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We Settle Down

(Supplementary material: Forgileill is brought into the hierarchy as a Hedgelord in Hisra. So we go there)


Hisra. Low alpine, wooded with nomadic gypsy types speaking welsh. Bleedin' stone.

Emerge in Tywny Coed, the first visitors of the year (March-ish), meet local ilin (Kapurii, older ilin 'retiring here') and introduce selves. Very small town - pop 300 + winter incomers. Stay the night, have a party of winter food (salt pork, salt fish and our biscuits. Salted).

On to Kincraig. Grathral is the local ilin. Army maintains roads over winter, marching up and down to the pass. Formalities (banana, bodkin, kneecap). Grathral is garrulous. Few more days to Badhabisra. Not having to push the horses (not that deep yet); Louy, Marteenoh and Sapato (+ a new one).

Badhabsira relatively big (double figures hundreds...) Meet Oilay at the gate (commands five ilin), introduce us to Trym (son of Arvis? was Hedgelord, now looking after Ravon's sons, Halthor and Havor not to be confused with Halvor. Who isn't). Oilay says come up to the castle in the morning. We send up letter etc in the evening.

Big court appearance to meet up. Formal do (banana), ilin-claiming. Forgileill/Thranduil cast a mental linkup to help out with the formalities. Thranduil picks up "Oh I thought it was going to be a girl" "it is a girl" whispered. Big formal ceremony, including scoff etc. M'choi (trad. lamb dish, normally a while in the making). In the morning Forgileill gets the white headscarf and the token coin. He seems to be very self-restrained, accepts/sanguine that he's got some strange Hedgelord assigned. About 17 ilin in Badhabisra; 40-60 altogether. Forgileill is the 5th Hedgelord. Others are ...

Princes Halthor & Havor are competent but young.

Spent a couple of days practicing ilin skills. Ravon is not unimpressed.


Prince Halthor is missing - been up to Lauren's Glade for the year's first official visit but he's not back yet. We go to look for him with a local guide Stein - he's a tenner. Slushy snow.

"Paddle faster the banjo music's started" - the hairs on our necks prick up. Kamilata hears the sounds of a fight. Rounding a corner are large big things blocking the path trapping some ilin, and on other side some nine-ish leathery things attacking them.

We approach faster - Stein asks what are we doing "It's our SOP - as soon as we see anything we approach, assess the situation, sometimes fire a lethal warning shot or call for surrender and then charge".

Off to one side we see a figure standing on the hillside watching; too far away to tell what it's wearing but definitely female. Must be the way she's standing.

We charge in. Tūd & Thranduil & Stein loose arrows as we canter in, amongst a vast flying forest of arrows only one - from Thranduil - hits in the first 200 yards, Tūd a bit too keen for his first fight and loosing most of his magic ones. And missing. In the last few moments before contact, Stein and Tūd hit, and Kamilata dismounts to attack by hand - the ogres still haven't heard the elephant of surprise thundering down on them - cutting one through the back, to its knees it bleeds eventually to death. Tūd shoots one arrow off and Marteenoh slides to a halt a few feet from the ogre.

The remaining ogres back off and we let them sidle around and away.

Tūd shoots twice at a gargoyle but misses; Thranduil shoots one and hits but the arrow pings off. Tūd casts about around him for any remaining magic arrows and finds one. We prepare to run - along with Prince H and his remaining ilin.

Forgileill finds a fancy wand and teleports up t' woman on ledge; she finds herself perched on the edge; the woman swears in a language she doesn't understand ('fek!") and disappears in a puff of teleporting air. The gargoyles break off and disappear off west into the mountains.

Torture the remaining ogres until they tell us they've been promised their own country if they help someone... all very unsure, communication poor, intelligence low.

Tūd 'fixes up' (homeopathy) the stunned ogre and it rambles off. Forgileill & the others exchange abuse over the valley. Prince H comes back to find blood everywhere, us collecting the corpses and yelling insults at each other. Forgileill teleports back eventually, and we all suddenly keep H occupied as we'd forgotten that magic use is illegal here... Forgot also about blink dogs...


