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The Dre originated from the Settlement of Ket, their ancestor was one of Laru’s original Baklunish Changeling children. He was made Captain of one of the ‘wide patrols’ around 2460[1]. As early as 2480 the Dre had abandoned the light lance in favour of equipping their entire force with bows. They became justifiably proud of their ability to hit moving targets at full gallop before such actions spread to the rest of the clans.

The Dre had their greatest hour at the Dagor Rhassë, facing overwhelming odds they fought hard, eventually grinding to a halt as their equine losses re-rolęd them from cavalry to infantry. Still they fought on. After the battle the survivors were swift to find replacement horses and become a usable asset once more. Their chief, N’tra, had them operational again the very next day, scouring the lands for survivors from both sides. Their badge was a sheaf of arrows.

Clan Dre was assigned to Hazen Cāma’s Gwaithor army as part of the Cavalry support (along with Clan Irien and other non-clan ilin) for the campaigns in Nyrond. The Dre remained a part of the Cāma detachment until the after the Dagor Tarsil. Vhier Dre led her Clan to Urnst after Ganius Cāma and settled in the north of the country. The Dre had chosen their lands well as they were the cross roads from the eastern empire into the central Flanne Basin, as well as being very good farm lands.

The Lord of Urnst was known to be grateful to the Dre for their support and allowed them to settle where they would, effectively giving them first choice of any of his lands. He would often visit Vhier in the early years of the peace, giving her advice on governance and two sons, Klodur (2557-2852) and Aellal (2570-2948). The brothers remained devoted to their father and ensured that the Dre were staunch supporters of the Cāma thereafter.

The clan lent much of it’s strength to the Cāma for their Teddin venture and then to the Emperor Burrucal II for his wars in Udas. Aellal and his sons took 200 Dre ilin to Teddin in support of Hurin and Turgon. Hurin Cāma was killed in battle in 2798. Along with a Gwathlo Prince and many of the Gwaithor who joined the expedition, over 100 of the Dre ilin, including the sons of Aellal. Clan Dre fought the rest of the campaign as one of revenge. They kept their savagery hidden from their allies but secretly waged a war with no quarter against the Hurgilin.

Aellal remained to serve Turgon. After Turgon’s death in 2945 they retreated under the leadership of Vemon Bean. However they eventually settled in Diaton under Benčs Lomin. Aellal built a fortified ranch (agadir) Phaket Al Dre[2] (bak. ‘Ranch (on a) hill (of a man called) Dre.) The Teddin Dre were now down to less than 40 ilin. The combes and hollows behind Phaket Al Dre became studded with the tombs of their fallen. When eventually Aellal was slain in 2948 they raised his barrow at the summit of the hill. The surviving Dre returned to Urnst.

Unhappily for them, the clan lost nearly all the ilin it sent to both places. The remainder had to be content with the reflected glory and the platitudes of their masters. Another disaster for the Dre followed this and the unnatural cursed plagues of the Hurgilin slew the last full blood members of Clan Dre in 3010.

[1] Dre was the bastard son of Dior Gûl and the daughter of one of the middle kingdom Generals who commanded part of the Proto Celebrinoth in what would become Ard Angra.
[2] The hill is topped with a barrow for eight of Clan Dre’s ilin who fell in battle in the vicinity in 2948. The subsequent Nabrish Agadir was constructed between 2989 and 3005.

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