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Larnay Nabrish

Larnay Nabrish was the son of an unnamed Càma ilin and a Mura woman[1] . He rose to be the leading general of the armies of Teddin in their fight against the Hurgilin. In 2950, Benès Lomin, Lord of Diaton, declared that the house of Larnay Nabrish was now an ilin High Clan. This was an unusual event, it had never happened before, Clans simply ascended or were very old. But the lack of form went unnoticed amidst the fog of war.

Larnay’s exploits are quite literally legendary. Once a devil tried to kill him with his own sword and there was an almighty explosion that slew the creature. Whilst not many of the empire’s warriors can take on hurgilin in single (hand to hand) combat, four times in his career, Larnay has single handedly fought off multiple hurgilin opponents. At one time standing before the north gate of Diaton itself until Benès and more ilin could reach him. His skills were not confined to fighting hurgilin. Successive red priests and Blackrobes have dweomered his sword[2] so that he could take on the devils who were the allies of the hurgilin. The ‘Leopard of Diaton’ and his flashing blade remains the usual subject of saga and ballad in Teddin.

In 3004 the emperor Thrandor Yuggat Isenwarian visited Teddin. He was impressed with the famous Larnay and made it known that he found him to be courageous, honest, modest and morally robust (he offered to make Larnay a Carnc in Veluna but he chose to stay with Benès Lomin). Everything an ilin should be.

Larnay retired a hundred years ago, his four sons and two daughters have kept the clan name going and have built on their previous successes. Lode Yuggat Nabrish, Larnay’s eldest surviving grandson is now the head of the Clan and one of Benès Lomin’s Carnc. The Nabrish are centred on their main fief, Bareu (bak. “goodfields”) which comprises of half of Diaton’s horse country. Their citadel is Larnaksar on the eastern back of the Sudpell.

Larney departed on a pilgrimage in late 3050. The Nabrish maintain that he became a red priest and undoubtedly became a great teacher in some far-flung part of the empire. In fact he is one of the ordinary brothers at a monastery temple to Labelas Enorleth in the far north of the Damiffision Isles.

Lode had a great uncle whose children would have been the ruling line. Peär Nabrish and his children lived in an Agadir called Phaket Al Dre[3] (bak. ‘Ranch (on a) hill (of a man called) Dre.). However, one night in 3103 there was a surprise attack that turned into a massacre. The other members of Clan Nabrish were left looking at a smoking ruin in the morning. In retribution, Benès Lomin launched his last major offensive into the plateau. Phaket Al Dre remains a ruin and place of pilgrimage and meditation for the Clan and others.

The infant Kennata was found by a travelling tinker in the hours between the departure of the hurgilin and the arrival of the Clan Nabrish ilin. Fearing that they would assume that he had something to do with the massacre, he fled, taking the infant boy with him. Kennata grew up in southern Uleck, unaware that he was a direct male line descendant of Larnay Nabrish. Kennata died soon after a mining accident in 3134, ignorant of his heritage and birth-right.

Clan Nabrish have come to be viewed as the pre-eminent Clan in Teddin. This is largely through their numbers but also in part due to Larnay’s reputation, which they do, of course fiercely defend. They speak both Perranic Flanne and Muri with equal facility, those closest to the seat of the Clan still learn Sindarin, a fact that allows Benès to keep Sindarin as the language of his court. Their symbol is the Leopard, a creature from Mura mythology that hunts in the jungle. Their relationship to and facility with Muri, both the settled and jungle living, also contributes to their success in Teddin. Allegedly, a Nabrish ilin will occasionally go into the jungle and live with one of the nomadic Mura bands for a while.

Most of the Clan remain in Diaton. Lode’s eldest son, Larnay, is Benès Lomin’s Carnc in Diatsud (Bak. Southern Diaton), an outpost of Diaton on the southern side of the Teddin rift. Diatsud is in between Blacksand and Eagle’s Reach. With each generation, a few set off to make their fortunes in the Flanaess. Some of them are successful and some disappear into maelstrom.

[1] Larnay is born in 2914, half Gwaithor; the bastard son of Turgon Càma and a Mura ‘princess’ of one of the interior tribes. Thus in 3150 he is 226 years old with an apparent age of approximately 80 years.
[2] Turgon gave his only child his brother’s taiken. “Dargur” (bak. ‘war friend’) had been re-forged in 2586 by Celebrimbor Gwathlo after being damaged in Tenh and was wielded by Hurin for the rest of the war, including the Dagor Tarsil and the subsequent wars in Teddin. The sword is +17 and is a ‘rune sword’ able to take 44pps of essence and/or channelling, in the form of spells, for use by the wielder in one day. The sword has animal intellect and is loyal to it’s owner, being uncooperative with others – it casts the spells with Dir Sp of +61.
[3] The hill is topped with a barrow for eight of Clan Dre’s ilin who fell in battle in the vicinity in 2948. The Nabrish Agadir was constructed between 2989 and 3005.

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