Return to Lauren’s Glade, talk to whatsisface in charge. Who is glad to see us - the 'reinforcements' (reinforcements?). To cope with the crisis (crisis? what crisis?). It seems some demented Blackrobe (a common word association) has picked one of the winter valleys as his own; and now that springtime has arrived he's got the support of local monsters to set up an independent kingdom. He's settled in a little stone watch-tower (a broch)

"He? or she?" asks Forgileill; "Oh male obviously" says Hedgelord Loghoff "you'll know about these things when you get older young man". 2ic Vernic. Total of 13 living ilin including us. "What about the dead one?" He's dead "Mostly dead?" Yes "I was dead and I got better". Errm...

We plan - it doesn't take long. We'll rush 'em. Might need more than that. We'll sneak up on them then rush 'em.

Probably an Aerdy girl from Forgileill's description. Early twenties. Young for a human blackrobe...

Consider crimes of the blackrobe; crimes ‘gainst state, etc for attacking Prince H, annexing someone's country. Normal official channel is to get the assembly involved; we organise a runner/rider to go and tell the Carnc and his Vizier Arcana. But he never actually gets the instruction to leave so ends up in the local pub whining about how no-one appreciates him any more, he was a good runner, the best, but he never gets to run anywhere any more.

Tūd preps for a recce in the morning.

Really Wild Things

We go for a look. Obviously the blackrobe has found this convenient tower that was well provisioned and maintained etc. Gargoyles festoon the tower. Two ogres stand guard. The door opens and scarlet and black clothed bloke and wearing a sword comes out.

Logoff presents himself, owner of this land etc. I ("Sygel") work for Maldecor and he's taken this land which is fine as he's not subject to Empire law. Kam shouts "I don't think so - come 'ere" - Sygel is slightly intimidated. Thranduil - ex Assembly guard - steps forward at Forgileill's gesture; he explains that this is not quite true. A legal discussion follows. "Even discounting the Blackrobe’s position, you wearing a sword is illegal. Punishable by - "

"In other words sunshine" says Kamilata, "You're nicked" we say in chorus.

He backs up "I hadn't though of that, I'll just put it away" and turns for the house. Kamilata rides him down. He's flesh-destructed and he and his horse, shocked but resisting the destruct, are paused but keep on - Forgileill & Thranduil sense the attack from the middle of the tower. Thranduil also kicks off after him (spectacular standing start to gallop). Forgileill remembers hearing about Maldecor before but not in what context. Tūd shoots him and looks at the door to charge into the broch on horseback. But there are lots of heavily armed orcs pouring out of the door and the gargoyles are detaching. Kamilata swings his horse around. Tūd backs his up. Forgileill senses a reality warp tear open above the tower. Thranduil comes up to Sygel and stabs him from horseback, handbrake turns the horse and by now we're all heading off

Really scary horrible nasty scrapey fingernail tearing sound from above and behind. A big humanoid vulture is settling on the broch - must be at least 14' tall... Tūd says "Hmmm, that makes for a bigger target".

It might be time to use Kcasamenzay's Imp-In-An-Iron-Flask. We consider the command etc and spend half a day discussing the ins and outs of the letter to Gothon the Carnc's boss, to get the Blackrobes down here to sort out this one. Gothon is Tūd’s ex-Lyio, knows the Gwathló, etc.

We look at the cloak that is wrapped around Thranduil's sword - Sygel’s - and there's the lightning bolt through an eye sigil on it...

Thranduil gives the cloak to Tūd to attune to which keeps him quiet for hours - it's a plain ordinary cloak. Bit like a pacifier.

The imp appears - four foot tall, horns, big nose, tail. Too much scope for Tūd interrupting "Oh bugger - this cloak is mundane" or "Look at my tail too!" which would be taken as the first instruction for the imp. So Kamilata pre-emptively knocks him round the back of the head with a big bit of wood.

Instruction to Imp: "Deliver this letter intact to Gothon Yla, Sairon of Hisra, immediately". Might get arrested - sending improperly wrapped imp through the post. Thranduil wonders if the imp was an unwanted gift from Gothon to Caz, could cause all kinds of difficult side effects. But nothing to do with us.

Prince H goes back to see and tell his dad - as the runner apparently never left, just thought I'd mention that again - along with his ilin and Stein.

A report comes in about some nasty big things ("Giants!") have raided a smallholding and stolen some pigs and a swineherd. We offer to help out.

We find some tracks and follow them (just); hobnail boots, lots of them, medium but deep. After a day or so of tracking we come across a camp - of dwarves. Kam approaches, they form up in a shield wall. Kam stops and says hello. They talk in their language (it's a bit Polish), Kam asks politely what they're doing here. They explain Ralstein Dūm has been taken over by orcs and they've been driven out. It's a bit stilted; Forgileill casts a converse so she can talk to them properly. "I can't help feeling it's an invasion of my personal space".

