111 when Pynam raiders struck deep into the empire and came within a few days march of Veluna itself.
[2] A Perrenlander and ex-Brandenheer Jalee officer made good.
[3] Lorithim Myya is a Red Preist (a cleric of Laru the Red, Dragon God of the empire and patron of all ilin)
[4] Ostallin Beän is a journey-man, ie a grey robe. The howling marches do not have a visir arcana and Ostallin hopes that after he has taken his tests and becomes a blackrobe, Pinegrim will have him back as visir arcana.
[5] This is Lorithim’s interpretation of existing local tradition. Rylonon Myya, the (bishop) of Westil has endorsed this opinion. Ergo, this finding whilst being lore, is law.

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