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Tds new skills

(from when he arrived to when he reaches Corvis)

Directed Spells - five ranks
Lore (magic in Immorean) - five ranks
Spell mastery - three ranks
Cygnarian (incl literacy) - three ranks
Region Lore (Cygnar) - three ranks
Stalk/Hide - one rank<
Perception - five ranks
Power Perception - five ranks
Magic Ritual - eight ranks
Star gazing - two ranks
Weather watching - three ranks

He can cast one second and two first level MU spells in any one 24hr period, following which he must have eight hours of uninterrupted sleep before he can spell cast again.

Tds new stuff

Five MU spells (ie from PHB, UA or IKCG) between 1st and 2nd level. One of which must be burning hands and another must be (magic) shield

Travelling spell book, kept within an oiled cloth in a stoutly made leather satchel with brass fittings and a newfangled combination lock.

Waistcoat in soft grey leather with 34 small pockets in. At the moment he alights from the boat, he has enough spell components to cast each spell five times, plus some small change (p63 IKWG)and a pocket watch (p 201. IKCG) evenly distributed about the remaining pockets. If worn with Yicduroh, this garment would have to go over the top.

Cygnarian 5 shields, 1 half crown, 1 swan, 23 half shields and 4 farthings.
Llealese 2 goldheads, 2 keeps and 3 kettles
Khadorian 1 hoof, 1 horn

Goggles, leather straps with adjustable buckles. Brass and steel rims and other furniture. Allow +10 bonus to fine manipulation tasks. Protect eyes against fume, smoke and dust. +30 to RRs vs flash blindness.

Gauntlets, heavy leather, extend to elbows, well padded with ceramic toggle and loop fastenings. +60 to RRs vs heat and cold. Take first 4 concussion hits due to piercing damage, first 6 concussion hits due to crush damage. 10 to most things, -20 to fine manipulation tasks.

Collapsing saw and a spyglass (both p 202. IKCG). The spyglass consists of four lenses and a length of leather. The lenses are positioned in the correct position and the leather sheet rolled around them to form a sort of telescope.

(There was another concoction he made using flammable and explosive materials with adhesives and metal filings. Sadly this is all used up now. And Julianna Sunbright, even if she did ever forgive him for two timing her, would never again allow him into an alchemical laboratory. Or stay within ten miles of anyone else who would.)

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