Tūd suggests taking them back and introducing them to the local Hedgelord to add to the local ilin force, but the others think that maybe we ought to talk to the Hedgelord first. This sounds horribly responsible. Tūd looks at them suspiciously.

We make our way back, meet some ilin. Meras seems to have been attacked by a quartet of fire elementals ("things are heating up") - possibly a diversion tactic to pin down local ilin.

Prince H turns up with 10 ilin; we are to leave only a small guard at Nereth, he's got the bulk of his force stood off from the town to counter-attack any attacking forces. Loghoff is happy to have the dwarves come in.

Tūd plans sneaky stuff around the broch to spy and infiltrate. "Can you make me invisible and I'll disguise myself as a tree? They'll never expect that."

Kam plans ambushing the raiders from pinch points - discourage raids and perhaps recover stock. This seems more reasonable. Prince Halthor is keen - he's young and foolish.

Prince Havor's will is unbending (or his willy's bending, we're not sure. Don't ask, don't tell). Traditional type. Current troubles reflect on his dad - all getting a bit personal.

Tūd & Kam swan off to look for ambush points and local information points (pubs) with a local ilin bod, Duikar. Thranduil & Forgileill look for dwarves.

We find a good ambush point and lo and behold there are two ogres with a dead pig. They consider setting up a point and waiting for the others, or rushing them. We rush them. Tūd picks out an arrow but it appears to be covered in jam. He puts it back and then realises it must have been blood. Duikar hits one through pig; he is stunned and surprised and spends the next 6 rounds trying to work out why the pig won't let go.

Duikar fumbles his next shot too enthusiastically and the bow breaks smacking him in the face. He's out of it; drops off his horse and to the ground on his head, his helmet flying. Very hurt.

Tūd & Kam split; Kam heads off for the remaining fighting ogre, Tūd heads for the very still Duikar. With a rubbish swing (but good crit) Kam sticks the pig to the other ogre, stunned and dying. He finishes them off while Tūd mends Duikar somewhat, rescuing him from death with his nipple piercings...

Back at Lauren's Glade, Tūd notices a Raven and wanders absently over. It twitches a bit, and says in Gothon's voice "So what's the problem?" Well we have a blackrobe that's probably beyond the scope of the local forces. "Where’s Forgileill?" over there, I'll take you.

Gothon: "Maldecor the demon child is..." aaah.. says Tūd wibbling... "that's part of that Kelkes’s thing. So he does have fiery eyes, horns, leathery skin, etc."

"Erm. Yes Tūd. The vulture/thing is a Vrock. Three of them can dance a 'jig' which gives them an Enormous advantage in combat".

"I take it from this then we're on our own" says Tūd. The Raven continues to brief us, striding up and down like a teacher.

"The Carnc doesn't want to call from outside help. It’s important that Forgileill takes a pivotal role as new Hedgelord" in settling this to save going for outside help.

Tūd "But that means his pride is coming before his people and you guys are playing... oh I see.. it's politics... Sorry".

Shindric society (Kelkes and Maldecor) does seem to be SMERSH. Evil geniuses for a better tomorrow. Or out for themselves.

Kam talks to the Dwarves about undermining the tower - they end up talking about the dwarven "mithril" mines which are just the remains of an ordinary silver mine. Honest.

Gwydhion Gwathló turns up - some political Forgileill relation - his dad one of the oldest Gwathló around. He gives us some background on Sygel. The woman might be an outsider/from some other plane. Hmmm thinks Tūd, I have an arrow for that.

Kam & Tūd go to relieve the guard and find them slumped - they raise the alarm, and find a note pinned to one of them "willing to reopen negotiations as long as diplomats are safe". Forgileill suggests she can with Thranduil; unarmed powers... She leaves her morons behind. Freelance moron attached.

Perhaps we can negotiate a quiet out of the way place for him if that's what he wants. Say, Vog Mur.

Forgileill & Thranduil & Halvor and Hathor meet up; Maldecor in a cloak, blond Aerdy woman a bit like Katamaya, and a guy with a staff, smooth catlike movements - possibly unarmed fighting expert. Sygel in front.

"What actions can be taken to resolve the issues between the Maldecor Republic and your fair and gracious nation".

