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Tûd Ap Brenin’s spell book

His true pride and joy. Blue leatherette with brass furnishings. Finest calves vellum and inks made from all sorts of exotic and reputedly magical ingredients. This represents about 8000 crowns worth of magical book and a year’s hard graft. And it’s the only one.

Burning Hands

2 Power Points
V, S (hands held out so thumbs touch and fingers in fans);
1 action to cast
Directed Spells

Uses the Fire Bolt table; spell mastered (by ritual) to a Cone/fan shape; at -70 OB if cast with no preparation, although range bonuses still apply, as does Directed Spells skill.

Dancing Lights

1 Power Point
V, S, M bit of phosphorous OR wytchwood OR a glow-worm.
2 actions to cast;
Magic Ritual

Illusion of Light, in one of the three options that can be made to move (without concentration); duration 1 minute; 100’ range; (in RM, based on Lesser Illusions Phantasm, Light Mirage and Light Moulding (var).)

  • 1-4 torches or lanterns (illuminates accordingly)
  • 1-4 glowing spheres of light/will-o-the-wisps
  • 1 faintly glowing, vaguely humanoid shape (like a small Fire elemental)

The lights will move as the caster desires, (if directed out of range they wink out of existence).

Entropic Shield

3 Power Points
V, S;
1 action to cast
Base Spells

An improvement on the ritual version of Shield Mastery 2nd level spell Shield;

  • 1 min/lvl;
  • self only;
  • gives +25 DB vs missile, melee and magical attack to front;

This ritual version may be quick to cast but is of limited duration.

Feather Fall

2 Power Points
V, M (feather or small piece of down)
½ action to cast
Base Spells

Based on Lofty Bridge: Landing (and Levitation); normally reduces effective fall distance by 20’/lvl. It should work on 1 creature/object per level, so long as different targets are within 20’. RR negates (although normally things/people will not want to resist).

The Feather Fall spell causes things to have a very low terminal velocity (10’/second – faster than a feather but still slow enough to cause no impact damage). Completing the ritual is an instantaneous utterance (V only), but it does require some preparation, such as carrying a small feather or piece of down. It only works on objects/creatures in free-fall. Any damage due to falling etc. is calculated accordingly. If the spell ends (duration 6 secs/level) before the ground is reached falling speed accelerates again at a natural rate.

Hold Portal

3 Power Points
1 action to cast
Magic Ritual

(in RM, Unbarring Ways: Magic Lock, plus reinforcement [so actually from a different List, probably some ‘Engineer’ one]). Affects 1 door or container (something designed to be opened/used, up to 20sqft), and magically ‘locks’ it. touch; 1min/lvl; +25 to resistance of door to breakage (i.e. 25 more ST/damage needed to break it).

This spell is automatically broken by any Opening Spell cast at it.

Comprehend Languages

3 Power Points
V, S, M a pinch of soot and a few grains of salt.
3 actions to cast
Magic Ritual

Gives understanding (literal only – not idiom or coded meanings, interpretation is up to the caster) of a single text or speech of 1 creature. Gives no knowledge of what language it is, let alone ability to write or speak it. Lasts 10 mins/lvl (assuming text read at 250 words/minute. Range is touch. Material component is a pinch of soot and a few grains of salt that must be thrown over the target (text or creature). As a rough guide, the enchanted person will have approximately 3 or 4 skill ranks in the language.

This ritual can be reversed (Obscure Languages), by simply performing (inc pronouncing) it backwards. The material component must still be thrown over the subject. Due to this part of the ritual having to be performed differently, the reverse ritual is performed at –40.

Detect Magic

3 Power Points
V, S;
1 action to cast
Magic Ritual

This is much more powerful than any RM spells. Most low-level RM detections detect only magic of a single realm (casters realm at 1st level) and only active magic (you need Delving [a separate list] to detect magic in items).

This spell is requires the user to actively see, hear, feel or otherwise perceive the magic. The caster directs his or her senses by 100% concentration. Thus the spell is further limited by the effectiveness of the users own senses.

  • 1st round (6 secs) = presence/absence of auras
  • 2nd round (12 secs) = number, and power of most potent
  • 3rd round (18 secs) = strength and location of each, and Spell Lore to determine type

Guidelines as to what thicknesses of barriers can be detected through:

  • 36” solid wood or dirt
  • 12” stone
  • 1” common metal
  • Thin sheet lead

In any case it would be 1min/lvl (C); 100’ range, different 5’R area each round.

Charm Person

2 Power Points
V, S;
1 action to cast
Base spells

(in RM - Spirit Mastery: Charm Kind. ‘Kind’ means humanoid but underlines the idea that it is of the same ‘kind’ as the caster that counts).

  • 1 target.
  • Range 25’
  • Duration 1 hour/lvl.

Target reaction treated as ‘friendly’ (trusted friend or ally). RR at +25 if caster or any apparent allies are trying to harm target when cast. Similarly, and future actions that threaten the target (direct or with apparent permission/connivance of caster) automatically break the charm.

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