"Get off our - " says Halvor and Thranduil gets his horse to poke Halvor’s to shut him up (open roll, v good).

"Cease and desist raids" says Forgileill.

They talk about what's wanted and can be supplied. A bit.

It fades out inconclusive and they retire.

We discuss options. Tūd mentions some anti-mage herbs he's had for a while (Forgileill is a bit narked) and we think about how to deliver it - say, a suppository.

The next day they continue. Negotiate a cease-fire. Maldecor offers the hand of his sister (Lady Liandra) to Prince Halvor in exchange for Maldecor Tower, lands there about, and the mines previously known as Ralstein Dūm now owned by Maldecor Mining Corporation.

We all whinge for a bit about this dealing with an invasion has had relatively little fighting off the invasion.

Tūd suggests we tell them that the mine is empty(ish), as it's likely to split the internals if they're all here for mithril. This is mentioned to them but they don't believe us (17).

Lady Liandra wants to meet her betrothed, so a meet is arranged. Forgileill & Thranduil chaperone. Tūd & Kam lurk. They recognise her as their own previous personal loves. Interestingly Forgileill thinks she looks like Katamaya too. Prince H is definitely attracted.

(As Prince H's dad's position is not hereditary, this isn't - after some discussion - a power play).

Carnc Ravon's worried about Lady L being Other. What does it mean? Apart from gaining a daughter with plane shift and grandchildren with horns and tails. And his son becoming a mind controlled puppet. And the life-draining kiss. Problems with the marriage too attracting other people. But possibly not the biggest problem.

Gwydhion says he knows of someone that Forgileill knows of too - Zanussi (Zonarii) the Depraved - the hellfire club, which concluded with Orodreth fathering a daughter on a demon. Zanussi went a bit too far Down The Dark Side and terrorised the area (just to our west) for about 70 years... Anyway she had a ring protecting her from soul-stealing kisses. Buried with her on an island in the middle of a lake - Sinner's Island. To the west.

So we have an excuse to go west - weddings take a while and we need to negotiate land deals with North Queg - Orodreth's land. Apparently he's Forgileill's third cousin - and hasn't been removed.

Prince H is keen to go ahead because of the lasting peace, etc and no other reason at all. Really. We all nod. His elder brother is not so keen. We agree even more.

So we head off to Sinner's Island... don't worry Zanussi has been dead for ages. Erm. Does that make much difference? Suddenly in Raseac (we've missed the bleedin' stone - need some filler) lake Queg. Talk to local captain. Island has also been used as a burial site for pirates... long dead... or undead... other really evil people - middle lane drivers, people who talk in theatre, etc ..Get a boat to the island; the crew go deathly still as we approach...

The beach is broken gravel (? unbroken gravel is a rock, broken gravel is... gravel).

The cemetery is varied; a few have been 'vacated'.

Shall we split up? It'll be safer that way. Stay within screaming distance.

We find her tomb - with a big door (Thranduil: why do they put doors on tombs that are never to be disturbed). Forgileill breaks open the doors. into an antechamber - braziers (unlit thank goodness) iron doors into the next bit.

We look for traps. Badly. Forgileill (185) detects power. There is something - a ring - down below....

Kamilata pushes at the doors opposite with his spear... nothing happens. Pokes about. Nothing happens. He steps in - the door opposite has a lock. Forgileill unbars ways (95) and the door opens.

The room beyond is bare with a sunken coffin. Covered in symbols, a metal grate (18" gaps) hangs over the room (8' ceiling)... ring is further down than the coffin. The grate has a razor edge around the coffin..

Kam and Tūd go and get some stones from the other tombs and build up pillars in each corner. For hours. Sweaty. Forgileill says "I could have cast that".

Kam draws his (Thranduil’s) sword of undead slaying and Tūd takes the lid of the coffin. Inside is a skeleton wearing a ring. Thranduil casts around with his mind; Forgileill shows up. Tūd tries and (01) reckons his cloak is really very magic after all. Forgileill detect magic and there's no sign here.

As we stand ready, Tūd pulls out the coffin. Beneath is a crawlspace for a medium sized person. Time to lead from the front. Forgileill strips off (mostly), tie a rope to her ankle, dark vision and crawls in...

She drops into a small room below - the coffin above protrudes into this one. A coffin beneath it. Skulls carved into each side. Forgileill feels the ring in the coffin below.

Thranduil strips off and follows down. He can't see. Tūd passes down a lit lantern (neither he or Kam can fit). They have a look around.

Kam gets his hammer to hand. Tūd gets some hard-looking (? he doesn't know) bits of rock in case they need to break in. Thranduil rolls open-ended (200+) on Power perception - just Forgileill (v bright!) and something(s) in the coffin.

The skulls look likely for traps - and Forgileill fumbles finding and clearing traps there but fumbled the spell (luckily not the traps) and gets a headache.

They stand around wondering what to do.. and all the possible traps from the skulls...

Tūd puts the kettle on.

Forgileill teleports the lid off; water starts spewing from the skulls. And the grate above crashes down on the stone piles.

Zanussi's corpse lies clutching a rat, with ring, dagger and earring. Forgileill longdoors the ring to avoid getting too close, then the earring then the dagger. She fumbles the dagger cast but only delaying.

(She's got a clever way of storing power points, sounds very scary, make sure the item doesn't get damaged).

We get back on the boat and back to the coast of the edge of Lake Queg.

We think we'd better go and see Orodreth, given some of this is happening on his land (nominally) and he has some experience in demonics stuff etc. We ride up the coast to a big city where Orodreth is staying. (Thranduil remarks we're heading into Lominlindi land - this used to belong to them and the north is theirs. Oh no says Tūd, Gwathló and Lominlindi) Forgileill & Orodreth have a chat. He's quite interested, reads some grimoires. He has something interesting to point out but his grimoire crashes. Apparently succubi can summon Vrock. They can mirror image.

Maldecor is the product of some breeding program by the Shindric order to produce some super wizard. Orodreth explains some of the Assembly orders: Gryffindor; Jeff, the god of biscuits; Shindric fairly secret order based around "evil geniuses for a better tomorrow (for us)"; internal fight with Order of Arl (earth etc). Shindric much older than the empire; by the family Mayeu, necromancy etc. Recently the head of the order Tealpac died in mysterious circumstances - as Blackrobes do - a drive-by fireball. If we can find another name for Liandra he might put her on his to-do list (oh yes f'narr). How did he get the orcs? Gargoyles? Maldecor is a sorcerer, so summoning is not his forte - though he might have items.

He comes across as sanguine but not particularly pleased about Maldecor turning up. There's plenty of power around if we can't sort it out. But he'll have his ilin up on the border to stop it spreading - keep it contained where we can sort it out. Hmmm. Thanks.

Back to Nereth

One of the houses has an Orc guard with Sygel standing outside. Embassy/Bride house. Sorting out 'religious differences' between families. Apparently been attacked by dwarvish party on the way home from a banquet; some damage to orcs and a dead hellhound but Maldecor killed them all. Lots of protests etc, Maldecor hasn't been back yet.

Tūd looks for suitable ambush points.

While he's doing that and the others catch up with local news, Liandra is kidnapped. We get the OK to examine the area. Half-empty bottle of wine (Tūd gives it a sniff - can't smell anything beyond rough red wine) smashed glass and her wardrobe (largely new) has been rifled through. No signs of forced entry - door not locked - give a good thorough search, no hobnail boots marked. We're ushered out by Sygel. Have a look around the back - two dead orcs. One whack to the back of each - professional assassins? Doors at the back could just walk in. Tūd does an amazing track roll (04) and spots a dwarf footprint. Really, it is.

Prince Havlon comes in and says he's seen four dwarves carrying a carpet roll back to the mines. We go to tell Sygel (excuse to go to the mines) as we arrive big flash of smoke and Maldecor and Sygel appear with four hounds. He orates forth - Tūd picks his fingernails - that we may indeed be helpful. Possibly some other (free) radical dwarves in the mines may be responsible. He wants to hire 'independent' help (that is, us) to put things back on track. He hands us a scroll giving us authority on Maldecor’s behalf in the mines area, sealed with Maldecor’s sign. Kam immediately takes it to the blacksmith to get the seal copied.

We tell people the new situation and head off to the mines via the dwarves living in the city. Get some info. Don't fall down the central mineshaft. They were chased out by evil spirits, orcs came later ("Us? Chased out by orcs?").

At the gate to the tunnel. Barred, orcs behind. We wave the writ. The gate opens and the orcs run past us - a deep voice in the darkness calls out "Throw down your weapons! Is this the best Maldecor can send us?! Lord Votan will not be pleased!". Oh no - more Order of Sindan infighting.

Forgileill casts a bright light down the corridor (after a moment's distraction "Nice portcullis what was I doing"). Down the corridor of anti-attacking (arrow slits, gates etc) are two dwarves blinded. "Open the portcullis and/or we'll fill you full of holes". "Erm" "Look, don't make us come in there" Erm.

Kam teleports through (00+00->374) and brings the rest of his party. "Uh oh" In his super magic moment Tūd gives him his cloak - look attune to this - erm... We grab the dwarves - there may well be more hiding blinded; Thranduil tries a nerve strike and the dwarf can't feel his armour any more. Tūd checks for other dwarves - there are another four behind in alcove.

He warns them not to move or he'll kill them. They immediately fire crossbows back - the rear two hit the guys in front of them. The front guy however hits Tūd (142+55 etc. with 66 puncture). Arrow through both lungs. He collapses, bow and set arrow falling to the floor.

Kam shouts 'pull' and chucks his dwarf at Forgileill. Thranduil catches it and kicks it in the nuts, it crumples up. Kam rushes over and grabs the quarrel "Count to three, one - " ouch out comes the quarrel. Pours in cure serious wounds. Stops up the gaps in the lungs and Tūd lies gasping - he's not quite well but he's not dying quite so fast. And he's learned a lesson about issuing warnings without accompanying shots.

Thranduil rushes behind the alcove and finds two dead dwarves and one reloading the crossbow - where's the other? behind the door? he kicks the door. Nothing behind it. The reloading one looks up and mutters to himself, drops the 'bow and starts to fade. Thranduil rushes over and stabs at where his invisible outline is - misses with his sword but breaks the dwarf's neck running into him.

Thranduil warns the others - "Keep an eye open for an invisible dwarf!". Forgileill gets fed up with her recalcitrant one and stabs it quite a lot until it dies. Kam tries first aid on Tūd ("stick this in your nipple" What? No!). Thranduil sweeps around looking for invisible dwarf (174) doesn't find him.

Back at Tūd we realise the problems with having a medic that gets shot. Kam is trying to stop the spurts/pouring but it's not really working. Thranduil the cleric has the capability but not the power. A long chain of spells held together with duck tape and jubilee clips for passing the power from Forgileill (reverse Drain ) and convert it appropriately for his healing stuff to Tūd at the end of it.


Forgileill "Drain" (97+61+9) Spell Mastery backwards (09+60+10) lots of tidal power shifts about and Thranduil receives vast amounts of channel-flavouring power. His cloak glows blue. "Is that it?" says Tūd.

"How much more prep time can I get?" says Thranduil "not much" says Tūd. "Spurt". A bunch of heavily armed men turn up on the near hillside and shout "Get on with it!". Thranduil overcasts - Tūd isn't resisting - an aura of healing energy surrounds him and stretches out to Tūd. On the brink of unconsciousness he recovers but he's still down and not going anywhere. At -100 today to all actions, +1/day from now on. We head back to Nereth.

He settles into hospital bed.

We show the dwarves the captured 'dwarf'. They stab him quite a lot before we can retrieve him. These evil dwarfs (Duergar?) come up from the depths when it's empty, apparently. Don't know why, there's nothing there worth getting. "They're lying" says Forgileill. "My ring is throbbing".

A replacement (Oruro Rusco Nhi) has been sent from the house of Nhi to represent Nhi to aid the last (or just latest) of the Gwathló. He introduces himself as an experienced goblin fighter. 2nd level... Ilya to be given from Forgileill; she has a spare one made from Thranduil's underpants. Now holy relics.

We prepare to return to the mines. Get hints and tips from Dwarves about Duergar.

We plan. To rush 'em. But sneakily.

The plan goes horribly wrong. Lights on, lights off, Kam's arm is broken and Thranduil is beaten after he knocks himself out in the dark surrounded by two of them, and a handful of Duergar are killed. The two sides back off. Thranduil self-heals, and Kam sets off to join Tūd in the infirmary.

The new ilin Chitta Al'Molvar (Cheetah Al Motivator) from Ket passes Kam on the way out "Is this - " yes "did you - " yes "how did - " don't ask "should I - " just get in there”. The second of the New Guy twins has arrived.

We barricade up the end of a corridor before the Duergar come marching up another corridor - on the wrong side of the barrier. Oruro looks at the placement - what? Not saying anything, we're new here... We syncopate some drumming to put them off their stride ("nice!"). ) Forgileill fireballs the front rank, it hits between the ranks but they still crisp, stunned and lightly cooking.

Fear washes down the corridor - the entire party fails to resist and run away. Forgileill fails particularly badly (-32) and runs particularly away. We group up again outside the mines. Forgileill still thinks there's something very, very scary down there - it may be quite short, but it's terrifying.

Later, (leaving it a night) settling a bit... Forgileill as our only sneaky type sneaks in. We wait.

She sneaks in - to find Lady L in a room off the main shaft - her boudoir lit and lounging on a divan. A thought comes across the ether-net that maybe Forgileill should be wearing her anti-life-stealing-kiss ring. Forgileill studies the room for returning to. She leaves, quietly. Nothing and no-one seems to have noticed her. She pauses at the weapons rack and longdoors out with them. Back at the camp a small pile of melee weapons appears with a princess underneath.

We prepare to teleport Thranduil in to shoot her, with a ring against crocodile snogging, turn him invisible and an arrow to banish Lady L, with Forgileill shortly following by longdoor as far as she can and running in. "So what's going on then?" "I don't know I'm new here" "You too?" "I'm a veteran - I've been here for two days" "Veteran?" "Well, I've seen half the force go to the infirmary"

The two disappear.

Thranduil appears invisibly in the chamber. As he gets his bearings, she says "I've been expecting you Mr Bond; you've taken your time. Careful of the pressure panel behind the door". A little voice from the hospital says "For goodness sake, shoot her!".

She says "I have a geas laid on me - you need to get the Duergar wizard here then I can be released from it and leave". A little voice from the ether-net says "Shoot, shoot, shoot". Lady L charms him - though he's elvishly immune - and despite her enthusiasm he resists her blandishments.

Thranduil stalls, waiting for pitter-patter of tiny princess feet to turn up outside the door. "Do you get out much?" "Oh yes" "What's a pretty girl like you doing in a pit like this". "I'm here for a good time, not a long time". She's coming on strong, Thranduil backing away in a circle, she pushes him onto the divan, undoing his trousers, Forgileill unbars the door, Lady L turns to invite her in and Thranduil stabs her with the pointy end of his arrow. "Surprise rear attack" Forgileill would have done exactly the same thing, she says.... Thranduil rolls the arrow damage, 32 hp + 1/round "yes, definitely penetration".

She resists the expulsion

("what will you do if she bites now?" "well she turned to invite Forgileill in" "wouldn't talk her with her mouth full - it's rude").

She rakes him with her claws stabbing through his armour in his calf. Forgileill throws her dagger, stabbing her. Thranduil tries to stab her again with the arrow but she grapples his wrists to keep it away...

Back at the ilin camp the two new ilin sit chewing khat. "So when do we expect the new Lyio?"

Forgileill steps forward and feels something click beneath her feet. She longdoors Thranduil out to next to her ("nooo" cries the ether-net "just grab it and stab her!"). The two girls bitch at each other while he recovers then revert to a bit of banter and bed-talk, which distracts Thranduil as he grabs Forgileill's bow, gets diverted a bit by the cornice, and shoots her with the arrow. At last. She disappears in a puff of smoke. ("Whew" breaths the ether-voice)

Thranduil grabs his bow from the bed - he notices the bed is hard - it's a bed of silver-coloured-bars. Forgileill gathers them up ("I'm supposed to carry those?") and teleports Thranduil out ("Oh your teleporting! Oh OK, that makes life a bit easier oh - ")

It's getting darker in the room... Forgileill does some fiddly rearranging of her power stores, turns invisible and longdoors twice out of the caves.

The new ilin twins are standing around looking at Thranduil who is lying under a pile of 240ish heavy silverish ingots with his trousers undone. "Good time then eh?"

Forgileill teleports the silver back to Nereth to beneath Tūd's bed with a note pinned to it saying "Do not eat". Kam & Tūd shave a small amount off one of them and get very drunk.

("We just found it lying around on the ground" "What in a locked trapped room with a demon on top?")

We head back to Nereth. Only a skeleton staff left - everyone else is going to Nereth where Maldecor has gone. So we're in charge...

The local dwarves are happy to go back - they reckon they can drive out the Duergar. We don't tell them about the silver we liberated, so they think the Duergar probably took it.

Swift wrap up. An elf turns up (Seldrann) from down south to be Forgileill's handmaiden. A bit dippy. Looks like Forgileill is becoming a proper Hedgelord. We're on the way to Importance...

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